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Areeba Syria reveals plans to introduce 3G services.


Areeba Syria, the Syrian mobile telecomms operations of Investcom LLC, has revealed it is to introduce 3G services, to include high-speed Internet and video calls.

According to Areeba Syria, the high-speed Internet service will provide speeds of up to 340kb/s, accessible via a mobile handset, a PC or laptop connected to a 3G phone or a 3G card with a 3G line.

The company said the 3G video call service will allow users to communicate via audio and video, with other subscribers.

Users of both the high-speed Internet and 3G video call service will need to have a 3G-enabled line and handset and be under a 3G network coverage zone to use the services.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Jun 29, 2006
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