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Arikara Flag Songs.

When I wrote the article on Arikara Flag Songs (Vol. 40 # 2) I did an internet search for a commercial recording to aid in a better understanding of the written word. While corresponding with Tony Isaac's on another subject he informed me that Indian House had two recordings which contain the tune to the Arikara Flag Song. Indian House Recording Company has two CD's that fit the article: Eagle Whistles IH 4601 Live at Crow Fair. In this recording (song # 2 Hidatsa Flag Song) the Hidatsa words are used; Haystack - Live at Piapot IH 4411 (Song # 11 Ft. Berthold Flag Song) only the tune is sung.

I apologize for my over site.

Louis Garcia

Tokio, ND.

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Author:Garcia, Louis
Publication:Whispering Wind
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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