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Army deploys digital photo system.

The Department of the Army's Photo Management System (DAPMIS) became operational in early September.

As of September 19, 2,902 official DA photos had been submitted via the new system. Only 42 of those photos have been rejected due to resolution problems.

DAPMIS, a web-enabled, e-business system, provides a digital means for Army photo labs to electronically transmit official military photographs for promotion board consideration, said Ken Washington, DAPMIS coordinator, U.S. Army Total Personnel Command. This month, PERSCOM issued a message to the field outlining procedures.

The normal procedure, which began Oct. 1, is for photo labs to now digitally upload military photographs to a central repository. The DAPMIS goal is to have a full repository of digital photos by December 31, 2003. This applies to staff sergeants and above, chief warrant officers two and above and first lieutenants and above to colonels.

For the present, hard-copy photos will still be forwarded to the servicing personnel services battalion or military personnel office as well, according to the message. This process will be eliminated once the Army Selection Board System is fully implemented and career managers have the capability to display photos from the DAPMIS repository.

"The DAPMIS system is the Army solution for automating the DA Photo process," Washington said. "This system supports all Soldiers, active and reserve components and is a great aid to the Army Selection Board System, career management activities and commanders."

Washington added that photo labs will give first priority for digital photographs to Soldiers in zones of consideration for any upcoming centralized selection board.

The PERSCOM message notes an important change to photo lab procedures. After Oct. 1, photo lab technicians will concentrate solely on taking photos, rather than also inspecting a Soldier's uniform to ensure proper wear.

Soldiers will have the opportunity to review their photo on their Army Knowledge Online ( account. They have three workdays to either accept or reject the photo taken. Soldiers can find the DAPMIS site by linking to the "What's New" page on AKO. DAPMIS will automatically accept any photo taken as the official photo of record if the Soldier does not verify it within the three-working day limit.

The message states that it is the Soldiers' responsibility to inform their unit commander if they reject the photo, and to make arrangements with the photo lab to have their photo retaken. Soldiers preparing for deployment and who are in the zone of consideration for promotion will be given priority at photo labs. Soldiers currently deployed will have their digitized hardcopy photo scanned into the DAPMIS system.

"DAPMIS will save Soldiers' time because they will no longer have to visit the Personnel Office to deliver their photo," said Sgt. Maj. Freddie L. Davis, Jr., the top-enlisted Soldier for visual information with the Chief Information Officer, G-6, at the Pentagon. "Soldiers can view their current photo and official file on-line. DAPMIS also eliminates having to sort through five or six different opinions to figure out whether the photo is a good photo or not.

"This will help the Army achieve its goal of becoming network centric," he added. "Soldiers can do their part by visiting their photo lab to get their DA photo taken and put into DAPMIS."

"With DAPMIS, we get a system that is faster, more responsive and Soldier friendly," said Lt. Col. Curtis H. Nutbrown, action officer with the Strategic Partnering Directorate for Army Knowledge Management, Chief Information Office and G-6. "DAPMIS supports the Army's migration of business and customer support applications to Army Knowledge Online, the Army Portal ( The goal is to use AKO as the one-stop information site for the Army."
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