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Army FARP helmet and parts info.


Dear SFC Blade,

During Forward area refueling point CFARP) operations, we have a lot of trouble beating parts and sizes for the HC5U-25/P and the AGU-2M/P FA BP ground support helmet. Can you tell us how to order the helmets and get the parts P


Dear SSG PS,

Sure, no problem! The flight deck/ground support helmets are used by all branches of service but the Army has only one approved color for FARP operations. It's brown. You can't order a complete helmet from the supply system. You must order the parts and assemble them piece by piece like it says in Chapter 2 of FM 10-67-1 (Apr 98), Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations.


Remember, there are two types of helmets. One is the AGU-24/P, which comes with a headset and a microphone and is typically used by the PAD chief. The PAD Chief is in charge of all operations at the assigned pad, including weapons, fuel, safety and FOD operations when ammo is present. The HGU-25/P has the hearing protector, also known as the aural protector, and is worn by other personnel. Here are the authorized parts for the Army FARP helmet.

This should end your trek for the elusive FARP helmet and its parts. And cheek out the field manual for info on all Army petroleum operations, too!

"Rotor" Blade
Item NSN Size

Helmet cloth 8145-00-861-3527 6 3/4
Helmet cloth 8145-00-071-8785 7
Helmet cloth 8145-00-071-8786 7 1/4
Helmet cloth 8145-00-071-8787 7 1/2
Pad back 8145-00-178-6830 N/A
Pad front 8145-00-178-6831 N/A
Shield back 8145-00-178-6855 N/A
Shield front 8145-00-178-7013 N/A
Microphone headset 5965-01-204-8505 N/A
 (for type AGU-24/P)
Aural protector 4940-00-759-3290 N/A
 (for type HGU-25/P)
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