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Army MI school wants your opinion.

As part of the ongoing effort to improve the relevance and utility of its intelligence training, the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca's (USAIC&FH) Quality Assurance Office (QAO) is expanding and refining its survey initiatives. Currently, our survey efforts are focused on internal student assessments that gather student perceptions of what they have learned while training at Fort Huachuca. Beginning in the 2nd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2006 the Military Intelligence (MI) School will expand its external survey program, to capture the judgments of both the MI leaders and our own recent graduates. Both the Leader Surveys and the Graduate Surveys will be built around the tasks in the associated course Critical Task List with space for written comments. These surveys are designed to be concise, taking no more than five to seven minutes to complete.

In the past, MI leader input has been directly and individually solicited via email. However, since 9/11, the response rate has not been statistically significant. Next year, the QAO will tap the "captive" leader audience provided by students and conference attendees who regularly rotate through the MI Center and School. For example, the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) students will be surveyed regarding their satisfaction with the MI Skill Level 10 soldiers trained at USAIC&FH, and the Pre-Command Course (PCC) students will be queried about the captains who graduate from our MI Captains Career Course (MICCC).

As a complement to the student internal survey, the QAO will send an external follow-up survey to soldiers, NCOs, and officers approximately six to twelve months after they complete their training at USAIC&FH. These graduate surveys will be sent to their individual Army Knowledge Online (AKO) addresses which were collected when they were initially surveyed as students. Where student surveys capture only student perceptions of their ability to perform specified critical tasks, a graduate survey will inform our MI trainers about their real-world competence and experience.

The desired end state for all the various assessment measures surveys, test scores, practical exercises (PEs), field training exercises (FTXs), situational training exercises (STXs), class evaluations, and after-action reviews (AARs)--is to give MI School leaders a 360 degree appraisal of the training that we conduct here at Fort Huachuca. The expanded external survey program will provide the final element for that honest and comprehensive view.
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Title Annotation:Military Intelligence; Training the Corps
Author:Craig, John J.
Publication:Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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