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Extradition. Oct 1, 2013 1009
Good for all. Krey, Patrick Brief article Apr 1, 2013 209
I Was a Teenage Warlord. Tracy, Marc Brief article Mar 22, 2011 158
Zeroing in with ... Mike Fifer. Interview Mar 19, 2010 640
Prosecution as punishment: the troubling case of Albert Kwan. Knox, Jeff Nov 20, 2009 855
Lords of chaos: the Kremlin's arms merchants: Moscow's merchants of death arm terrorist groups and foment violent anarchy, fueling the call for global gun control and expanded UN powers to deal with the chaos. Krey, Patrick Sep 14, 2009 2105
"Merchant of Death" trial still looms: notorious global weapons trafficker Viktor Bout may now be in jail in Thailand, but extraditing him and fully exposing his Russian sponsors is another matter. Jasper, William F. Jun 8, 2009 1928
Gunning for a gunrunner: Viktor Bout, allegedly the world's most notorious arms dealer, was the scourge of Africa for nearly two decades and now he is behind bars--but for how long? Blanche, Ed Feb 1, 2009 2031
Arms supplier faces conspiracy charges. Brief article Jun 27, 2008 273
Russian "Merchant of Death" still held in Thailand. Jun 23, 2008 398
"Merchant of death," Viktor Bout, arrested. Brief article Mar 31, 2008 262
Unquiet American: tough, idealistic, motivated by profit, Dale Stoffel had all the attributes the Bush administration thought would set Iraq right. The mysterious murder of this whistle-blowing contractor exemplifies all that went wrong. Roston, Aram Cover Story Jun 1, 2005 6574
Rousselet rustles up 'War' coin; French producer banks on more English projects. James, Alison Nov 29, 2004 522
Danish arms exports increased to EUR88m in 2002. Brief Article Jul 23, 2003 113
Saddam's Serb supplier: how our last enemy has been arming our next one. Marash, Dave Mar 1, 2003 2780
Comrades in arms: meet the former Soviet mobsters who sell terrorists their guns. Silverstein, Ken Jan 1, 2002 5335
Toward a Convention on International Arms Transfers. Arias Sanchez, Oscar Dec 1, 2001 1608
Ranking Canada's military contractors. (Spotlight On Canadian Military Exports). Epps, Ken Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 1779
WORLD ARMS TRADE COMES TO LONDON. Seymour, Richard Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 643
Spotlight on canadian military exports: Selected canadian military export contracts reports during 2000. Sep 1, 2001 757
Church action on the arms trade. Regehr, Ernie Jun 1, 2001 4425
Enhancing the small arms demand reduction agenda: emerging policy/action recommendations from the 2001 International Workshop on Demand Reduction. Gerami, Arghavan Jun 1, 2001 2380
Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 1992-1999. Grimmett, Richard F. Sep 22, 2000 12813
LICENSED TO KILL. Silverstein, Ken Biography May 1, 2000 12289
Who funds Africa's wars? Vesely, Milan Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 1999 1711
Even Spooks Have Rights : Did the U.S. put away notorious arms trader ed wilson with false testimony? Silverstein, Ken Oct 4, 1999 2608
Cash in on archery's newest passion: bowfishing. Boyles, Carolyn Mar 1, 1999 1031
Knives: your cutting edge. Huntington, Roy Mar 1, 1999 1449
More lawsuits threatened; industry launches counterattacks. Mar 1, 1999 686
Russia's secret arms market. Blank, Stephen Oct 1, 1998 7271
Firearms training can boost your profits and customer base. Ayoob, Massad Jun 1, 1998 1173
Light recoiling ammo ideal for women. Parsons, Lisa Jun 1, 1998 998
Nugent calls on dealers to become activists. Boyles, Carolee Jun 1, 1998 1611
Self defense: maximizing the market. Ayoob, Massad Jun 1, 1998 2271
Long guns & accessories: the simple basics for building a long-term business. Scamara, Larry Jun 1, 1998 2236
USA isn't world gun capital for nothing. Drinan, Robert F. Column Feb 6, 1998 791
Increase your bottomline by appealing to the do-it-yourselfer. Sundra, Jon R. Jul 1, 1997 958
How are your ethics? What are your community responsibilities? Boyles-Sprenkel, Carolee Jul 1, 1997 1388
The airgun bonus. Karwan, Chuck Jul 1, 1997 1158
Putting fun back into the gun business. Sundra, Jon R. Column Jan 1, 1997 977
What you can do. Schneider, Jim Mar 1, 1996 523
Finding the right niche helps you compete against the big guys. Sundra, Jon R. Mar 1, 1996 987
Hi-tech cold weather gear adds up to big profits. Parson, Lisa Mar 1, 1996 1076
Don't let back orders eat into your profits. Boyles-Sprenkel, Carolee Mar 1, 1996 1077
The safety shop: promoting safe gun handling is good for the shooting community and your business. Williams, Dick Mar 1, 1996 1365
The ghost of Sir Richard Scott's inquiry. Anderson, David G. Oct 1, 1995 2078
Conventional arms exports and stability in the Middle East. Neumann, Robert G. Interview Jun 22, 1995 8386
Prez pampers peddlers of pain. Press, Eyal Oct 3, 1994 2294
Dealers on trial. Wenner, Joan Oct 1, 1994 436
Outfitting the special-needs customer takes a bit of ingenuity, but it's worth it. Ayoob, Massad Oct 1, 1994 1043
Additional sales await retailers who learn to market to women. Boyles-Sprenkel, Carolee Oct 1, 1994 1269
Blood money and geopolitics: arms for Rwanda. Smyth, Frank Cover Story May 2, 1994 2264
Hidden assets. Locke, Ian Mar 1, 1994 1475
Oh what a lovely war. Cockburn, Alexander column Aug 13, 1988 545
Big man on campus. McCarthy, Colman Feb 28, 1987 1443

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