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Arkenstone Grand Opening.

It was a weekend of wonderful minerals in Dallas. On August 29 Rob Lavinsky held a one-man-show and Grand Opening for his newly remodeled Arkenstone facility in Richardson, Texas, just outside Dallas. About 200 people were in attendance for the event, which culminated in a dinner and speaker program at a local hotel; this was followed on Sunday by an open-house at the home of Jim and Gail Spann, where their extensive, award-winning collection was on display in an array of showcases throughout the house. "Field trips" to visit other collections in the Dallas area were also possible by appointment.


But Rob's new facility was the focal point of the event. The main Arkenstone showroom (designed by Kevin Brown) begins with an array of 31 cabinets, each with seven to 12 drawers and most of them topped by glass display cases. Proceeding around a corner, one enters an area with 12 tall glass display cases on three walls; facing these is an imposing 28-foot line of seven security vaults where the most valuable specimens are usually stored. Over 460 shelf-feet of exhibit space are available in the whole gallery.

The nearly-10,000-square-foot complex also includes meeting rooms, other (smaller) display rooms with 15 more tall glass cases, and a room just for specimen photography, plus other workrooms, offices, preparation rooms and storage rooms.

Rob was pleased with the turnout and plans to repeat the event next year.

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Date:Nov 1, 2010
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