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Arkansas business directory of directors.

Director, Age Principal Occupation On The Board(s) Of


Ben W. Agee, 64 Consultant Alltel By View Federal Bank, San Mateo, Calif.

Ben Allen, 65 Investor First Commercial Corp.

John W. Allison, 44 CEO, Spirit Homes First Commercial Corp.

Gary L. Anderson, 47 EVP, Hudson Foods Hudson Foods

Jefferson W. Asher Jr., 66 Consultant Baldor Electric

James H. Atkins, 59 President Marsh & McLennan of Arkansas Worthen Banking Corp.

W.E. Ayres, 60 CEO, Simmons First National Corp. Simmons First National Corp. Simmons First National Bank, Pine Bluff Simmons First National Bank, Lake Village


E. J. Ball, 74 Attorney, Fayetteville Southwestern Energy

David R. Banks, 54 CEO, Beverly Enterprises Beverly Enterprises, Wal-Mart Stores Nationwide Health Properties Ralston Purina

O.A. Baumann, 69 Owner, O.A. Baumann Co. Baldor Electric

Melvyn Bell, 53 former COB, Ensco Ensco Consumat Systems, Richmond, Va.

Richard E. Bell, 57 CEO, Riceland Foods First Commercial Corp.

Allan H. Bellamy, 63 Ret. CEO, The Mad Butcher Simmons First National Corp.

James D. Berry, 69 Consultant, NCNB Texas Dillard Department Stores Alexander & Alexander Services Industrial Properties

Gus M. Blass, II, 67 Partner, Capital Properties Worthen Banking Corp.

Barry B. Blocker, 53 Principal, Blocker & Assoc. Ensco, Exceltech

Max E. Bobbitt, 46 EVP, Alltel Alltel Comdial Corp. Advanced Telecommunications Corp.

R. S. Boreham Jr., 66 CEO, Baldor Electric Baldor Electric

William H. Bowen, 67 Ret. Chair., First Commercial Corp. First Commercial Corp.

Daniel L. Brackeen, 44 Pres., Americana Foods and Alpine Specialty Foods TCBY

Curtis F. Bradbury Jr., 41 CEO, Worthen Banking Corp. Worthen Banking Corp. Beverly Enterprises

Fred I. Brown Jr., 68 Pres., AFCO Steel Worthen Banking Corp.

E. Larry Burrow, 56 Manager, Partee Flooring Mill First United Bancshares

B.R.R. Butler, 61 Manager, British Petroleum Co. Murphy Oil Corp.


Alfred E. Campdon, 68 Private Investor Alltel

Dean G. Cannon, 50 Pres., Cannon Express Cannon Express, C. R. Kidd Produce

Rose Marie Cannon, 50 Sec/Treas., Cannon Express Cannon Express, C. R. Kidd Produce

Paul R. Carter, 50 EVP, Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

Neely Cassady, 62 CEO, Sunmark Arkansas State Senator Tyson, Sunmark Cassady Assoc. H.K. Brewer Electric

Joe E. Chenoweth, 55 SVP, Honeywell International Arkla

Hillary Rodham Clinton, 43 Attorney TCBY, Wal-Mart Stores Lafarge Corp.

Calvin N. Clyde Jr., 70 Pres., T.B. Butler Publishing Tyler, Texas Dillard Department Stores

James R. Cobb, 49 V. Chair., First Commercial Corp. First Commercial Corp.

J. B. Coffman, 65 CEO, J.B. Coffman and Assoc., Houston Southwestern Energy

George D. Combs, 53 VP, Ensco Ensco

Frank Conner, 41 Pres., Mass Merchandisers Arkansas Freightways

Robert C. Connor, 49 Pres., Union National Bank, Little Rock Dillard Department Stores

John A. Cooper, Jr., 52 COB, Cooper Communities J.B. Hunt Transport Services Wal-Mart Stores, Entergy Cooper Communities

Robert G. Cress, 58 Pres., J.A. Riggs Tractor Co. First Commercial Corp.

O. Holcombe Crosswell, 50 Pres., Griggs Corp., Houston Arkla

Cecil W. Cupp Jr., 66 COB, Arkansas Bank and Trust First Commercial Corp.


Fred K. Darragh Jr., 74 Manager, Darragh Investment Co. J. B. Hunt Transport Services

Will D. Davis, 61 Attorney, Austin, Texas Dillard Department Stores

Robert H. Dedman, 65 COB, Club Corp. International Wal-Mart Stores

John W. Deming, 70 Physician, Alexandria, La. Murphy Oil Pan American Life Insurance, New Orleans Central Louisiana Electric, Pineville, La. Hibernia Corp., New Orleans

Claiborne P. Deming, 36 Pres., Murphy Oil USA First United Bancshares

Walter A. DeRoeck, 48 CEO, Union National Bank of Texas Arkla, Union National Bank of Texas Union Modern Mortgage, Little Rock Union National Bank, Little Rock

H. Tyndall Dickinson, 73 CEO, McGeorge Contracting Arkla

William Dillard, 76 COB, Dillard Dept. Stores Dillard Department Stores W. D. Company

Alex Dillard, 41 EVP, Dillard Dept. Stores Dillard Department Stores W. D. Company

Mike Dillard, 39 EVP, Dillard Dept. Stores Dillard Department Stores W. D. Company

William T. Dillard II, 46 Pres., Dillard Dept. Stores Dillard Department Stores Acxiom Corp., MSA Realty, Indianapolis W. D. Company

James R. Dodd, 42 VP, Arkansas Freightways Arkansas Freightways

Grady E. DuPriest, 70 Investor First United Bancshares


William A. Eckert Jr., 71 Attorney First United Bancshares

Albert D. Etchelecu, 53 CEO, Minnegasco Division, Arkla Arkla, Control Data Corp.


David C. Ferguson, 44 Pres., Brambles USA Ensco

John J. Flake, 43 COB, Flake & Co. First Commercial Corp. Arkansas Power & Light Co.

Donald H. Flanders, 66 CEO, Flanders Industries, Fort Smith Arkla, Flanders Industries Lloyd/Flanders Industries

Ben V. Floriani, 48 CEO, Simmons First Bank, Lake Village Simmons First National Corp.

James O. Fogleman, 65 COB, University Bancshares Baton Rouge Arkla, University Bancshares

Joe T. Ford, 53 Pres., Alltel Beverly Enterprises Alltel Advanced Telecommunications Corp.

Jack W. Forrest, 41 Ensco Consumat Systems Forrest Capital (Castle Industries)

John E. Fox, 67 COB, Arkansas Oak Flooring Simmons First National Corp.

Jerry M. France, 44 COO, Arkla Exploration Arkla Exploration

Darryl R. Francis, 78 Ret. Pres. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Baldor Electric

James I. Freeman, 41 VP, Dillard Dept. Stores Dillard Department Stores

Herschel H. Friday, 69 Attorney First Commercial Corp. Great Lakes Chemical Corp. Southwestern Bell Corp.


Wayne Garrison, 38 V.Chair, J.B. Hunt J.B. Hunt Transport Services

Ben A. Garrison, 59 SVP, Arkansas Freightways Arkansas Freightways

F.S. (Sheridan) Garrison 56 CEO, Arkansas Freightways Arkansas Freightways

Tom Garrison, 31 VP, Arkansas Freightways Arkansas Freightways

Gene George, 68 Chair., George's Inc. J.B. Hunt Transport Services First National Bank of Springdale Arkansas Proteins, Fort Smith

R. McRae Geschwind, 49 Pres., Arkansas Division Southwestern Bell Telephone First Commercial Corp.

David D. Glass, 55 Pres., CEO, Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

John P. Gover, 62 Investor Arkla

Barnett Grace, 46 CEO, First Commercial Corp. First Commercial Corp. First Commercial Bank

Daniel R. Grant, 67 Pres., Emeritus Ouachita Baptist University TCBY Union National Bank of Ark.

James R. Greene, 69 Director and consultant to various businesses Beverly Enterprises, ASARCO American Reliance Group Buck Engineering, United Tote Alliance Capital Management Corp.

Pierson M. Grieve, 63 CEO, Ecolab, St. Paul, Minn. Arkla, Ecolab Meredith Corp., Norwest Corp. The St. Paul Companies, U S West

Roy Grimsley, 61 Supervisor, Tyson Foods J. B. Hunt Transport Services

Dan B. Grubb, 55 CEO, Grubb Industries Southwestern Energy Houston Trunkline Offshore

Chad B. Gunderson, 34 CFO, Brambles USA Ensco


Robert C. Hanna, 62 CEO, Imperial Holly, Sugarland, Texas Arkla, Imperial Holly Corp. Holly Sugar Corp.

George M. Harmon, 57 Pres., Millsaps College Arkla Exploration

William B. Harrison Jr., 47 EVP, Chemical Bank, New York Dillard Department Stores

H. Rodes Hart, 59 CEO, Franklin Industries Murphy Oil Corp.

John S. Hartwell, 79 Investor Beverly Enterprises

J. Franklin Hawkins, 70 Pres., Wright Oil Co., Tulsa, Okla. Baldor Electric Hawkins Co., Fort Smith

Robert A. Helman, 57 Attorney Ensco, Northern Trust Corp. The Horsham Corp.

Harold E. Henson Jr., 62 Pres., City National Bank, Fort Smith First United Bancshares

J. M. Hessels, 48 VChair, Vendex International N.V. Amsterdam Dillard Department Stores Vendex International NV.

Frank D. Hickingbotham, 54 CEO, TCBY TCBY

Herren C. Hickingbotham, 32 Pres., TCBY TCBY

F. Todd Hickingbotham, 27 Pres., Riverport Equip. and Dist. TCBY

Jerry L. Hitt, 44 Physician, Rogers Hudson Foods

Kaneaster Hodges Jr., 52 Attorney Worthen Banking Corp., Entergy Corp. Arkansas Power & Light Co. Newport Federal Savings and Loan Assoc. Jackson-Griffin Insurance Co.

James T. Hudson, 66 CEO, Hudson Foods Hudson Foods

Michael T. Hudson, 43 Pres., Hudson Foods Hudson Foods

Vester T. Hughes Jr., 62 Attorney, Dallas Murphy Oil Corp.

J.B. Hunt, 64 COB, J.B. Hunt Transport Services J.B. Hunt Transport Services One National Bancshares

Bryan Hunt, 32 Asst. Chair., J. B. Hunt J.B. Hunt Transport Services First National Bank of Fayetteville One National Bank

Lara F. Hutt, III, 55 Pres. Hutt Building Materials Simmons First National Corp.


F. Kenneth Iverson, 65 CEO, Nucor Corp. Charlotte, N.C. Wal-Mart Stores, Nucor Corp. First Wachovia Corp. Wachovia Bank and Trust Co.


Jon E. M. Jacoby, 53 CFO, Stephens Group Beverly Enterprises Stephens Group

W.W. Johnson, 60 Chair., NCNB Corp., Charlotte, N.C. Alltel, NCNB Corp., Charlotte, N.C. NCNB National Bank, S.C. Liberty Corp., Duke Power Corp.

John H. Johnson, 73 Pres. Johnson Publishing Co., Chicago Dillard Department Stores Dial Corp., Greyhound Corp. Supreme Life Insurance Co.

A.L. Johnson, 56 CEO, Sam's Clubs Wal-Mart Stores

Robert L. Jones, 55 CEO, Merchants & Planters Bank Camen, First United Bancshares

N. Casey Jones, 68 Pres., Casey Jones Land Co. Simmons First National Corp.

Myra Jones, 55 Partner, Human Investment Counselors Arkla

T.J. Jones, 54 EVP, Arkansas Freightways Arkansas Freightways

Charles B. Jurgensmeyer, 47 EVP, Hudson Foods Hudson Foods

Jack G. Justus, 59 EVP, Arkansas Farm Bureau Fed. First Commercial Corp.


Robert Kahn, 72 Owner, Robert Kahn & Assoc. Wal-Mart Stores

George C. Kell, 68 Owner, George Kell Motor Co. Worthen Banking Corp.

James V. Kelley, 41 Pres., First United Bancshares First United Bancshares

E. Ray Kemp, 66 VChair, Dillard Dept. Stores Dillard Department Stores

Rodger S. Kline, 48 EVP, Acxiom Acxiom


Gale Law, 45 CEO, TCBY TCBY

Roy E. Ledbetter, 61 CEO, Highland Industrial Park First United Bancshares

William M. Lemley, 63 Professor, Arkansas Tech University First Commerical Corp.

Marvin D. Loyd, 58 Dentist TCBY, Loyd Implement and Supply Co.


Emon A. Mahony Jr., 49 Pres., Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp. Alltel Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp.

Michael F. Mahony, 46 Attorney First United Bancshares

Richard H. Mason, 53 Pres., Blue Valley Petroleum First United Bancshares

Shelby Massey, 57 Farmer, Investor Tyson

Jerry L. Maulden CEO, Arkansas Power & Light Co. Arkansas Power & Light Co. Mississippi Power & Light Co.

Kenneth N. May, 60 Consultant Hudson Foods

J. Thomas May, 44 Pres., Simmons First National Corp. Simmons First National Corp. Simmons First National Bank, Pine Bluff

Anne M. McCarthy, 76 Ret. VP, New England Mutual Life Insurance, Boston Dillard Department Stores

George C. McConnaughey, 65 Attorney, Columbus, Ohio Alltel

John H. McConnell, 67 CEO, Worthington Industries, Columbus Alltel, National City Corp. Worthington Industries

R. Wayne McElrath, 60 Retired EVP, Corbett Enterprises Hudson Foods

Drayton McLane Jr., 54 VChair, Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

Thomas F. McLarty III, 44 CEO, Arkla TCBY, Arkla Arkla Exploration

Jack W. McNutt, 56 CEO, Murphy Oil Corp. First United Bancshares, Murphy Oil Corp. Ocean Drilling & Exploration, New Orleans

Louis W. Menk, 72 Ret. CEO, International Harvester Beverly Enterprises NAVISTAR Int. Corp., United Tote

Sidney Moncrief, 33 Pres., Sidney Moncrief auto dealership Arkla

Charles D. Morgan Jr., 48 CEO, Acxiom Acxiom

William E. Morgan, 64 Pres., Warnock Furniture First United Bancshares

William E. Morrissey, 60 Pres., Universal Am-Can Ltd. P.A.M.

Charles H. Murphy Jr., 71 Chair., Murphy Oil Corp. Murphy Oil Corp. First Commercial Corp.

R. Madison Murphy, 33 VP, Murphy Oil Corp. First United Bancshares

Michael W. Murphy, 43 Pres., Marmik Oil and Kimram Oil Murphy Oil Corp., First Commercial Corp.

Joe B. Musteen, 61 Pres., Arkoma Natural, Inc. Cannon Express Direct Pharmaceutical Corp.


Robert D. Nabholz, 67 COB, Nabholz Construction Corp. First Commercial Corp. Nabholz Construction Corp.

William C. Nolan Jr., 51 Attorney, El Dorado Murphy Oil, Arkansas Power & Light Co. First Commercial Corp.

Robert C. Nolan, 49 Partner, Munoco Co. First United Bancshares

William C. Nolan Jr., 51 Attorney Murphy Oil Corp., First Commercial Corp.


George R. O'Connor, 40 Investor First United Bancshares

Paula M. O'Connor, 75 Investor First United Bancshares

Walter G. Olson, 67 Attorney, San Francisco Alltel

Katherine Patton Ozment, 67 Investor First United Bancshares


Cal Partee Jr., 46 Partner, Partee Flooring Mill First United Bancshares

W. C. Partee, 81 Partner, Partee Flooring Mill First United Bancshares First National Bank of Magnolia

David R. Perdue, 56 Executive, The Perdue Co. Simmons First National Corp.

Lloyd E. Peterson, 78 Chair., Peterson Industries J.B. Hunt Transport Services Peterson Industries, Decatur State Bank Grand Federal Savings, Grove, Okla.

A. Dan Phillips, 62 CEO, M.M.C. Holding Co. Worthen Banking Corp.

Hugh H. Pollard, 50 CEO, Brooks-Pollard Co. TCBY

Robert L. Proost, 53 VP, A.G. Edwards & Sons Baldor Electric

Chesley Pruet, 76 CEO, Chesley Pruet Drilling Co. First United Bancshares

Robert D. Pugh, 62 COB, Portland Gin Company Entergy, Portland Gin Co., Portland Arkansas Power & Light Co. National Bank of Commerce, Pine Bluff Portland Bankshares, Portland Bank


R.L. Qualls, 57 COO, Baldor Electric Baldor Electric Worthen National Bank, Harrison

Carl S. Quinn, 60 CEO, Arkla Exploration Arkla, Arkla Exploration


Ken Reeves, 43 Attorney, Harrison Arkansas Freightways

William H. Roberts, 68 Pres., Roberts Brothers Tire Service Simmons First National Corp.

Charles L. Robertson, 58 Investments, ranching, cattle Ensco

Adam B. Robinson, 66 Pres., Ralph Robinson & Son Simmons First National Corp.

Dr. Harry L. Ryburn, 55 Orthodontist Simmons First National Corp.


Charles E. Sanders, 71 Investor Southwestern Energy

Charles E. Scharlau, 64 CEO, Southwestern Energy Southwestern Energy, C.H. Heist Corp.

George A. Schock, 83 Asst. Secretary, Baldor Baldor Electric

Philip F. Searle, 66 Consultant, Sun Banks, Orlando, Fla. Alltel, Sun Bank, Naples, N.A.

Elmer W. Shannon, 69 Ret. VP, Hudson Foods Hudson Foods

Jack Shewmaker, 53 Ret. Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores, Lowe's Companies The Vons Companies

Beryl L. Shroyer, 55 VP, CenTra Inc. P.A.M.

Walter V. Smiley, 53 Consulting, venture capital Acxiom

Donald G. Soderquist, 57 VChair., Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

David Solomon, 74 Attorney Worthen Banking Corp.

Sam C. Sowell, 57 Chair., International Graphics First Commercial Corp. Rebsamen Insurance

J. B. Speed, 57 Pres., Butte Exploration Co. First United Bancshares, U.S.A. Truck

Roy E. Stanley, 46 Attorney Cannon Express

Edward C. Stanton III, 47 Pres., Cramon Corp. Arkla Exploration, The Continuum Co. Oppenheimer Co.

Joe F. Starr, 57 VChair., Tyson Tyson Foods First National Bank, Fayetteville

Theodore L. Stebbins, 49 EVP, Adams, Harkness & Hill Ensco

John E. Steuri, 51 CEO, Systematics Alltel

Donald W. Stone, 60 EVP, Simmons First National Corp. Simmons First National Corp. Simmons First National Bank, Jonesboro Simmons First National Bank, Pine Bluff

Daniel C. Sullivan, 60 Attorney P.A.M.


John E. Tate, 71 Ret. EVP, Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

Caroline G. Theus, 47 Pres., Inglewood Land and Development Co. Murphy Oil Corp.

Kirk Thompson, 37 CEO, J.B. Hunt Transport J.B. Hunt Transport Services

Carl H. Tiedemann, 64 Partner, Tiedemann, Karlen & Boltres New York Alltel, Curtice Burns Piedmont Management Co. Dillon Reed Fund Nikko Securities International

Paul D. Tilley, 49 Pres., Highland Resources First Commercial Corp.

Leland Tollett, 53 Pres., Tyson Foods Worthen Banking Corp., Tyson Foods

John D. Trimble Jr., 59 Partner, Trimble Properties First United Bancshares

Henry F. Trotter Jr., 53 Pres., Trotter Ford Simmons First National Corp.

Don Tyson, 60 CEO, Tyson Foods Tyson Foods

John H. Tyson, 37 VP, Tyson Foods Tyson Foods

Barbara Tyson, 41 VP, Tyson Foods Tyson Foods


B. Finley Vinson, 76 Chair. Emeritus First Commercial Bank Dillard Department Stores

Fred S. Vorsanger, 62 VP (emeritus) University of Arkansas Tyson Foods, Mcllroy Bank & Trust


Edwin E. Walhof, 50 CEO, Micom Corp. Ensco, Micom Corp.

Benjamin T. Walkingstick, 60 Pres. Chandler Insurance Co. P.A.M. LaGere & Walkingstick Insurance Union National Bank, Chandler, Okla. Chandler Insurance Co.

Larry C. Wallace, 47 Attorney Arkla

James L. Walton, 69 SVP, Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

S. Robson Walton, 46 V. Chair, Wal-Mart Stores Wal-Mart Stores, Acxiom

Sam M. Walton, 73 Chair., Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores

C. Randolph Warner Jr., 62 CEO, Ensco Ensco, Fairfield Communities First Commercial Corp.

Robert W. Weaver, 41 CEO, P.A.M. P.A.M.

Lorne C. Webster, 62 CEO, Prenor Group Ltd. Murphy Oil Corp. Bankmont Financial Corp., Chicago H.B. Fuller Co., St. Paul, Minn. Schaenen Wood & Associates, New York

Will K. Weinstein, 50 Partner, Genesis Merchant Group Beverly Enterprises, Nu-Med, Inc.

D. W. Weir, 77 Private Investor Arkla Commercial National Bank, Shreveport

Ralph C. Weiser, 66 Partner, Weiser-Brown Operating First United Bancshares

Jim O. Wilhite, 52 CEO, Entex Arkla, Arkla Exploration, Entex

William H. Wilson, 55 Pres., Plastics Research and Development Corp. Ensco

Hartsell C. Wingfield, 45 CEO, TCBY Systems TCBY

James T. Womble, 48 EVP, Acxiom Acxiom


Daniel Yankelovich, 66 COB, DYG, Inc., New York Arkla, Loral Corp. Meredith Corp., U S West, DYG, Inc.

David M. Yocum Jr., 69 Partner, Alice-Sidney Oil Co. First United Bancshares


William H. Zimmer Jr., 61 VChair, Cincinnati Fin. Corp. Alltel, Cincinnati Financial Corp.

Ocean Drilling is a subsidiary of Murphy Oil. Advanced Telecommunications is a subsidiary of Alltel. Brambles is a subsidiary of Ensco. Corbett Enterprises is a subsidiary of Hudson Foods.

Riverport Equip. & Dist., TCBY Systems, Americana Foods and Alpine Specialty Foods are subsidiaries of TCBY.
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Date:Dec 2, 1991
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