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Azerbaijani parties urge end to France's Karabakh mediation. Nov 26, 2020 1455
3 Turkish political parties to vote for law on sending military personnel to Azerbaijan. Nov 17, 2020 331
Armenian MPs leaving ruling party after PM's call on military servicemen to return from Karabakh. Nov 16, 2020 530
Heads of Christian religious communities of Azerbaijan protest against draft resolution submitted to US Congress. Oct 21, 2020 575
Turkish president: Violating new humanitarian ceasefire, Armenia again attacks Azerbaijan. Oct 19, 2020 331
Confrontation intensifying in Armenia, political parties looking for answer to question "who is to blame?". Oct 15, 2020 275
Azerbaijan's ruling party sends appeals to political parties, number of int'l organizations. Oct 13, 2020 481
Azerbaijan's Deputy PM: Death of civilians in Ganja should not go unpunished. Oct 12, 2020 186
Azerbaijani political parties do not regard France as OSCE MG co-chair. Oct 8, 2020 323
Armenians feel uneasy in Turkey, says Turkish MP. Arab News Oct 2, 2020 702
Pakistani Senate condemns Armenian agression against Azerbaijan. Oct 1, 2020 169
Azerbaijani ruling party appeals to international organizations, political parties. Sep 15, 2020 750
Turkish ruling party: Armenia tries to solve its internal problems via external aggression. Jul 29, 2020 286
Turkish ruling party: Armenia tries to solve its internal problems via external aggression. Jul 29, 2020 283
Swiss political circles, media outlets informed about Armenia's latest military provocations [PHOTO]. Jul 18, 2020 395
Turkish ruling party: Armenian actions against Azerbaijan not to remain unpunished. Jul 13, 2020 410
Mikhail Gorbachov's aide: "These events couldn't happen without his permission" - INTERVIEW. Jan 20, 2020 1454
Turkish Parliament Condemns, Rejects US Senate's 'Armenian Genocide' Bill. Dec 14, 2019 342
Resolution recognizing Armenian genocide blocked in U.S. Senate. Reuters News Service Dec 5, 2019 430
Political crisis deepens in Armenia. Nov 9, 2019 674
Deputy PM: Azerbaijani army can liberate Karabakh from occupation within one day. Sep 25, 2019 279
Amulsar gold mine issue may lead to split in Armenia's ruling party. Aug 23, 2019 679
Pashinyan's rating falls, provocations are inevitable. Jul 16, 2019 537
Russian Foreign Ministry talks on glorification of fascism in Armenia. May 9, 2019 408
Russian military experts: 'Government that rule Armenia left as a result of April war'. Apr 2, 2019 544
Azerbaijani MP: Victims of Khojaly tragedy to live in memory of Turkish people. Feb 25, 2019 271
Azerbaijani civil society urges EP to assess human rights violations in Armenia. Jan 30, 2019 397
Int'l organizations making unfounded claims against Azerbaijan silent about incident in Armenia. Jan 29, 2019 380
Davit Shahnazaryan: This is the most disgraceful election in Armenia's history. Dec 10, 2018 163
Observers from Kyrgyzstan monitor snap elections in Armenia. Dec 10, 2018 105
Armenia: Pashinyan's My Step Alliance Wins Landslide Victory in General Election. Dec 10, 2018 191
Armenia votes in snap polls to cement reform drive. Dec 9, 2018 303
Armenian authorities are robbing their own citizens. Nov 22, 2018 621
Introduction: Theatre and Politics in Turkey and Its Diasporas. Adak, Hulya; Altinay, Rustem Ertug Sep 22, 2018 11434
Hajiyev: Jesters, clowns touring Azerbaijan's lands occupied by Armenia. Aug 30, 2018 292
Terrorist group to create political party in Armenia. Aug 28, 2018 506
Political groups opposing Pashinyan established in Armenia analyst. Aug 22, 2018 441
Protesters in Yerevan demand mayor's resignation. May 10, 2018 120
Armenia protests: Democratic death or new dawn? May 8, 2018 1212
Armenian Parl't Elects Protest Leader Nikol Pashinyan as Prime Minister. May 8, 2018 316
Nikol Pashinyan: Armenia gets its new Prime Minister. May 8, 2018 144
Armenia ruling party to back opposition PM bid. May 3, 2018 790
Signs of political deal emerge in Armenia after crisis. May 3, 2018 707
Armenia protest leader calls for general strike. May 2, 2018 594
Armenian parliament fails to elect PM. May 2, 2018 185
Armenian protesters block Yerevan roads as opposition leader is denied power. May 2, 2018 196
Why Armenian protesters have taken to the streets. May 2, 2018 1189
Pashinyan officially nominated for post of Armenian PM. Apr 30, 2018 179
Armenian ruling party says will not nominate candidate for PM. Apr 29, 2018 683
Armenia's ruling party to change its chairman. Apr 26, 2018 105
Thousands protest in Armenia as political talks called off. Apr 26, 2018 688
Armenian opposition leader voices readiness to become PM. Apr 25, 2018 242
Pashinian to be nominated for post of Armenia's prime minister. Apr 25, 2018 125
Armenia's Ruling Party to Nominate ex-President Sarksyan for PM. Apr 10, 2018 259
Foreign Ministry issues statement on Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis. Mar 31, 2018 771
What Sargsyan's decade-long presidency brought to Armenia? Mar 27, 2018 509
Turkish MP: Normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations impossible without liberation of Azerbaijani lands. Mar 9, 2018 426
Armen Sarkisian elected next Armenian president. Mar 2, 2018 198
Violence against woman at Yerevan's Council of Elders. Feb 13, 2018 150
Russia must work on Karabakh conflict more effectively: Zyuganov. Dec 19, 2017 260
Ruling party wins Armenian parliamentary vote. Apr 3, 2017 414
Armenians cast ballots in tight election to pave way for power shift. Apr 2, 2017 471
Armenian opposition party leader tears ballot at referendum. Dec 6, 2015 180
MP from RPA Faction: No switch to parliamentary system of governing is possible amid the lack of accomplished parties in Armenia. Jun 7, 2015 226
Orinats Yerkir Party considers nomination of a single opposition candidate for president to be low probable. Jun 7, 2015 212
RPA member: The opposition will hardly manage to consolidate and nominate somebody to run for president in Armenia. Jun 7, 2015 194
Oppositionist: If Prosperous Armenia Party joins idea of parliamentary system of government, the positions of the ruling party will be staggered. Jun 7, 2015 228
Prosperous Armenia's message to Serzh Sargsyan ends the intrigue. Jun 7, 2015 881
Republicans and Democrats accuse Prosperous Armenia of plagiarism. Jun 7, 2015 273
RPA and Democratic Party of Armenia have different viewpoints about availability of competition at forthcoming presidential election. Jun 7, 2015 217
Armenia ruling party not excluding coalition government. Mar 11, 2015 145
Two of five changes to pension reforms suggested by parliament's opposition forces are acceptable to Government. Apr 26, 2014 225
Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party: "Relations between Turkey and Armenia can be restored only after liberation of Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia". Apr 24, 2014 177
Hovik Abrahamyan: Pension reform in Armenia must be mandatory, but not binding. Apr 23, 2014 246
Political expert: "Orinats Yerkir" party will soon join the "four". Apr 17, 2014 563
Free Democrats of Armenia Party welcomes adoption of Armenian Genocide Resolution by US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Apr 11, 2014 308
Armenian parties of Lebanon refute information on arrival of 1500 armed Armenians in Kessab. Apr 10, 2014 249
Azerbaijan Calls on Iran to Mediate in Nagorno-Karabakh Dispute. Dec 22, 2013 411
Free Democrats demand immediate release of detained activists. Dec 2, 2013 201
Free Democrats: Armenia must demand explanations from President Putin regarding sale of Russian arms to Azerbaijan. Dec 2, 2013 142
Tigran Urikhanyan: By disrupting the Parliament's session, Republicans ignore Armenian public's voice. Nov 20, 2013 437
Parliamentary opposition says that by boycotting the extraordinary session the ruling party ignores the Constitution of Armenia. Nov 15, 2013 366
Conservative Party of Armenia protests against Russian President's plans to visit Armenia on day when Treaty of Alexandropol was signed. Nov 12, 2013 181
Analyst: Unlike the influence of the USA, the Russian influence in Armenia is formal. Oct 9, 2013 243
Representatives of Heritage Party and public to welcome Zaruhi Postanjyan at Zvartnots Airport tonight. Oct 5, 2013 249
Aram Sargsyan: Democratic Party will support the people in case of a social rebellion. Oct 1, 2013 196
Democratic Party: EU projects in Armenia damage national identity. Oct 1, 2013 121
Hovhannes Sahakyan: Semi-presidential system of governance will be ideal for Armenia if some reforms are conducted. Sep 30, 2013 1111
Hovhannes Sahakyan: Semi-presidential system of governance will be ideal for Armenia if some reforms are conducted. Sep 28, 2013 242
Pre-Parliament: Ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) might be behind release of civic activist Dmitry Haroutiunyan. Sep 9, 2013 255
Sharmazanov: There is nothing sensational in Armenia's intention to join the Customs Union. Sep 6, 2013 328
Civil movements in Armenia gradually oust parties from real politics. Aug 30, 2013 197
CEC of Armenia distributes positions at electoral committees in single-mandate constituency No.38. Aug 26, 2013 122
Republicans nominate ex-mayor of Kapan as MP from 38th electoral constituency. Aug 15, 2013 113
Source in Republican Party of Armenia: "Closed issue" submitted by Taron Margaryan for consideration of Government concerned his possible resignation. Jul 26, 2013 146
Russian Ambassador meets with Head of Democratic Party of Armenia. Jul 23, 2013 111
Free Democrats Party concerned over rise in public transport fare in Yerevan. Jul 22, 2013 134
Free Democrats Party urges Armenian Government not to sell its 20% of shares in ArmRusgasprom CJSC to Russia. Jul 10, 2013 174
Turks unlike Armenians have already realized that a proper fight even for a flower will lead to a regime change. Jul 3, 2013 1226
Free Democrats Party concerned over Russia's selling arms to Azerbaijan. Jun 26, 2013 208
Head of ARFD Faction compares today's Armenia with Soviet Union under Brezhnev. Jun 14, 2013 132
Vladimir Yevseev: The interests of separate corporations in foreign policy of Russia sometimes are put above the state ones. Jun 12, 2013 1403
Vice Chairman of Republican Party about bloody incident in Goris: No one must get away clean. Jun 3, 2013 208
Deputy Chairman of Heritage Party: Globally, there are no civic movements in Armenia. May 24, 2013 173
Oppositionist: The Heritage party was at the origins of the civilian movement in Armenia. May 24, 2013 373
Amnesty International negatively evaluates situation with human rights in Armenia. May 23, 2013 717
Armenian Parliament rejects opposition's draft amendments to electoral code. May 22, 2013 244
Leader of Armenian Democrats: Settlement of gas price growth problem depends on Armenia's joining the Customs Union. May 21, 2013 321
Free Democrats: Russia uses gas tariff to exert pressure on Armenia over progressing negotiations for EU Association Agreement. May 18, 2013 233
Eduard Sharmazanov recommends Prosperous Armenia to wait for elections of 2017-2018 calm and quiet. May 15, 2013 280
Republican Party of Armenia gets majority of seats in Elders Council of Yerevan. May 13, 2013 241
Spokesman of the Republican Party of Armenia makes public the composition of the new Armenian Government. May 7, 2013 187
Oppositionist: Tigran Sargsyan is the chief pickpocket of Armenia. May 7, 2013 192
Republicans celebrating their victory in Yerevan Mayor election with fireworks at nighttime to be brought responsible. May 6, 2013 215
Political expert: Republicans won at the elections in Armenia at all the levels. May 6, 2013 161
Republicans will further govern in Yerevan after May 5 elections. May 6, 2013 206
Orinats Yerkir Party congratulates all three political forces elected to Yerevan Council of Elders. May 6, 2013 333
Political expert: Consolidation of Barev Yerevan Bloc and Prosperous Armenia Party is almost impossible. May 6, 2013 166
Stepan Safaryan: PAP played opposition games at polling stations and RPA games - outside polling stations. May 6, 2013 381
Elections to Elders' Council of Yerevan kick off. May 5, 2013 157
Republican Party headed by Serzh Sargsyan sums up results of elections to Elders' Council of Yerevan. May 5, 2013 138
Mass Media: RPA representative makes a row at a polling station. May 5, 2013 256
Barev, Yerevan bloc opens an information center for possible violations in the course of elections. May 5, 2013 173
Operative response service opens at Armenian National Congress Party Campaign Headquarters. May 5, 2013 151
Parliament Speaker says RPA-PAP may make coalition at Elders' Council of Yerevan and Government of Armenia. May 5, 2013 230
Taron Margaryan: Reports on election violations or fraud should be studied thoroughly. May 5, 2013 192
Vladimir Gasparyan: Armenian Police will properly organize elections to Elders' Council of Yerevan. May 5, 2013 184
ARFD urges the rest of opposition forces not to yield to provocations. May 3, 2013 186
Politician: Moscow rules the power as well as the opposition of Armenia single- handedly. Apr 29, 2013 219
Armenian and European parliamentarians think Association Agreement should be signed as soon as possible. Apr 29, 2013 172
Barev Yerevan bloc appeals to Administrative Court demanding to exclusion RPA from election campaign. Apr 27, 2013 196
Sociologist: 59.7% of Taron Margaryan's supporters are women. Apr 26, 2013 197
ARFD: Yerevan Council of Elders election is the last chance to deprive the RPA of the political monopoly. Apr 22, 2013 230
Secretary of RPA Faction: If Placido Domingo does not arrive in Armenia, Taron Margaryan will remain on his position of Yerevan Mayor. Apr 19, 2013 246
Member of parliament: Representatives of RPA are first-runners at Yerevan Council of Elders election. Apr 16, 2013 191
No fluctuation at real estate market of Armenia because of election in 2013. Apr 16, 2013 146
Eduard Sharmazanov: Levon Ter-Petrosyan's assessment of political processes in Armenia raises eyebrows. Apr 15, 2013 299
Aram Manukyan: ANC's potential is enough to rescue Yerevan from the arms of the authorities. Apr 13, 2013 372
Levon Zurabyan: ANC, ARFD, Prosperous Armenia and Heritage parties will fight for victory in election of Yerevam mayor together. Apr 13, 2013 390
Candidate for Yerevan Mayor from ANC promises to return power to people on May 5. Apr 13, 2013 315
Sociologist: Republican Party candidate Taron Margaryan enjoys overall sympathy of Yerevan citizens. Apr 5, 2013 239
Sources at Republican Party: Edward Nalbandian will further head Foreign Ministry of Armenia. Apr 3, 2013 379
Newspaper: Prosperous Armenia Party expected to set up "rapid response group" to control over elections to Elders' Council of Yerevan. Apr 3, 2013 206
Parliament Vice Speaker: Prosperous Armenia left its voters at a crucial moment for the country and may do it again. Apr 2, 2013 387
Naira Zohrabyan: Prosperous Armenia and Republican parties do not negotiate over elections to Elders' Council of Yerevan. Mar 30, 2013 216
Republican Party's draft statement on the way out of post-electoral situation: stances of ruling and opposition forces discord again. Mar 27, 2013 458
Eduard Sharmazanov: Prospects of opposition's consolidation after Elections to Yerevan Elders' Council are quite vague. Mar 27, 2013 318
Heritage and ARFD object to RPA's draft statement on mechanisms to find ways out of the post-election situation in Armenia. Mar 26, 2013 236
Republican MP: Leader of Heritage Party may become leader of Armenian opposition. Mar 26, 2013 331
RPA member: For some political forces the Yerevan Council of Elders election will become the last opportunity to "pass an exam". Mar 21, 2013 146
Leader of Armenia's Communist Party: It does not pertain to candidate for president to go on hunger strike. Mar 18, 2013 210
Politician: Ex-president of Azerbaijan offers a good gift to Armenia's Foreign Ministry. Mar 18, 2013 299
Sociologist: Republican Party is an evident leader in the elections to the Elders' Council of Yerevan. Mar 7, 2013 274
Taron Margaryan to lead Republican Party ticket at elections to Elders' Council of Yerevan. Mar 1, 2013 441
Leader of Communist Party: Anti-Russian trends appear in Armenia. Feb 28, 2013 167
Ruling Party of Armenia against convoking extraordinary session to discuss post-election processes. Feb 25, 2013 190
Democratic Party of Armenia not to support Raffi Hovhannisian. Feb 25, 2013 168
Eduard Sharmazanov: Upcoming personnel reshuffle and reforms will avoid merger of big business and politics. Feb 22, 2013 1047
Secretary of Republican Party Faction sees no premises for revolution in Armenia. Feb 21, 2013 157
Second president of Armenia not to vote for president of Armenia. Feb 18, 2013 159
Representatives of OSCE/ODIHR Monitoring Mission have not yet assessed electoral process at presidential election in Armenia. Feb 18, 2013 172
Candidate on hunger strike: "I will cooperate with Health Ministry only after apologies of Republican Party". Feb 12, 2013 328
Expert: Collapse of governance system in Armenia may cause even bigger shocks. Feb 12, 2013 367
Galust Sahakyan: Assassination attempt against Paruyr Hayrikyan has political subtext. Feb 1, 2013 197
Free Democrats condemn assassination attempt on Paruyr Hayrikyan. Feb 1, 2013 121
Democratic Party of Armenia: The shot fired at Paruyr Hayrikyan undermines international image of Armenia. Feb 1, 2013 196
Leader of Christian and Democratic Party: Local as well as external forces may be behind the assassination attempt on Hayrikyan. Feb 1, 2013 163
Political expert: The assassination attempt on Paruyr Hayrikyan is an attempt to delay presidential election. Feb 1, 2013 222
Is Republican Party representatives suspected in murder? Jan 30, 2013 143
Presidential candidate: There is a silent agreement between Republican Party and Prosperous Armenia concerning post-election processes. Jan 25, 2013 242
Observation missions of CIS, Georgia and Baltic States to arrive in Armenia. Jan 23, 2013 147
Public opinion poll: 72% of voters to vote for Serzh Sargsyan. Jan 23, 2013 430
Presidential election: performance in an empty hall. Jan 23, 2013 898
Serzh Sargsyan: Thanks to the efforts of the power, Armenia overcame all the challenges of 2012. Jan 22, 2013 264
Ruling party of Azerbaijan comments on Russia-Armenia military cooperation. Jan 18, 2013 263
In its foreign political priorities Armenia has always been a supporter of "both : and", not "either : or" policy. Jan 17, 2013 1632
RPA member: Serzh Sargsyan at the position of the head of state has no alternative. Jan 16, 2013 307
Candidate for president of Armenia: Public Television has launched counterpropaganda against me. Jan 15, 2013 182
Oppositionist: Amid a lack of political competition, ruling party of Armenia can make president whoever it likes. Jan 14, 2013 398
Dashnak: The PAP not running for president simplifies the task of the ruling party at the forthcoming presidential election in Armenia. Dec 20, 2012 274
Leader of Democratic Party: Raffi Hovhannisian may bring some intrigue to forthcoming presidential election in Armenia. Dec 19, 2012 137
Republican Party of Armenia to hold its 14th congress in Yerevan Dec 15. Dec 15, 2012 133
Republican Party of Armenia starts an extraordinary congress in Yerevan. Dec 15, 2012 271
Deputy Chairperson of Free Democrats Party and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State discuss forthcoming presidential elections in Armenia. Dec 15, 2012 131
Delegation of Republican Party of Armenia attends 25th congress of Christian Democratic Union of Germany. Dec 7, 2012 114
Republican Party of Armenia: The Brussels statements by leader of Prosperous Armenia Party are shame and mummery. Dec 6, 2012 304
PAP Spokesperson: By throwing down a gage to Prosperous Armenia, Republicans toss a challenge to hundreds of thousands of Armenian citizens. Dec 6, 2012 353
Zhoghovurd newspaper: US Ambassador to Armenia concerned about uncompetitive elections in country. Dec 6, 2012 112
Armenia ruling party heads for election victory. May 7, 2012 449
Armenian president escapes defeat, party ahead in assembly elections. May 6, 2012 522

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