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Arkansas business rankings: executive compensation.

Alphabetical Index
of Executives Rank
A Theodore Atkins 61
 W.E. Ayres 57
B David Banks 9
 Phil Bartos 97
 Paul Bergant 55
 Max Bobbitt 12
 R.S. Boreham Jr. 29
 Curtis Bradbury Jr. 43
 Michael Bracy 42
 John Brewster 102
 J. Douglas Brook 114
 Joe Brooks 108
C Joe Campbell 60
 Dean Cannon 76
 Rose Cannon 111
 Kevin Carlin 41
 Robert Christian 100
 James Clemmons 54
 James Cobb 72
 Richard Cooper 88
 Barry Crow 93
 Cecil Cupp Jr. 59
D Enoch Dawkins 50
 Alex Dillard 6
 Mike Dillard 7
 William Dillard 2
 William Dillard II 5
 Andre Dimitriadis 8
 James Dodd 105
 Thomas Doty 109
 Robert Dudley 98
E Jerry Ellis 85
 Albert Ethelecu 35
 Daniel Evans 101
 Williams Evans 68
F Dennis Ferra 31
 William Fields 30
 John Fleischauer 62
 Joe Ford 4
 Francis Frantz 28
 James Freeman 18
G Ben Garrison 96
 F.S. Garrison 75
 David Glass 16
 Larry Goddard 113
 Barnett Grace 14
 Stanley Green 46
H Boyd Hendrickson 27
 Harold Henson Jr. 82
 Edwin Henry 67
 Frank Hickingbotham 33
 Herren Hickingbotham 56
 T. Milton Honea 47
 James Hudson 10
 Michael Hudson 37
 J.B. Hunt 15
 J. Bryan Hunt Jr. 63
J Paul James 45
 Robert Jones 87
 T.J. Jones 104
 A.L. Johnson 23
 Gerald Johnston 36
 James Jordan 110
 Charles Jurgensmeyer 48
K Ronald Kayne 17
 James Kelley 66
 George Kerley 83
 James Kimzey 94
 Rodger Kline 95
 Gregory Kowert 73
L W. Clif Lawson 107
 J. Robert Lemon 68
M William Martin 49
 J. Thomas May 58
 Gerald McAully 51
 Drayton McLane Jr. 24
 Thomas McLarty III 25
 Jack McNutt 19
 Andrew Melton 70
 John Meyers 88
 Charles Morgan Jr. 80
N Donald Neal 77
 Robert Null Jr. 91
P James Patridge 71
 Ronald Punkar 112
 David Purtle 38
Q R.L. Qualls 26
R B. Brick Robinson 52
S Charles Scharlau 13
 James Seiter 84
 R. David Slack 88
 Donald Soderquist 20
 Bobby Stephens 22
 John Steuri 1
 James Stobaugh 81
 Donald Stone 86
 Ron Strother 39
 David Stubblefield 78
 Ernest Swisher III 106
T Gene Thomason 92
 J. Kirk Thompson 21
 Thomas Tipps 64
 Leland Tollett 11
 Ronald Toothaker 102
 Don Tyson 3
V Clefton Vaughan 53
W Jerry Watkins 40
 Robert Weaver 74
 Jim Wilhite 34
 Hartsell Wingfield 65
 James Womble 99
 Donald Wray 32
Y Jerry Yarbrough 77
 Robert Young 44
The Stephens Connection
You will not see the name of Jack Stephens on Arkansas
Business' ranking of executive compensation. And, unless
Stephens decides to take Stephens Holding Co. or any of its
divisions public, you will never see him on such a list.
Stephens may not be involved in all of Arkansas' 26 public
companies, but his connection and the connection of Stephens
Inc., a subsidiary of Stephens Holding Co., is impressive.
Here is a compilation of some of the Stephens connections with
five Arkansas companies. In addition, Stephens Inc. maintains a
market in the common stock of Acxiom Corp., Cannon Express Inc.
and J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.
Stephens Inc. also has acted as financial adviser for Arkla
Alltel Corp. -- Stephens Group Inc. owns more than 8.3 million
shares, or 9.02 percent, of Alltel Corp.
Beverly Enterprises Inc. -- Stephens Group Inc. owns more than
5.3 million shares, or 7.2 percent, of Beverly Enterprises.
Stephens Group also owns 100 percent of Beverly's preferred
American Freightways Corp. -- Stephens Inc. owns 5.4 percent of
American Freightways, according to its 1992 proxy statement.
Tyson Foods Inc. -- In 1989, Stephens Inc. offered to
underwrite a $100 million issue of Tyson stock, a move that
allowed Tyson to complete the $1.5 billion acquisition of Holly
Farms Inc. and become the country's largest poultry company.
Worthen Banking Corp. -- According to Worthen's 1992 proxy
statement, Jack Stephens owns 11 percent of Worthen stock; Bess
Stephens, Jackson T. Stephens and Vernon Giss, as trustees of
the W.R. Stephens Trust, own 13.8 percent of Worthen stock; and
Jon E.M. Jacoby, trustee for Warren A. Stephens Grantors Trust
and Warren Amerine Stephens Trust No. 2, owns 8.2 percent of
Worthen stock. In 1991, a Worthen subsidiary had outstanding a
$5 million revolving line of credit in favor of Jackson T.
A Closer Look at '93 Proxy Statements
Last year, the Securities and Exchange Commission required all
public companies to publish a graph in their 1993 proxy
statements charting how the companies' stock compared to stock
of peer corporations and also the Standard & Poor's 500 Stock
But the SEC established no strict guidelines to determine how
to make the comparison with the peer companies.
Four of the five Arkansas-based companies who have released
their 1993 proxy statements indicated their stock outperformed
peer companies and the S&P 500 Index. Hudson Foods Inc. did not
publish a comparison chart.
In other developments from the 1993 proxy statements:
* For each of the last three years, Hudson Foods has paid
$577,497 in premiums for a split-dollar life insurance policy
on James T. "Red" Hudson, chairman of the board and chief
executive officer. The beneficiaries of the policy have been
selected by executives of the Rogers-based company. Upon
Hudson's death, Hudson Foods will be reimbursed by the policy
beneficiary to the extent of premiums paid by Hudson Foods.
* Tyson Foods Inc. leases farms from members of the Tyson
family. In fiscal 1992, Tyson Foods made these lease payments:
$822,250 to Don Tyson; $364,000 to a partnership of John H.
Tyson and the estate of Randal Tyson; $1,407,001 to a
partnership of Joe Fred Starr and the children of Don Tyson,
including John H. Tyson; $734,500 to the Tyson Children
Partnership, of which John H. Tyson is a partner; $151,667 to
the estate of Randal Tyson; $27,964 to the estates of John and
Helen Tyson, of which Don Tyson is executor.
* In 1992, Tyson Foods paid entities, of which Don Tyson is a
principal, $1.7 million for the operation of a wastewater
treatment plant next to the Tyson Foods processing facility in
Nashville. It also paid Tyson Limited Partnership and another
entity in which Don Tyson is a principal $911,718 for the
operation of a wastewater treatment plant near Tyson Foods
facility in Springdale.
* TCBY Enterprises Inc. paid Brooks-Pollard Co. $186,000 for
consultation services in 1992. Hugh Pollard, a TCBY director,
is CEO of Brooks-Pollard. TCBY also paid the Rose Law Firm
$908,000 in legal fees. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a TCBY director
in 1992, was also a member of the Rose firm.
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