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Army Service Day.

In support of Army transformation, Transformation of Installation Management (TIM) establishes a corporate structure for managing installations, thus removing day-to-day installation management from the mission commander's workload. It supports and enables mission commanders in the preparation and execution of their missions. It will provide consistent and equitable services across the Army - across all installations, across all customers, and across the Active and the Reserve components.

With the TIM comes the new Installation Management Agency (IMA), consisting of a headquarters located in Washington, D.C., and seven regional offices geographically aligned in the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Europe, Pacific, and Korea. The IMA will be activated on October I, 2002.

Under the new structure all aspects of installation management, including resourcing, direction, accountability; and reporting, will be through the IMA regions. Regional directors will be rated by the HQIMA director and senior-rated by the ACSIM. Garrison commanders will work for the region directors and will be rated by regional directors and senior-rated by the senior mission commander on the installation. This rating scheme will link senior mission commanders to the base support process and will ensure that mission support needs are met.

Strategic direction from MACOMs and senior leadership will be provided through the Installation Management Board of Directors (IMBOD).

The IMBOD will provide strategic direction for the Army and will be the principal committee that adjudicates issues pertaining to all installation activities. The board will recommend a strategic plan, prepared by ACSIM, that outlines goals and objectives. It will also recommend program, resource, and finance strategies for implementing operations of the strategic plan.

To minimize risk, the IMA will let the well-established MACOM processes do the administrative elements of funding work in fiscal year (FY) 2003-in other words, act as the "banker" for the IMA. Active component garrisons will receive funding through their previous MACOM. However, this base support funding will be fenced and under the operational control of the IMA.

To further minimize risk, we will delay documenting garrison organizations under IMA TDAs until FY 2004. This allows time to make sure that we resolve all organizational issues unique to each installation. This also delays processing of personnel actions to an FY 2004 effective date, giving us enough time to ensure that the correct data links are made to the pay system. This minimizes the risk of pay problems for individuals.

In FY 2003, however, the IMA will resource its regions and headquarters, and all employees will be documented on IMA TDAs.

Beginning FY 2004 Active and Reserve component garrisons and regional support commands will receive their funding directly from the HQ IMA. Mission commanders will continue to receive their funding through the mission chain of command (MACOMs), eliminating the opportunity to migrate funds between mission and base support. HQIMA will retain a small withhold for resolution of unforeseen and emergency requirements that arise during the year of execution.

A dedicated team of professional soldiers and civilians staffs the TIM Task Force, which was stood up in March. The TIM Task Force is working in conjunction with Region Transition Task Forces to ensure a successful October IMA activation.

Transformation of Installation Management is one of the largest reorganizations in Army history. To reach implementation, TIM continues to develop rapidly. Leadership takes all precautions to balance speed and caution in implementation -to ensure a high level of support to the mission as we transition to the new organization and to ensure that we take care of people in the process. The benefits of change created by TIM lie in the end result: a modernized corporate structure that puts the Army on the cutting edge of managing mission support while delivering consistent and equitable services to all.

The motto says it all: The IMA will "Sustain, Support and Defend!"
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Title Annotation:creation of Installation Management Agency as part of Transformation of Installation Management programme
Author:Menig, Janet C.
Publication:Armed Forces Comptroller
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Date:Jun 22, 2002
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