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Arkansas Business: committed to excellence.

In less than a decade, Arkansas Business has grown from a startup business periodical to becoming a must read publication for the state's top business leaders.

This success lies in the clear underlying philosophy of Arkansas Business.

"We see ourselves as an advocate for both business and editorial excellence," says Arkansas Business Publisher Wythe Walker Jr. "We have three goals as a publication.

"One, to provide a forum for business-to-business news and opinion.

"Two, to provide a business-to-business marketing vehicle in print.

"And, three, to run a successful paper and make a profit."

With that overall focus, Arkansas Business has established a track record for definitive news stories and well-rounded coverage with a pro-business editorial stance.

"We believe business people are basically honest, ethical, and hard working," says Walker. "Without businesses there would be no economy, no jobs, no material progress."

Inside Arkansas Business readers will find columns on real estate, health care, media, retail, the banking industry and other important industry niches.

Also included are in-depth analyses, news-breaking stories and business profiles.

Each subscriber receives special supplements on industry, health care and focus issues from franchise opportunities to public company salaries.

Arkansas Business' often-controversial editorial section analyzes Arkansas-related business issues. Commentaries by area business people provide an additional perspective.


In the fall of 1993, Arkansas Business will open its first branch office located in the Fayetteville-Rogers-Springdale area.

"We realized we needed a presence there," says Associate Publisher Karen Raley. "Even though the economic makeup of that community is very different from the economic makeup of central Arkansas, we believe the five-city area will eventually be as large an MSA as central Arkansas."

While the area is becoming more homogeneous -- Chamber of Commerce organizations are working together more and more on common agendas -- there is no adequate business news vehicle for northwest Arkansas' business community to communicate with one another.

"We'd like to help the northwest Arkansas community," says Raley. "There's a tremendous amount of business news and information there. We also hope we can provide a service by connecting the northwest and central Arkansas business communities through our publication.

"We feel we're uniquely positioned to do that."

To determine the needs of the community Arkansas Business traveled to northwest Arkansas to meet with business leaders. "Almost unanimously," Raley says, "they told us they do not want a separate publication they do not want the state regionalized in that fashion."

Arkansas Business now faces the challenge of becoming a more comprehensive and statewide publishing company.

The northwest Arkansas expansion is made possible because of the dramatic growth in the company during the last couple of years.

"We've added a Special Publications Division that a year and a half ago did four projects a year, and now does 14," Raley adds.

The advertising base in central Arkansas alone has increased 20 percent during the past year.

Staff have been added in editorial, production and sales so Arkansas Business will be able to maintain stability in central Arkansas while growing to meet the market demands of northwest Arkansas.

It all adds up to a potent combination - editorial and advertising success.
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Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 16, 1993
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