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Army news release (Dec. 15, 2005): Army updates management of colonels.

As the Army transforms to meet new challenges, it is also transforming the personnel management of senior military officers. In January 2006, the Army will form a single organization known as Senior Leader Development (SLD) to manage colonels and general officers.

The new organization will form around two existing organizations: General Officer Management Office (GOMO) that assists Army leadership with developing, assigning, and managing Army general officers, and Human Resources Command's Colonels Division. The result is that both colonels and promotable lieutenant colonels will be added to the group of senior military leaders managed directly by the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army.

"Senior Leader Development provides us with a unique opportunity to fully leverage and better apportion the inherent talents, experiences, and leadership skills of a combined force of senior leaders," said Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff of the Army. "The national security environment demands more from our senior military leaders than ever before."

Senior officers will work with the new organization to synchronize their development plans with Army requirements in order to better focus their continuing contributions to the nation. According to the forthcoming director, Col. Mike Harris, "While fewer than 3 percent of Army colonels are selected for promotion to brigadier general each year, 100 percent of them will continue to contribute to the defense of our nation. Therefore, it is important that the Army continue to develop its colonels, whether for utilization in a colonel position or with anticipation towards a general officer position."

SLD provides the Army with a unique opportunity to take advantage of a combined force of Army senior leaders. By further developing and closely managing senior officers "together at the top," the Army is sending a clear message to its colonels that they are a valued element of the Army's strategic leadership.

Media seeking more information about the Senior Leader Development office should contact Lt. Col Pamela Hart at (703) 697-5662 or Maj. Elizabeth Robbins at (703) 697-5343.
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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