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Arizona Smoke-Free Living Industry.

Tenders are invited for Arizona Smoke-Free Living Industry Outreach.


Goal 1 Decrease Arizonan s exposure to secondhand smoke in their homes by increasing access to smoke-free multi-unit housing options. Objectives Conduct a detailed analysis of the status of smoke-free multi-unit housing policies in Arizona and share results with ASFL. At a minimum, this analysis should include: Property name City County Owner Management company Property type (i.e. fair market, subsidized, age restricted) Number of units Whether a smoke-free policy has been adopted and/or how many units are smoke-free Contact information for the property manager, owner or decision makers including name, address, phone number and email address. Conduct at least 40 in-person educational sessions through regional briefings, presentations, conference break-out sessions, or workshops to property owners, managers and industry professionals to educate them about the process and benefits of going smoke-free. Promote incentives for going smoke-free (i.e. Low Income Housing Tax Credit points for having a smoke-free policy) and connect owners, managers and developers to existing training opportunities. Reach out to decision makers in the multi-family industry to provide education, resources and technical support leading to adoption and implementation of smoke-free policies in targeted Arizona counties. Work on a systems level approach to persuade management companies or property owners to adopt a smoke-free policy for their entire portfolio. Research, develop outreach plans, and lead advocacy efforts for state and municipal policy options to encourage smoke-free multi-unit housing. etc.

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