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Armed Russian forces seize Ukraine navy HQ; CRIMEA FORCES TO PULL OUT Kiev security chief says they will abandon peninsula.


TWO Ukrainian navy bases in the Crimea had the Russian flag flying over them last night after being stormed by Vladimir Putin's troops.

The navy's HQ at Sevastapol was seized first followed by their base in Novoozerne.

Some 50 Ukrainian servicemen were seen filing out of the base as Russian soldiers stood by.

After the raid on the Sevastapol HQ naval commander Admiral Serhiy Haiduk was taken away by the Russians.

It is thought he was taken by the Russian FSB - Moscow's feared foreign spy agency which has flooded the region with pro-Putin propaganda and trouble-makers.

After the bases were seized Ukraine announced plans to pull their soldiers and their families out of Crimea.

President Putin enraged the West this week by signing a treaty annexing Crimea.

US Vice President Joe Biden yesterday warned: "As long as Russia continues on this dark path, they will face increasing isolation."

Both bases were taken without a shot being fired - despite guards being authorised to use deadly force.

That order came after a Ukrainian soldier was killed as Russia took over a military compound in Simferopol.

A soldier at the gates this dark increasing of the Sevastapol base said: "They cut the gates open, but I heard no shooting. This should have been solved politically."

taken fired being " Yesterday's seizure of the Navy HQ follows three weeks of blockades imposed on Ukrainian forces as Moscow tries to stop a military intervetion to their invasion.


FLYING FLAG Russian at base

TAKEN OVER Russian troops at the Naval base in Novoozerne

FORCED OUT Officer at the HQ in Sevastapol


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Mar 20, 2014
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