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Articles from Armada International (December 1, 2005)

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A light tail wind on the European scene: as the year draws to an end the Neuron picture increasingly appears to be coming into focus. The French defence procurement agency, DGA, is expected to have, by the time these lines are read, awarded Neuron a contract for the launch of the development of the European unmanned combat aircraft demonstrator. Biass, Eric H. 917
Beyond the thunder: before, during and (especially) after the operation, the sound of a friendly voice or a superior barking a command can be supremely reassuring to those operating with one bean, one bullet and on the edge of nowhere. Combat communications connecting the special soldiers/sailors/airmen to their command or extraction party are the backbone of any mission. Keggler, Johnny 804
Big deals in short. 280
Bits and pics in brief. 130
Black kite discretion. Braybrook, Roy 3588
By sea & stealth: maritime special forces tend to arrive in hostile territory by sea and by stealth, but where once they would be delivered by rubber dinghies from a submarine now they are using Special Delivery Vehicles (SDV) and even midget submarines. Hooton, E.R. 2729
Corvettes steaming ahead: the yardstick of surface naval power was once the realm of destroyers and frigates, but this has been expanded in the post 9/11 world to include the addition of the corvette. At one time these were used only by small navies, but are now being seen even by major naval powers as multi-role platforms that are suitable for asymmetric/littoral operations. Hooton, E.R. 2583
DSEi can justifiably claim its international stature and there is no doubt that Eurosatory now has good company, although the London Docklands exhibition still needs a proper outdoor section to be on an absolute par with its Paris Villepinte biennial counterpart. Keggler, Johnny 3844
Fighting an invisible threat: air warfare involves both visible and invisible battlefields and the latter becomes more demanding every year--having extended from combat aircraft to support aircraft and now down to the helicopters and even civil aviation. Hooton, E.R. 2632
Fischer connects the defence world; who would have ever believed that the vineyards overlooking the quiet shores of lake Geneva served as a privileged nest to a firm that manufactures some of the highest-quality electric connectors in the world? Biass, Eric H. 563
Future forces work together. 110
Getting it done. Biass, Eric H. 363
Giat tank offer to Turkey. 155
MBDA seeks heat. 138
New Milan ER on the way: ironically, when in very recent years fire-and-forget missiles had become all the rage, it now seems that second thoughts are predominating due to the very different battle scenarios that have been taking place since the obliteration of the Cold War. Biass, Eric H. 542
On the Armada bookshelf. 134
P-8A design almost set. 120
San Antonio Mod 1 gun. 92
The transition force: the United States was assisted in Afghanistan by the special operations forces of other nations, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom. Nato's new members in Eastern Europe are using their special forces to drive the transition of their armed forces; these units are often included among national contingents sent to Afghanistan and Iraq. Kemp, Ian 5006
The world submarine situation. Saw, David 4467
Torpedoes challenged: the torpedo is the navy's first guided missile (it was originally called a self-propelled torpedo) and while at first sight there seems to be less interest in underwater warfare, in practice there is a great deal of work to ensure that these weapons remain effective. Hooton, E.R. 2684
Up close and personal: the survival of warships in the littoral environment depends on layers of close-in defence systems to defeat both conventional and asymmetric threats. Kemp, Ian 2806
Venezuela tops in S. America. 126
Vita 46 and 48 commitments. 92
Vitrius single-eye tracking. 137
Wedge, cut, slice, point. 162
Whirly stingers: not cheap, but nasty. Braybrook, Roy Cover Story 3289

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