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Arkansas' Household Rate at 64%.

States on the Pacific Coast and in the Northeast had higher levels of household broadband internet use compared with the national average of 77 percent, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report released in September.

The report, "Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2015," noted that these states tended to have higher incomes. "However, states with the lowest rates of broadband internet use such as Mississippi (61 percent), Arkansas (64 percent), and New Mexico (67 percent) had lower median household incomes," the Census Bureau said.

Other findings:

* Among all households, 78 percent had a desktop or laptop, 75 percent had a handheld computer such as a smartphone or other handheld wireless computer, and 77 percent had a broadband internet subscription.

* Households headed by a person age 65 years and older lagged behind households with younger householders in computer ownership or use and the likelihood of having an internet subscription.

* Households in metropolitan areas were more likely to report owning or using a desktop or laptop or a handheld device and subscribing to broadband internet compared with their nonmetropolitan counterparts.

* Overall, 62 percent of American households had "high connectivity," meaning they had three key computer and internet items: a desktop or laptop, a handheld computer or smartphone and a broadband internet subscription.

The Digital Divide
Percentage of households with broadband internet' subscription by state

Percentage of households with broadband
*    84.5 - 79.6
**   79.5 - 76.4
***  76.3 - 71.0
**** 70.9 - 61.0

*[Unreadable in original source.]
1 Broadband internet refers to households who said "Yes" to one or more
of the following types of subscriptions: DSL, cable, fiber optic, mobile
broadband, satellite or fixed wireless..
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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Title Annotation:Broadband Internet Use
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Nov 13, 2017
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