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Articles from Armada International (August 1, 2009)

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Barrels still needed at Sea. Withington, Thomas 2420
Big deals in short. 392
Forward observer gear gets target right: the ever-present need to engage targets on the so-called 24-hour battlefield is the major driver behind the growth of the forward observer system market. Not only must today's forward observer be able to detect targets in all weathers and during the day or night, but they must report the position of these targets to artillery units, other troops or aircraft. Withington, Thomas 1664
GMR leaves drawing board. 213
High-speed USB at Sealevel. 220
Long-range snipers: Multiple-launch rocket systems were originally designed on both sides of the defunct iron curtain to saturate area targets during the Cold War (interestingly, they were designated multiple-rocket launch systems on the then soviet side). The introduction of precision-guided munitions has made it the weapon of choice for asymmetrical warfare. Kemp, Ian 2267
Of methanol and birds. 121
Of special note. 82
On the Armada bookshelf The Military Balance 2009 The International Institute for Strateqic Studies. 140
On the Armada bookshelf--sea devils. 303
Oria--new mission display. 92
Robots in Convoy: convoy operations and other logistics missions could be the first use of large robots. However, the role of remote-controlled armed robots able to look and shoot 'around the corner' in dangerous urban environment situations may soon gain momentum. Kemp, Ian 1630
Sigint aircraft: fly high, listen closely: Electronic mission aircraft belong to a rare type of military aviation worldwide. The primary role of sigint aircraft has evolved from strategic intelligence data collection of adverse air defence (elint) and command & control networks to a more tactical exploitation of mostly radio signals (comint) in the current operational context. Rousset, Valery; Philippe, Antoine 2411
Spreading the spectrum amongst friends. Keggler, Johnny; Withington, Thomas 10691
Strike drones: persistent, precise and plausible: Unmanned aircraft are becoming America's strike system of choice, not only in dealing with fleeting counterinsurgency targets, but also in actions of dubious legality, where the use of conventional aircraft could have worse political consequences. Their success has been a major factor in limiting US Air Force purchases of fifth-generation fighters. Braybrook, Roy 1874
Surfing the micro-wave: by the time these lines are written, printed and read the Paris Air Show, with its endless flood of announcements on man-less vehicles, will have lived and gone and will be reported in the next issue of Armada. However, as a prelude to the French great aeronautical biennial service, an event of comparatively minor importance took place in Paris, namely the UVS International symposium. Biass, Eric H. 1166
The tambourine (Algo)rhythm. Keggler, Johnny 911
Warfare has changed, so should have methods. Alpo, Paul V. Company overview 10759
Water lane insertion: for marine and riverine operations, special operations forces typically have several types of insertion craft at their disposal to get commandoes and their equipment from a mother ship, or from over-the-horizon, to their objective. Principally, they make use of surface craft such as rigid or non-rigid inflatable boats, assault craft, canoes and sub-surface vessels such as swimmer delivery vehicles. Withington, Thomas 2120

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