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Arla whey protein with calcium targets aging consumers: formula to help manufacturers create functional foods for the growing aging demographic.

Aria Foods Ingredients has launched Nutrilac Ageless, a new whey protein with calcium ingredient designed to enable dairy companies to create yogurts and desserts for active seniors.

Mintel predicted that this year Europe will have twice as many consumers aged 55 to 74 than young people aged 15 to 24--a trend that is mirrored elsewhere in the world-highlighting the growing importance of this demographic to food manufacturers. Older people tend to be more focused on maintaining good health than younger shoppers, presenting an opportunity for dairy companies to develop products targeted toward aging consumers.

Nutrilac Ageless provides 100% natural whey protein and calcium for stirred yogurts and fermented desserts that Aria believes will appeal to older consumers. Significantly, shoppers aged 50 to 64 spend 50% more on food and drink than the under 30s, highlighting the strong commercial potential that older people represent.

Kasia Kandulski Lindegaard, marketing & business development manager at Aria Foods Ingredients, said, "Nutrilac Ageless gives dairy companies the key to this profitable market. Research shows that 81% of consumers understand the value of protein in their diet, and awareness of the importance of calcium to maintain healthy bones is also very high. This means manufacturers will already be pushing at an open door when they market high protein and calcium products based on Nutrilac Ageless."

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Title Annotation:Suppliers Corner
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Date:May 1, 2015
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