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Army plans electronics warfare specialty.

In order to strengthen its ability to use electronic warfare in the fight against terrorism, the Army plans to establish an electronic warfare military operational specialty (MOS) and a parallel officer career field by March 2008. Electronic warfare is military action that uses electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum or to attack the enemy.

The Army established an Electronic Warfare Division as part of the Army Asymmetric Warfare Office in April 2006. The Electronic Warfare Division began a joint training program on electronic warfare in October, with classes being taught at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The Tactical Course at Fort Huachuca is a 3-week class for Soldiers at the battalion level and below. The Operational Course at Fort Sill is a 6-week course for Soldiers operating at the brigade level and above.

Until the Army established the Electronic Warfare Division and began the training, the Navy was the only service with an ongoing electronic warfare program. Because of this, the Navy developed the courses for the Army. While this training is being conducted, Navy electronic warfare personnel have been assisting the ground forces in conducting electronic warfare. The Army plans to replace about 150 of the Navy personnel with newly trained Army personnel. The more experienced Navy personnel will continue to provide support at the division and corps levels.

Since the electronic warfare training is not MOS-specific, unit commanders preparing to deploy for Iraq or Afghanistan will select Soldiers in the grades of E--6 and above to attend one of the courses. The Soldiers may come from combat arms, combat support, or combat service support units. Soldiers have to be trained to use electronic warfare more precisely than they had to on the linear battlefield because, in an asymmetric war zone, broader use of electronic measures has the potential of knocking out the Army's own systems.

The Army's goal is to make electronic warfare a core capability in which all Soldiers have some training.
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