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Aromatherapy leads way in sensory fragrance trends.

MARIETTA, Ga. -- One of the most vital consumer packaged goods product development strategies in today's competitive retail environment is staying ahead of the consumer fragrance preference trend curve. Fragrance is the key sensory ingredient that drives your customers to place a product in their basket. Furthermore, winning fragrances designed specifically for your brands lead customers to become lifetime fans.

Thoughtfully designed fragrances establish essential emotional connections with your current and future customers. It is the scientific psychophysiological significance of scent that defines fragrance as your No. 1 development priority. Our sense of smell is linked to some of the oldest and deepest parts of the brain, which dominate basic instincts, memories and emotions. You become a category leader when you tap into the leading emotional ingredient of your market--fragrance. Watch a customer in the aisle open the cap and smell a product. Watch what happens when they fall in love with the scent--they purchase the product.

Aromatherapy is leading the way in sensory fragrance trends. While aromatherapy has a long history in the consumables marketplace, consumer interest and appeal for this intriguing platform continues to surge. The global aromatherapy market is projected to reach $8 billion in value by 2026. Today's customer is seeking more natural alternatives across multiple product categories. It is important to offer the aromatherapy platform in a variety of products that will exclusively drive consumers to your store brands. Key categories to include in an aromatherapy offering are baby, candles, air freshener, laundry, household cleaners and personal care.

"Aromatherapy is at an all-time high. Consumers are extremely knowledgeable about aromatherapy and essential oils. This all stems from a strong desire for wellness, both physical and emotional," says Arylessence vice president of perfumery Heather Killgo. "Arylessence provides decades of expertise in developing the most creative aromatherapy products for our clients. Our extensive development capabilities allow us to understand the importance of using quality essential oils and how to creatively blend essential oils for the aromatherapy experiences customers are seeking. We help our clients win market share in the aromatherapy category."

As retailers plan their product development strategies in the aromatherapy category, they should prioritize working with a fragrance supplier that understands how to support the product platform through a variety of creative fragrance blend options. Using 100% natural essential oils can become cost prohibitive for certain markets. Arylessence perfumery experts work within a brand's cost parameters to offer a high-quality blend of essential oils and traditional fragrance oils, allowing a private brand to establish valuable aromatherapy benefit label call-outs.

Arylessence works directly with private label development teams to take control of the sensory ingredients in its aromatherapy product formulations. Creating richer, more meaningful product experiences by using carefully designed aromatherapy blends immediately makes store brands more competitive and allows them to stay ahead of the consumer fragrance preference trend curve. Arylessence sensory leaders support product development teams to create products that take a "must have" role in the daily lives of millions of consumers.

Lori Miller Burns is director of marketing relations and communications at Arylessence.
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Author:Burns, Lori Miller
Date:Aug 14, 2017
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