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Articles from Arena Magazine (April 1, 2002)

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An age of sewn lips: even in a risk society christians cannot use the excuse of institutional responsibility to avoid taking moral stands. Preece, Gordon 2520
An open letter from Australian human rights medallists. (letters and debate). Brief Article 705
Argentina -- a way out of the crisis. Excerpt from a plan by a group from the Economics Department, University of Buenos Aires. (Document). Becerra, Luis; Bonnet, Alberto; Florido, Alfonso; Gigliani, Guillermo; Katz, Claudio; Lucita, Eduard 1460
Armageddon in the Middle East? The roots of the current Middle-East conflict were laid long before Israel was founded. The last, best hope for a just peace is that the Israeli people will come to terms with the problematic history of Zionism. Salt, Jeremy 3048
Autonomy and the new global social movements: autonomous organisations are succeeding in carving out new social spaces and networks. But is the full story of a revolution in radical organisation getting through? Kelly, Aggy; Blussat, Andrew 2032
Broken-hearted threnody; the crisis in embryo. (editorial). Rundle, Guy Editorial 1468
In Central Asia, the great game goes on; oil, Russia, terror, China ... shifting alliances in the Central Asian region make for a flashpoint of unparalleled complexity. A comprehensive analysis of a region about to become much better known. Akbarzedah, Shahram 1954
Into the valley of the shadow: the United States' nuclear posture review indicates that we are entering a period of unprecedented global hazard. Can an emerging global consciousness prevent global destruction? Hinkson, John 1463
Jeannie Rea on peasant utopias and the forty-hour week. Rea, Jeannie Book Review 1132
Missing indigenous opportunities. Jull, Peter Brief Article 876
Owen Gager on Fabianism, Arena, and the Third Way. (letters and debate). 1859
Population talking. (letters and debate). Russell, Sarah Brief Article 424
Sir Henry Parkes -- in praise of terror. (From the Archive). Serca, Kim Brief Article 310
Small rope. 379
Stem cells -- cleaving at the root? The green light on stem cells research is a victory for those who have sought to construct the debate as one between clear-headed science and mediaeval religion. The reality is a politics in which social and ethical reflection is sidelined. Cregan, Kate 1606
The Beauteous Terrorist. Poem 1280
The future of Australian liberalism: liberal values are under attack across the world from a reactionary social conservatism seeking to impose a uniform social and political order. Only by rediscovering the values of pluralism can liberalism prosper in the twenty-first century. Barns, Greg 3313
The universities in crisis? Which crisis? The threats to the institution of the university are real enough, but they are not the problems identified by today's higher education mandarins. It is their proposed cures that imperil free inquiry. Warburg, James Paul 1233
Totalitarianism with a human face: the combination of surveillance cameras and face-recognition software is creating new threats to such freedoms as remain. De Silva, Sam 1620
Towards the new Australian settlement: new times demand new strategies for a just society and the conditions of contemporary globalisation have rendered old models of democratic socialism obsolete. By working for the development of a social-industrial complex and the productive use of people's capital, new vistas of political possibility can be opened up. Frankel, Boris 5819
Unfinished journey -- indigenous self-determination: setbacks and political reaction have led many to turn away from the difficult project of extending indigenous rights. But it is only through completing the journey to full self-determination that true indigenous liberation can be achieved. (Features). Behrendt, Larissa 3106
Women trafficking and the Australian connection: do legalised sex industries encourage the trafficking of women and children? Are they partly to blame for the explosion in this trade over the last decade? Whose needs are being served by the legitimation of sex work? Jeffreys, Sheila 2552

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