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Army to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Many of the companies that supply equipment and weapons to the U.S. military may be wondering what the future holds for their business after the current wars end. According to Army Gen. William Wallace, head of the Training and Doctrine Command, every technology used in Iraq and Afghanistan is being catalogued and eventually the Army will sort everything into three piles: "yes," "no" and "maybe." If a technology makes it to the "yes" list, that means it has wider application than just Iraq or Afghanistan, it will acquire the much-coveted status of "program of record," and will secure funding for at least five years. The "maybe" pile is for niche items that are needed in theater but perhaps not elsewhere so they will be warehoused for a while. Unfortunately for those in the "no" category, their stuff will be jettisoned. "We just put it on an off-ramp to get rid of it," said Wallace.

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Comment:Army to separate the wheat from the chaff.(WASHINGTON PULSE: NEWS FROM THE INSIDE THE BELTWAY)
Author:Erwin, Sandra I.
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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