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Around the Fisheries.

COUND TROUT FISHER Y 01743 761114 DENNIS Knowles was kept busy when he fished catch and release and hooked 36 rainbows to 4lb.

He used a black buzzer as did Lee Chatterton, who hooked 33 fish to 5lb.

Tony Hanks from Crickhowell returned 33 rainbows to 4lb and Willie Warren included blue trout to 5lb when he hooked 25 fish on a pheasant tail nymph. Alan Marsh, from Brecon, hooked 17 rainbows to 4lb on fritz flies and Lee Jones returned 18 fish to 4lb.

CEFN MABL Y LAKES 01633 681101 CARDIFF angler Graham Champ did well when he used an olive daddy longlegs and caught six rainbows for a total of 24lb. Mike Davies, of Cardiff, used a gold head viva for his three fish 15lb bag and Malcolm Smith, of Blackwood, caught three weighing 13.5lb on a black buzzer.

John Griffiths, of Newport, fished catch and release with a viva lure and hooked nine fish to 7lb, Richard Green, of Caerphilly, took a four fish bag of 15.5lb on a cats whisker and fish of the week was the 12.25lb rainbow that Colin Hughes, of Newport, caught on a gold head daddy longlegs.

The open fly fishing competition was won by Colin Milner, of Barry, with a brace of rainbows weighing 8lb.4oz.

Tommy Turley, a 16-year-old from Marshfield, was second with two fish weighing 6lb.15oz and third was Tony Baker, of Llanrumney, with 6lb.14oz.

There is another open competition on Sunday with golden peg prizes of pounds 100 and pounds 90.

WOOLAST ON COURT TROUT LAKE 01594 529272 THE new season got off to a good start for Chepstow friends John Reekes and Phil Harrill.

They both entered the tagged fish competition and soon after starting John caught the first of the prize fish which weighed 5.25lb and brought him a pounds 550 payout. Later in the day Phil caught the other fish which weighed 4lb and had a pounds 170 price on its head.

The best bag on opening day was the four rainbows weighing 13.75lb caught on a viva by John Jenkins, of Cardiff.

RA VENS NEST FISHER Y 01291 689564 BIG fish have been caught all through the week and the best was the 13.75lb rainbow landed by Dave Phillips, of Abergavenny.

Brian Williams, of Neath, caught a rainbow of 12.25lb, Brian Jones, of Cardiff, landed a rainbow of 11lb 14oz and Paul Evans, of Caerphilly, had one of 11.25lb.

Paul Hooper, of Bridgend, had a great day. After landing rainbows of 13lb 2oz and 10lb 14oz he fished catch and release and hooked another 28 fish to 7lb. Paul Morgan also found his trip from Bridgend well worthwhile. He put rainbows of 7lb 2oz, 7lb 6oz, 7lb 8oz and 8lb 10oz in his bag and then hooked 37 fish to 7lb fishing catch and release.

Steve Rollings landed a 7.75lb blue trout and a 9.25lb tiger trout and Paul Barrett, John James, Sean Martin and Kevin Marks all hooked 25 rainbows to 7lb when fishing catch and release.

Two 11-year-olds, Sid Bartlett and Michael Rogers and 10-year-old Tim Phillips all caught two trout to 3lb when they fished for the first time, seven-year-old Colin Evans caught three fish to 3lb and eight-year-old Carl Phillips and his 10-year-old brother Brian shared five trout to 3lb.

SEVEN OAKS FISHER Y 01446 775474 THE week's best fish was the 15.5lb rainbow landed and then returned by Cowbridge angler Mike Jones.

Nick Evans of Bridgend landed a 14lb rainbow and added another five fish to take home a 30lb bag.

Ken Brooham had a 10lb fish in his six trout 29lb catch and 14year-old Aran Jones and Colin Marlow both landed fish of 8.25lb.

David Rees, of Tonyrefail, had a 7lb rainbow in his bag and Bill Meredith, of Bridgend, caught six fish totalling 20lb.

CANADA LAKES 029 2089 2090 DARRAN Ryan, of Llanharan, was glad he gave the fishery a try when he landed the tagged trout and collected pounds 168 prize money.

W Davies, of Cardiff, retained a 3lb fish and then hooked four between 3lb and 5lb fishing catch and release. A Banbury, of Llanhary, put back nine fish to 5lb, V Edwards hooked six to 4lb, M Holland, of Cardiff, connected with eight rainbows to 4lb and B Jenkins, of Church Village, had the top catch and release score with twelve trout to 7lb.

BIG WELL FL Y FISHER Y 01600 772904 FISH are rising well and Gareth Davies cast a dry fly to tempt a 7.25lb rainbow and a couple of good brown trout.

Andy Phillips caught ten rainbows to 4.5lb fishing catch and release, Kevin Morgan hooked ten to 4lb and Steve Robinson and John Blackmore both hooked ten fish to 3.5lb. One of the best fish was the 5.5lb rainbow landed by nine-year-old Rebecca Quinney.

DYFFR YN SPRINGS 029 2059 5929 FLY fishing veteran Arthur Fisher from Rumney caught a rainbow brace weighing 7.75lb, Andy Baker landed a pair of 5lb fish, M Ryan had three fish for 9lb and M Bland took home two trout weighing 7.8lb.

Cardiff Reservoirs Fly Fishing Club members Ron Southwood and Dave Bond caught a dozen trout fishing catch and release.

John Francis caught a 3.25lb fish in Goldsland and John Ellis, of Merthyr, landed the week's best fish which was a rainbow of 8.25lb from Waycock.

SHIMANO FELINDRE FISHER Y 01792 796584 THE cold wind kept many anglers away but Terry Newton soon felt warmer when his montana nymph was taken by a 14lb rainbow.

He added three more fish to finish with a 29.5lb bag, Robert Sawyer had a 12.5lb rainbow in a catch of four weighing 27.5lb, Eric Middleton caught a 12lb fish and Paul Jones included a 11.5lb fish in his 27lb bag.

EGL WYS NUNNYDD RESER VOIR THE lake is now open for day ticket fishing. Three stockings went in during the week and some limits were taken including one angler who caught four fish in four casts.

Some parts of the water are covered with algae bloom and the fish seem to be keeping away from these areas. The most successful method while the water is cold is a booby nymph fished right down to the bottom of the lake.

LLANISHEN AND LISV ANE RESER VOIRS THE waters are now open and day and season ticket charges are the same as last year. Both reservoirs have received stock fish but so far fishing is slow with little caught.
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Date:Mar 7, 2002
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