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Army budget supports war and transformation.

The President's proposed budget for the Army, submitted to Congress in February, seeks to continue transformation efforts while supporting ongoing combat operations. The President is seeking $140.710 billion for the Army for fiscal year (FY) 2009, which is an increase of $11.801 billion, or 9.15 percent, over the $128.909 billion that Congress appropriated for FY 2008. The Army budget constitutes 27.3 percent of the $515.4 billion requested for the Department of Defense (DOD). The overall DOD budget represents a 7.5-percent increase over FY 2008 appropriations. (These figures do not include supplemental funding requests or appropriations for the Global War on Terrorism.)

The budget proposal is designed to sustain Soldiers, families, and civilians; prepare Soldiers for success in current operations; reset the Army to restore readiness and depth for future operations; transform the Army to meet the demands of the 21st century; and grow the Army and restore balance.

Spending requests by major category are--

* Military personnel: $47.041 billion in FY 2009 (an increase of 14.3 percent from the FY 2008 appropriation).

* Operation and maintenance: $39.761 billion in FY 2009 (up 10 percent from FY 2008 spending).

* Procurement: $24.552 billion in FY 2009 (up 8.4 percent).

* Research, development, test, and evaluation: $10.524 billion in FY 2009 (down 12.6 percent from FY 2008).

* Military construction: $5.437 billion in FY 2009 (up 17.6 percent).

* Family housing: $1.395 billion in FY 2009 (up 52.1 percent).

The procurement request will support the acquisition in FY 2009 of--

* 63 UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters for $1.063 billion.

* 16 CH-47F Chinook cargo helicopters for $443.5 million. Modifications costing $726.2 million will convert 23 CH-47Ds to the F model.

* 36 UH72A Lakota light utility helicopters for $224.5 million.

* Seven joint cargo aircraft (JCA) for $264.2 million. The JCA will replace retiring C-23 and selected C-12 transports. The JCA will be able to deliver routine sustainment items to forward supply bases and fly into and out of unimproved landing areas.

* 5,065 high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs) for $946.7 million.

* 3,171 family of medium tactical vehicles trucks and 2,743 trailers for $944.7 million.

* 345 palletized load system (PLS) trucks; 745 PLS trailers; 850 container roll-on-roll-off platforms; 320 container handling units; and 4,772 Movement Tracking Systems, for $923.3 million under the family of heavy tactical vehicles.

* 418 forward repair systems for $127.6 million.

* 36 M915A5 line-haul tractor trucks and 22 M916A3 light equipment transporter tractor trucks for $14.9 million.

* 45 rough-terrain container handlers for $45 million and 246 all terrain lifter, Army system, forklifts for $49 million.

* 85 large capacity field heaters (LCFHs) for $1.8 million. The LCFH is used to heat the new lightweight maintenance enclosure so Soldiers can repair equipment safely in cold conditions.

* 7 laundry advanced systems for $7 million. This is the Army's mobile field laundry system, and the new acquisitions will be issued to new quartermaster field service companies.

* 106 containerized kitchens for $25.5 million and 130 assault kitchens for $7.5 million. The containerized kitchen is replacing the mobile kitchen trailer, and the assault kitchen is replacing the kitchen, company level, field feeding enhanced.

* 43 mobile integrated remains collection systems for $17.8 million.

* 484 mobile maintenance equipment systems for 58 million. These systems, which include the shop equipment contact maintenance truck, shop equipment welding trailer, and standard automotive tool set, support on-site battlefield maintenance.

* 1 joint high-speed vessel for $168.8 million. This is the second of the five joint high-speed vessels the Army will acquire by FY 2012 to support logistics over-the-shore, in-theater port control, and riverine logistics operations.

The budget asks for $4.486 billion to execute 83 military construction projects designed to meet base realignment and closure requirements. Among these projects are construction of a Joint Center for Consolidated Transportation Management Training and a Joint Center of Excellence for Culinary Training at Fort Lee, Virginia, and construction of headquarters buildings for the Defense Contract Management Agency at Fort Lee, the Army Test and Evaluation Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and the Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

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Date:May 1, 2008
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