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Articles from Armada International (December 1, 2002)

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American Naval History an Illustrated Chronology of the US Navy and Marine Corps, 1775-Present. (On the Armada Bookshelf). 144
Barrel inserts help cut costs: an increasing number of countries have to face the severe problems posed by space limitations for training exercises. Walters, Brian 2353
Big deals in short. (News). 285
Blackhawk Racks Molle. (Digest). 130
Caterpillar gets Czech'd. (Digest). 92
Changing natures of tank ammunition: at one time tank ammunition development was almost entirely devoted to improving the means of punching holes in the armour of other tanks. Other functions were given scant attention. While hole punching remains a prime function of tank gunnery it is no longer the only application. Tank ammunition now has to be much more versatile for the very nature of the tank is changing. (Technology). Gander, Terry J. 2995
Cobra bites in deeply. (Digest). 218
Dispensers and submunitions: in dealing with groups of armoured vehicles, some form of dispenser may be employed to provide area coverage by means of a number of guided or unguided submunitions. (Complete Guide). 880
Do-it-all anti-armour? Only if one believes in serendipity! (Complete Guide). Braybrook, Ray 2151
Don't call me late for dinner. (Digest). 104
Drones: although this now appears to be stating the obvious today, mentioning the use of drones as armour attack platforms invariably made one look suspiciously insane only a few years ago. (Complete Guide). 191
Druck Monitor for Lab Druck. (Digest). 84
Fighting in sand land: operating in the harsh climate of desert regions poses many challenges for military forces. Extreme desert climates and terrain can test both man and machine to the limit. (Ground Warfare). Ripley, Tim 3745
Fire Scout info in real-time. (Digest). 85
Fixed wing aircraft: this section deals with the principal anti-armour weapon systems, beginning with guided missiles, designed to suit use by fixed-wing aircraft. 1503
Future carrier project floats. (Digest). 110
Golden Eagle has sister. (Digest). 124
Ground vehicle systems: one way to deal with armoured formations close to the front line is to dispense submunitions from artillery rockets. (Complete Guide). 1126
Ground-based missiles: the Euromissile Milan series entered service in 1974 and shortly after saw active use in Lebanon in 1996. The Milan is probably still the most popular man-portable anti-tank missile in the world and its concept has been applied to many others, amongst which are more notably the Swedes and the Russians. (Complete Guide). 1040
Guided mortar bombs: Russia appears to have led in the operational use of laser-guided mortar bombs, with the 240 mm 1K113 Smelchak (Braveheart) system, which was employed in Afghanistan in the 1980s. However, the trend is now gathering momentum in the western world. (Complete Guide). 224
Helicopter armament: the French Army pioneered the use of missiles from helicopters during its conflict in Algeria in the 1950s. From that moment, the rotary-wing aircraft became a `must' platform for anti-armour warfare throughout the world. (Complete Guide). 1330
Iris-T takes down meteor. (Digest). 126
MBDA. (News). 84
New breath: T-72 genuine upgrade package. 539
New tanks for old: Part II: tank top upgrades. (Upgrades). Maxwell, David 3557
Patents no longer pending. (Digest). 124
Radamec seen at Euronaval. (Digest). 120
Ram-air for Germany. (Digest). 80
Raptor 11 maiden voyage. (Digest). 117
Sachsen cuts a new wake. (Digest). 173
Sensors, Sentry Owls and smart dust: since the summer of 2002, Sentry Owls have been helping guard US units operating in overseas locations close to Afghanistan. Richardson, Doug 3267
Shoulder-launched guided: while shoulder launched, bazooka-like weapons have been in use for over half a century, the novelty is to make these guided, as indeed tanks and now even wheeled armoured vehicles have the ability to move crosscountry at quite high speeds. (Complete Guide). 306
Suppliers meet the needs of transforming customers. (Defence Industry Report). Gourley, Scott R. 3232
Tank barrel-launched systems: Russia, then the Soviet Union, has largely pioneered the firing of missiles from within a tank, in other words, by using the main armament of the vehicle itself, the turreted barrel. The concept has since been applied by Israel and now guided missiles are also fired from existing howitzers. (Complete Guide). 458
Training today's cavalry: military history abounds with examples where the speed of cavalry has decided the outcome of a battle and in turn, tanks have often overwhelmed an enemy. But a fine tradition alone is not enough to motivate tank crews to give their best; their confidence can be enhanced by the provision of training of such excellence that a feeling of superiority becomes justified. (Simulation Approach). Walters, Brian 922
Unguided missiles: as said in the previous introduction, unguided rocket launched weapons, often called recoilless guns, have been around for a while. However, due to their restricted calibres they cannot be regarded stricto sensu as antitank weapons, but rather as anti-light armoured vehicle armament. (Complete Guide). 871
With Smiths to offer. (Digest). 84

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