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Arkansas Freightways.

Company: Arkansas Freightways Ticker: AFWY Industry: Trucking Headquarters: Harrison CEO: Sheridan Garrison


Arkansas Freightways is a common and contract motor carrier transporting less-than-truckload shipments of general commodities to all points in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, western Tennessee, Texas and Chicago. Marketing is targeted to the service-sensitive segment of the regional LTL market, rather than the segment that mainly is price sensitive. In addition to furnishing "all-points" coverage, Arkansas Freightways emphasizes its scheduled LTL service, clean and modern fleet, electronic information services, customer satisfaction and cargo care programs.


Latest Annual Sales: $98 M Earnings Per Share: $1.21 P/E: 27.3 Debt to Total Assets: 25.4% Yield: 0.0% Next Year Est.: 1.89 Next Quarter Est.: 0.26 Five Year Average Growth Earnings: 38.2%
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Title Annotation:Proxy Report Excerpts
Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Feb 24, 1992
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