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Prevalence of agenesis of palmaris longus in male and female genders on clinical examination - a review. Javaid, Quratulain Report Apr 12, 2022 3089
Relationships among Coracobrachialis, Biceps Brachii, and Pectoralis Minor Muscles and Their Correlation with Bifurcated Coracoid Process. Zielinska, Nicol; Tubbs, R. Shane; Podgórski, Michal; Konschake, Marko; Aragonés, Paloma; Grzelecki, Report Mar 25, 2022 6120
The Calculation, Thresholds and Reporting of Inter-Limb Strength Asymmetry: A Systematic Review. Parkinson, Amy O.; Apps, Charlotte L.; Morris, John G.; Barnett, Cleveland T.; Lewis, Martin G. C. Report Oct 27, 2021 21933
Relationship between the Branching Patterns of the Radial Nerve and Supinator Muscle. Jeon, Anna; Kim, Ye-Gyung; Kwon, Seong-Oh; Lee, Je-Hun Report Oct 14, 2021 3696
Comparison of Two Different Applications of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques to Increase Upper-Extremity Muscle Strength/Ust Ekstremite Kas Kuvvetinin Artirilmasinda Proprioseptif Noromuskuler Fasilitasyon Tekniklerinin Iki Farkli Sekilde Uygulanmasinin Karsilastirilmasi. Tonak, Hasan Atacan; Buker, Nihal; Kitis, Ali; Kavlak, Erdogan Report Apr 1, 2021 5084
The correlation between fear of falling and upper extremity muscle strength. Yardimci, Bulent; Akdeniz, Melahat; Demir, Tarik Report Apr 1, 2021 4685
Spontaneous Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture as a Rare Finding of Systemic Amyloidosis and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction. Kocabas, Umut; Turk, Ugur Onsel Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 412
A Cadaveric Study of the Distal Biceps Femoris Muscle in relation to the Normal and Variant Course of the Common Peroneal Nerve: A Possible Cause of Common Peroneal Entrapment Neuropathy. Park, Jeong-Hyun; Yang, Jinseo; Park, Kwang-Rak; Kim, Tae Woo; Kim, Taeyeong; Park, Suyeon; Tsengel, Report Oct 13, 2020 4147
Tuberculosis of the flexor carpi radialis muscle - a case report. Fahad, Shah; Baloch, Naveed; Din, Nasir Ud Clinical report Sep 30, 2020 1519
A Rare Location and Unusual Development: Antecubital Leiomyoma. Ural, Alper; Bilgen, Fatma; Bekerecioglu, Mehmet; Bakaris, Sevgi Clinical report Apr 1, 2019 1344
The Effects of Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance on Upper Extremity Functions of Lateral Epicondylitis Patients. Mehmetoglu, Golgem; Ergin, Gulbin; Bakirhan, Serkan Report Jan 1, 2019 3467
Acute Effects of Fixed Rest Time during Multiple Sets on Upper Limbs Performance. Rodrigues, Bruno; Maior, Alex Souto; Sakugawa, Raphael; Rossato, Mateus; Bezerra, Ewertton Report Jun 1, 2018 3006
A Variation of Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Muscle: A Case Report. Yonguc, Goksin Nilufer; Cirpan, Sibel; Sayhan, Salih; Eyuboglu, Canan; Guvencer, Mustafa Report May 1, 2018 1317
CADAVERIC STUDY ON THIRD HEAD OF BICEPS BRACHII--INCIDENCE IN THE SOUTH INDIAN POPULATION. Sujatha, K.; Ritchie, Bernard; Rao, Shakuntala; Rao, H.R. Krishna Report Jan 8, 2018 1780
Hydroxyproline Concentration, Electrogoniometry, EMG Responses, and Correlations after Different Stretching Methods. Mafra, Olivia; Senna, Gilmar W.; Leal, Silvania M.O.; Conceicao, Mario Cezar S.; Meza, Edgar Alarcon Report Dec 1, 2017 4017
Mathematical Model to Predict Female Lean Body Mass. Serpa, Tane Kanope Ferreira; Nogueira, Fernando dos Santos; Pimenta, Eduardo Mendonga; Pompeu, Ferna Report Aug 1, 2017 2583
Analysis of the Biceps Brachii Muscle by Varying the Arm Movement Level and Load Resistance Band. Burhan, Nuradebah; Kasno, Mohammad 'Afif; Ghazali, Rozaimi; Said, Md Radzai; Abdullah, Shahrum Shah; Report Jan 1, 2017 4994
Ultrasonographic Validation of Anatomical Landmarks for Localization of the Tendon of the Long Head of Biceps Brachii. Hou, Saiyun; Harrell, John; Li, Sheng Report Jan 1, 2017 2986
Effects of the drop-set and reverse drop-set methods on the muscle activity and intramuscular oxygenation of the triceps brachii among trained and untrained individuals. Goto, Masahiro; Nirengi, Shinsuke; Kurosawa, Yuko; Nagano, Akinori; Hamaoka, Takafumi Report Dec 1, 2016 5103
Low-frequency fatigue assessed as double to single twitch ratio after two bouts of eccentric exercise of the elbow flexors. Janecki, Damian; Jaskolska, Anna; Marusiak, Jaroslaw; Jaskolski, Artur Report Dec 1, 2016 5559
The influence of a bout of exertion on novice barefoot running dynamics. Hashish, Rami; Samarawickrame, Sachithra D.; Baker, Lucinda; Salem, George J. Report Jun 1, 2016 6131
The acute effect of local vibration as a recovery modality from exercise-induced increased muscle stiffness. Pournot, Herve; Tindel, Jeremy; Testa, Rodolphe; Mathevon, Laure; Lapole, Thomas Report Mar 1, 2016 5011
Entrapment of Common Peroneal Nerve by Surgical Suture following Distal Biceps Femoris Tendon Repair. Fukuda, Aki; Nishimura, Akinobu; Nakazora, Shigeto; Kato, Ko; Sudo, Akihiro Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 1698
Biceps tenodesis for type II SLAP tears. Tayrose, Gregory A.; Karas, Spero G.; Bosco, Joseph Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2015 4011
Partial subscapularis release for total shoulder arthroplasty: a biomechanical comparison of two techniques. Kummer, Frederick J.; Mahoney, Andrew P.; Onyekwelu, Ikemefuna; Kwon, Young W. Report Oct 1, 2014 2800
Mapping the articular contact area of the long head of the biceps tendon on the humeral head. Morris, Brent J.; Byram, Ian R.; Lathrop, Ray A.; Dunn, Warren R.; Kuhn, John E. Report Jan 1, 2014 2039
A study on variation in the insertion of coracobrachialis muscle and its clinical importance. Varlekar, Padma; Chavda, Hiren; Khatri, Chirag; Saiyad, S.S.; Nagar, Shaileshkumar; Kubavat, Dharati Report Jan 1, 2014 2530
Multiple nerve injuries following repair of a distal biceps tendon rupture: case report and review of the literature. Fajardo, Marc R.; Rosenberg, Zehava; Christoforou, Dimitrios; Grossman, John A.I. Clinical report Apr 1, 2013 2554
Mechanisms for triceps surae injury in high performance front row rugby union players: a kinematic analysis of scrummaging drills. Flavell, Carol A.; Sayers, Mark G.L.; Gordon, Susan J.; Lee, James B. Report Mar 1, 2013 4420
Third head of biceps brachii with anatomical consideration and clinical implication-a case report. Ansari, M. Mujahid; Gupta, U.K.; Ahmed, M. Laique; Ali, S. Fayyaz Clinical report Feb 11, 2013 1802
Quantitative diagnostic method for biceps long head tendinitis by using ultrasound. Huang, Shih-Wei; Wang, Wei-Te Report Jan 1, 2013 4745
Magnetic versus electrical stimulation in the interpolation twitch technique of elbow flexors. Lampropoulou, Sofia I.; Nowicky, Alexander V.; Marston, Louise Report Dec 1, 2012 8056
Does the shake weight[R] live up to its hype? Porcari, John; Hackbarth, Jennah; Kernozek, Thomas; Doberstein, Scott; Foster, Carl Report Sep 1, 2011 1157
Bifurcation of the long head of the biceps brachii. Borghei, Peyman; Tehranzadeh, Jamshid Case study Oct 1, 2010 857
Surgical exposure of the distal radius in a patient with a flexor carpi radialis brevis muscle anomaly. Laugharne, Edward; Power, Dominic Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 931
Proximal biceps tendon: a biomechanical analysis of the stability at the bicipital groove. Kwon, Young W.; Hurd, Jason; Yeager, Keith; Ishak, Charbel; Walker, Peter S.; Khan, Sami; Bosco, Jos Report Oct 1, 2009 2536
Relationship between upper extremity muscle strength and functional level and mobility in patients with ankylosing spondylitis/Ankilozan spondilit hastalarinda ust ekstremite kas kuvvetleri ile fonksiyonel duzey ve mobilite iliskisi. Kulcu, Duygu Geler; Bicakcigil, Muge; Gulsen, Gulcin; Tasan, Demet; Imamoglu, Esra; Ozkan, Derya Report Jun 1, 2009 3118
Effect of the shoulder position on the biceps brachii EMG in different dumbbell curls. Oliveira, Liliam F.; Matta, Thiago T.; Alves, Daniel S.; Garcia, Marco A.C.; Vieira, Taian M.M. Report Mar 1, 2009 3681
Quality improvement of frozen and chilled beef biceps femoris with the application of salt-bicarbonate solution. Sultana, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Boy, B.C.; Mizunoya, W.; Tatsumi, R.; Ito, T.; Tabata, S.; Rashid, H.; K Report Jun 1, 2008 6296
Simultaneous bilateral distal biceps tendon rupture during a preacher curl exercise: a case report. Rokito, Andrew S.; Iofin, Ilya Clinical report Mar 1, 2008 1989
Dynamic monitoring of forearm muscles using one-dimensional sonomyography system. Guo, Jing-Yi; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Huang, Qing-Hua; Chen, Xin Clinical report Jan 1, 2008 4696
Electromyographic activity of the biceps brachii after exercise-induced muscle damage. Ahmadi, Sirous; Sinclair, Peter J.; Foroughi, Nasim; Davis, Glen M. Dec 1, 2007 6554
Accessory Muscle Activity Contributes To The Variation in Time to Task Failure for Different Arm Postures and Loads. Swisher, Anne K. Reprint Jun 1, 2007 426
A torn right rotator cuff and ruptured right bicep. Levinson, Jerry Brief article May 1, 2007 182
Computerized arm training improves the motor control of the severely affected arm after stroke: a single-blinded randomized trial in two centers. Hesse, S.; Werner, M.A.; Pohl, M.; Rueckriem, S.; Mehrholz, J.; Lingnau, M.L. Nov 1, 2006 1056
Perceptual and Motor Skills: "Expression of Emotions in Dance: Relation Between Arm Movement Characteristics and Emotion.". Sawada, M.; Suda, K.; Ishii, M. Reprint Jul 1, 2004 178
Surgical technique and functional results of irreparable cuff tears reconstructed with the long head of the biceps tendon. Guven, Osman; Bezer, Murat; Guven, Zeynep; Gokkus, Kemal; Tetik, Cihangir Sep 22, 2001 3128
Brutal biceps. Cole, Scott Sep 1, 1993 737

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