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Arescom Announces 4.0 Release to Expand Router Capabilities.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 21, 1998--To facilitate the growing needs of ISPs, businesses, and home users, Arescom announced version 4.0 of its Apex Manager and router firmware for the Apex 1100 ISDN BRI router. Version 4.0 delivers several key new features to enable businesses and small offices to work more productively and economically in today's competitive market. These features include: Port mapping, Multi-Connect(tm), Static Master Mode(tm), Dial-On-Demand Routing, and Leased line connections. Feature enhancements include an enlarged IP Filtering Firewall database, more robust SPID checking, enhanced status windows, and a GUI based Dial-On-Demand monitor. These features allow users to host their own web sites using a dial-up account, allow connections to two remote locations simultaneously, and provide increased information to allow for easier setup and management.

Version 4.0 adds to the existing feature set of the Apex 1100, and is configurable remotely through Arescom's Remote ManagerTM software, in addition to the Windows (R) 95/98/NT 4.0 GUI, telnet, and console. The Apex 1100 maintains its Plug-and-Play ability and is equally suited to providing unlimited user access to the Internet or connecting telecommuters to remote servers.

Arescom's Port-Mapping features provides a simple, GUI based mechanism to facilitate economical web, ftp, or even mail hosting through the LAN while using a single user dial-up account. Providing plain English references to protocols used for the Port Mapping, users can easily establish paths to multiple local computers acting as servers. Additionally, the Port Mapping feature can be used as a Firewall to establish a type of Virtual Private Network under experienced network administrator's hands.

MultiConnect(tm) provides enhanced split-B technology to allow users to connect to two remote sites simultaneously. Advanced architecture provides a platform facilitating concurrent dial-out and dial-in sessions. This money saving feature can allow two geographically separate routers to exchange data bidirectionally (full duplex) without having to purchase dedicated routers for each function.

Static Master(tm) mode continues Arescom's goal of delivering cost savings and ease of use to the customer. Using a simple GUI interface, the Apex 1100 can be configured to allow legal Static IP (public) addresses and a virtual subnet of (private) addresses which are translated through the router and invisible to the outside network. This mixed mode provides a unique firewall, protecting the computers with virtual addresses from the outside network.

Dial-On-Demand routing provides advanced ease of use features for dial-out sessions. Based on a GUI based user configurable routing table, users can connect to different locations with one or two B channels based on the destination of the data stream. Effectively eliminating the need for loading configuration or destination profiles each time uses need to send data to different offices, this feature bring ease of use and ease of connections that can only come from Arescom.

Adding to the increased use Arescom is finding in larger and larger businesses, ISDN Leased Line functionality allows the Apex 1100 to function as a leased line router. With a single click in the configuration panel, users can "nail-up" or establish a 24x7 connection via their ISDN line. In areas with Centrex ISDN or flat rate ISDN, businesses can reap the benefits of leased lines with paying the astronomical costs.

Apex 1100 4.0 New Feature Summary

- Port Mapping

- MultiConnect(tm)

- Static Master Mode(tm)

- Dial-On-Demand Routing

- Leased Line Connection


- Caller ID blocking

Apex 1100 4.0 Feature Enhancement Summary

- Increased IP Filtering capability

- More robust SPID checking

- GUI Dial-On-Demand Monitor

- Enhanced Status Window

The Apex 1100 version 4.0 be demonstrated at Networld + InterOp Atlanta, booth 7275. Version 4.0 software upgrade will also be available from ARESCOM's website at For more information contact ARESCOM Inc. 408-445-3638.

ARESCOM focuses on bringing affordable, easy-to-use Internet and remote access equipment to small office and home office users. ARESCOM designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of high-quality Inter-networking equipment, including ISDN digital modems and routers for ISDN, ADSL, and high-speed office and remote access environments.
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Date:Oct 21, 1998
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