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Argentinian minister detained at Miami airport.


Argentina's foreign minister Rafael Bielsa was detained at Miami International Airport on Thursday night (13 January) after he allegedly asked to enter an aircraft's cockpit.

Bielsa had apparently wanted to question the pilots on the American Airlines flight from New York to Miami about the flight's delay.

The trip began with a four-hour delay because of weather- and mechanical-related problems. Bielsa allegedly got out of his first-class seat while the aircraft was taxiing at JFK airport and asked to talk to the pilots about the delay. When asked to sit down he refused, reported The Associated Press.

Bielsa was questioned for about 10 minutes in Miami, said a spokesperson for the Federal Air Marshal Service. However, Argentina's consul general in Miami claimed that the questioning lasted 45 minutes and that Bielsa was treated rudely.

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Date:Jan 19, 2005
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