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Aristotelian architecture. (browser).

On the other hand, The Voice of the Shuttle architecture page at shuttle/archit.html seems to he regularly updated. This is part of a much larger humanities research site which is run by UCLA Santa Barbara English professor, Alan Liu, who is working on a project called 'The Laws of Cool'. Er, 'Voice of the What'? Apparently it's from a line in Aristotle's Poetics but I can't honestly say that knowing this gets us further forward. Whatever, the architecture site has a quite promiscuous collection of links to sites ranging from a multimedia guide to Amiens cathedral through Anand Bhatt, Architect (repository of architectural ideas, with reference to Le Corbusier, South Asian urban artefacts, post structuralist theory), to The Virtual Study Tour: In Memory of Architecture. There is also architectural preservation, course syllabuses and teaching resources and others. It's interesting and not a little weird to observe a non-architect's take on our beloved subject. But then if the Web were not interesting and not a little weird, we wouldn't use it.

Sutherland Lyall is at
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