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Arkansas Bait Farms.

Owner: Jim Gibbs and Don Hope Address: 1317 N. Hills Blvd., Suite 405, North Little Rock, 72114, 753-1118 Start-up date: October

It's your day off, and you're going fishing.

On the way to the lake, you stop by the bait shop and pick up some red wigglers.

Ever wonder where bait shops get those worms?

They don't hire boys to dig under rocks. They buy them from worm breeders.

For the past year, Jim Gibbs of North Little Rock has been building his worm inventory. Last month, he put his hybrid red worms on the market.

"There's a shortage of red worms, so our market is just out there waiting for us," says Gibbs, a former construction contractor.

The worms are grown in a special room under controlled feeding conditions. Gibbs says it takes two months for a worm to mature to a marketable size.

Gibbs will sell worms to local distributors and bait shops. The worms also are available by mail.
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Title Annotation:New Businesses
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Date:Nov 18, 1991
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