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Armstrong/Kahn Award.

Richard L. Parli, MAI, is the winner of the 2005 Armstrong/ Kahn Award and a $1,000 honorarium for his article, "Disassembling Assemblage," which appeared in the Summer 2005 issue of The Appraisal Journal. The Armstrong/Kahn Award is presented by the Editorial Board for the most outstanding original article published in the Journal during the previous year. Articles are judged on the basis of pertinence to appraisal practice; contribution to valuation literature; provocative thought; thought-provoking presentation of concepts and practical problems; and logical analysis, perceptive reasoning, and clarity of presentation.

In his article, Parli states that assemblage may be the most difficult highest and best use conclusion to support. He then examines the elements necessary for any assemblage conclusion of highest and best use, including market value, bilateral monopoly, and the reasonably probable aspect of highest and best use. An understanding of these concepts is shown to be critical in the analysis and valuation of property where the highest and best use may be assemblage.

Richard L. Parli, MAI, is president of Parli Appraisal, Inc., a full-service appraisal firm located in Fairfax, Virginia, and serving the entire Central Atlantic region. Parli has extensive experience with performing marketability studies, highest and best use analysis, and the valuation of a multitude of property types. He is the current Chief Reviewer for the Appraisal Institute's course, Highest and Best Use & Market Analysis, and has an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University. Parli, along with coauthor David C. Lennhoff, was a recipient of the 2004 Armstrong/Kahn Award.
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Title Annotation:Richard L. Parli from Parli Appraisal receives award
Publication:Appraisal Journal
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Date:Mar 22, 2006
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