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Arkansas Hospital Association.

Arkansas Hospital Association Vital Link For 36,000 Employees, 100-Member Hospitals

In 1929, the Arkansas Hospital Association (AHA) was established to strengthen the state's hospitals and improve the services they provide. Today the AHA not only counsels and leads its 100-member hospitals and their 36,000 employees, but also provides programs in hospital wide education, government relations, shared services, communications, and public relations.

Throughout its history, education has always been the cornerstone of AHA activities.

Because the quality of hospital care can only be as good as the professional, technical and support people providing it, the AHA and its 17 affiliated organizations sponsor more than 70 seminars, workshops, and conferences each year for the continuing education of health professionals.

In a time when the impact of governmental programs upon hospitals increases each year, the AHA's government relations program has become indispensable. The AHA is a vital link between the Arkansas hospital system and other healthcare organizations, the state legislature, the U.S. Congress, and a myriad of state and federal regulatory agencies.

As the collective hospital voice in Arkansas, the AHA frequently provides testimony before administrative, legislative and Congressional committees; monitors the activities of these entities; tracks the progress of legislative bills impacting the hospital and healthcare field, and helps craft legislation, rules, and regulations affecting hospitals.

With so many external forces impacting hospital operations, it is important that hospital executives be kept apprised of new healthcare policies, issues, and debates. Accordingly, the AHA strives to assure an uninterrupted flow of information through the publication of weekly, monthly, and quarterly communiques to its hospitals.

In recent years, the AHA has expanded its provision of health-related information into a complete and continuing public relations endeavor. Serving to inform the public of hospital issues and the perplexing problems facing hospitals has become an AHA priority, utilizing the print medium as well as radio and television.

These activities and others, including data collection and research, hospital finance programs, legal services, personnel referral services, insurance products, and equipment leasing are parts of a total package of services the AHA offers its member institutions.

As the AHA continues to work toward strengthening Arkansas' hospitals and improving the delivery of hospital services, it has joined a nationwide focus upon reformation of the healthcare system and the debate which accompanies proposed reform. The AHA and its hospitals are committed to a system of providing medical care to all citizens regardless of their ability to pay, while addressing other issues including healthcare spending, rural health delivery, an increasing elderly population, Arkansas' 500,000 uninsured and underinsured patients, the spread of AIDS, and the impact this disease has upon the public and the healthcare system.
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Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 16, 1993
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