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Articles from Arkansas Business (December 27, 1999)

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1999 Economic Projections. Brief Article 567
1999. 270
A Fair Shake. TURNER, LANCE Brief Article 146
A New Citizen. TURNER, LANCE Brief Article 125
A Step Up. TURNER, LANCE 308
Abundance of Details, Options Can Cloud Clear Vision of What's Best for Employees. 802
Act Now; the Time Is at Hand To Join Technology Revolution. Brief Article 755
After Slow Start, State Fashions Diverse Manufacturing Base. Turner, Lance 2481
Agriculture 'the Biggest Gamble In Our Society'. Henry, John 2418
American Freightways Expanding -- Again. Whiteley, Michael 290
An Experienced Investor Can Offer Knowledge of Stocks, Bonds, Etc. 746
Answer Questions About Your Work Habits Before Choosing Furniture for Workspace. 733
Arkansas Carves Global Niche in the Trip from Trains to Trucks. Whiteley, Michael 2622
Atop the Online Game. CHANDLER, ROBERT Brief Article 638
Automotive Followup. Brief Article 104
Avoid Wrong Steps to Help Your Company Project Strong Image, Foster Credibility. Graham, John 769
BAV Software Secures $7 Million in Financing. May, Patricia Brief Article 186
Bells and Whistles Can Be Tempting, But Buy Only What Your Company Needs. Brief Article 776
Bigger Taller, Costlier: Landmark Buildings Outdo Each Other. Waldon, George 2312
Brainstorming Session Can Help Identify Factors That Will Keep Program on Course. 758
Brass Eagle Inc. Brief Article 82
Check Into Safety, Costs and Convenience When Considering Commercial Airline Alternatives. Brief Article 815
Check Out Qualifications and Specialization Before Picking Your Project's Perfect Match. Brief Article 828
Checking the Local Market, Asking Media Can Help Start Long-Term Relationship. 827
Choose Wisely; Your Financial Institution May Be Part of Your Life for a Long Time. 792
Classy Web Presence Can Give Business New Angle on Marketing and Advertising. Brief Article 779
Clear Instructions, Consideration and Respect Drive Temporary Workers to Perform Well. 780
Compare Apples to Apples When Comparing Rates and Services Among Shipping Firms. 703
Consumers Can Consider Alternatives to Big Three Communications Companies. Brief Article 811
Convenience, Quality, Services Important When Shopping for Health Care Facility. 771
Creating Safe Workplace, Educating Employees Saves Time and Money. 702
Dealer Retains Incentives? Brief Article 211
Decide How Much Money Your Business Needs, Find the Best Source and Sell Your Strategy. 808
Details and Considerations of a Group Drive Decisions Behind Planning Perfect Gathering. Brief Article 685
Details Can Make the Difference Between A Relaxing Stay and Tiresome Troubles. Brief Article 810
Developer Plans Complex Near Airport. Bowden, Bill Brief Article 249
Ease the Financial Risk but Know the Dangers When Selecting Your Tailor-Made Business. 769
EMT Puts Employers On Notice. Brief Article 198
Endless Combination of Factors Can Determine Satisfaction of Parties After Business Is Sold. 779
Finding the Right Applicant for the Job Can Save Money, Time and Big Headaches. 816
Fine-Tune Employees by Finding Knowledge They Can Use on the Job; Don't Overdo It. 804
From Rotary Dial to Internet, State Keeps Up With Technology. Turner, Lance 2551
From Shaky Start in 19th Century, Banking Industry Looks to 2000. Waldon, George 2397
Getting Connected Usually Is Very Easy; Finding the Right Connection Takes Time. Brief Article 783
Global Network Offers Easy Access to Almost Any Sort of Information. Brief Article 791
Growth and Decline. 518
Gut Instincts, Nose for Business Aren't Enough for Success Today. 806
Half Purchase. WALDON, GEORGE Brief Article 123
Have Financial Statements Well Prepared to Save Time Before Seeking Loan Help. 736
Health care Industry Matures, but Question of cost Remains. Parham, Jon 2693
How to Use the HOW-TO Guide. 254
Improved Financial Products, Personal Service Often Draw Business Away From Other Banks. 799
In-the-Know Professionals Make Moving An Easy, Painless Process for Families. Brief Article 782
Insurance at the Crossroads: Paths Fork Between Indemnity and Nationalization for Heath in 2000. Whiteley, Michael 3187
Investigate Reputation, Ask About Expertise of Lawyers on Your List Before Choosing. 794
Know Your Needs and Know the Market Before Deciding on an Office Machine. 841
Know Your Objectives, Consider Technology and Have a Contingency Plan Ready to Go. Brief Article 762
Knowing the Audience, Keeping Material Current and Learning From Mistakes Improve Execution. 779
Lawyers, Collection Agencies Familiar With Approaches to Getting Paid in Full. Brief Article 755
Lexus Land. WALDON, GEORGE Brief Article 238
Local Agents Often Fit Business Demands Despite Internet's Information Overload. Brief Article 824
Look for Compatible Personality, Experience and Expertise in Real Estate Transactions. Brief Article 801
Look for Service, Knowledge and Experience When Searching for Technology Assistance. Brief Article 733
Maintaining Good Credit Is Essential For Healthy Financial Check-Ups. 859
Make Sure Your Company's and Clients' Needs Are Met When Choosing a System. Brief Article 808
Missed Opportunity Haunts Future Generations. Smith, David 1890
Monsanto Ends Efforts to Buy Cotton Seed Firm. Henry, John Brief Article 330
Move Over, Hog Ball. 257
MOVERS & SHAKERS. Brief Article 561
Multifamily Mortgage. WALDON, GEORGE 90
New Manager at the Inn. Brief Article 84
Newsworthiness, Novelty, Preparation Help Spread Your Intended Messages. 831
Nordstrom Inc. Brief Article 110
Otis Zark Chef to Open Restaurant. Bowden, Bill Brief Article 191
Ownership Transfer. WALDON, GEORGE Brief Article 147
Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc. Brief Article 118
Plan Carefully and Do Your Homework; Thoroughly Develop Market Research. 686
Politics and Business Mix in Top Stories of 1999. PARHAM, JON Editorial 2056
Price, Experience and Technical Ability Are Among Important Factors to Consider. 749
Purchases, Risks, Lost Income and Cost Are Parts of Making Intelligent Decision. Brief Article 805
Put Location, Good Property Management At the Top of Your Short-List of Criteria. Brief Article 795
Putting Plan on Paper Helps Identify Strengths, Weaknesses of Endeavor. 745
Registration Provides Solid Insurance for Inventions, Designs and Products. Brief Article 842
River Market Revitalization. WALDON, GEORGE 1163
Search for a System That Is Easy to Use, Yet Covers All the Emergency Bases. 757
Search for Your Levels of Use and Need Before Committing to Long-Term Deal. Brief Article 827
Seek Flexibility, Adequate Provider Network to Try to Meet the Needs of Most Employees. 819
Selection of Package Should Be Based on More Than Simply Interest Rate. 777
Shorttakes. TURNER, LANCE 151
Solid Program Can Make Long Hours and Hard Work Well Worth the Effort. 811
Specific Information About Future Employees Can Help Agencies Find Perfect Matches. 810
State Held Hostage to 'Southern Plan' Throughout Century, Historian Says. Moritz, Gwen 1244
STOCK SUMMARY. Brief Article 816
Sustainable Forestry a 20th Century Concept for an Ancient Industry. Henry, John 2641
Take Careful Steps, Follow Strict Time Line When Seeking and Hiring Project Designer. Brief Article 806
Take Technology and Expertise Into Account Before Sending Your Precious Files to Printer. 694
Technology Has Opened an Array of Options For Business Ventures of All Sorts and Sizes. 761
Technology Levels Playing Field for Arkansas Companies. Parham, Jon 2730
Temporary Employees Take Up Slack, Save the Day With a Variety of Skills. 819
The Best & Worst of 1999. 2932
The Ghost of Business Decisions Past. MORITZ, GWEN 696
The Year 2000. KELLEY, DANA 839
They Said It in 1999. HENRY, JOHN Brief Article 1463
Today's CPAs Can Help With Much More Than Balancing Books, Meeting Payroll. 746
UALR Study Sees Prosperous State Economy in 2000. TURNER, LANCE Brief Article 750
Various Forms of Training and Education Can Help Keep Employees Sharp, Efficient. 726
Vinson and Bowen: Two Non-Bakers Brought Modern Banking to Little Rock. Moritz, Gwen 2433
Wal-Mart Dominates Retail in Arkansas and the World. Smith, David 2535
Walton Foundation Offers Scholarships. 323
Well-Designed Approach to Wellness Creates Climate of Change in Worksite. 731
Windamere Transaction. WALDON, GEORGE Brief Article 149
With Plenty of Options Available, Carriers Can Deliver the Goods Anywhere, Anytime. 782
Work Continues on ACH Heliport. Parham, Jon 265
Work Ongoing at Old VA. Brief Article 241

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