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Army speeds up BCT schedule.

The Army announced in December that it will establish two more Active-component brigade combat teams (BCTs) ahead of schedule in order to increase the number of combat and combat support units available for combat and homeland-defense missions.

The 3d Brigade, 1st Armored Division, at Fort Riley, Kansas, will convert to a heavy BCT in April, 11 months earlier than planned. Its transition team mission and resources will be assumed by the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. The BCT will reflag next September as the 2d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, bringing all Fort Riley units under the 1st Infantry Division.

The 3d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, at Fort Hood, Texas, will convert to an infantry BCT in April, 17 months ahead of schedule. When facilities become available, the unit will relocate to Fort Knox, Kentucky. However, if the unit deploys, it will return from combat to Fort Hood before moving to Fort Knox.

The conversion to BCTs is in keeping with the Army's decision to transform the total force from a Cold War-structured organization to one that is prepared to operate in conflicts ranging from full-scale combat to stability and reconstruction operations.

Increasing the number of BCTs also will help reduce stress on the current force by giving Soldiers a few more months at home than they now have. Currently, the ratio is 1 year deployed to sometimes less than 1 year at home station. The Army's goal for the Active component is 1 year deployed to 2 years at home station.

Most of the Soldiers affected by the accelerated creation of the two BCTs will receive permanent change of station orders this summer.
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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