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Are you to the manor born?

There is no need to simply imagine that ancestors once lived the good life in a grand, stately home.

A new partnership between the National Trust and Ancestry. is set to test the genealogy search engine's claim that a quarter of the population have direct links to the aristocracy.

While many National Trust visitors often speculate that they may have links to the servants' quarters of Britain's great houses, it is believed a very large number actually have strong ties to 'Upstairs' not 'Downstairs' - or possibly, given centuries of clandestine fraternisation between the two, both.

Ivo Dawnay, Trust Communications Director said: "My wife was thrilled to .nd out after genealogical research recently that she was a direct descendant of George II. It was only a very small .y in the ointment that there was a lack of a marriage certi.cate at a certain point in the chain." The With one in four of us being related to members of the aristocracy, the new partnership between Ancestry. and the National Trust will encourage people to .nd out about their roots. Recent research carried out by discovered that over a quarter of British adults asked to take part in a survey had connections to aristocracy, famous historical .gures or rich landowners.

The partnership brings together the 3.8 million trust members with Ancestry.'s 860 million records in collections to both promote and raise awareness of conserving the UK's heritage and the stories that lie behind it.

National Trust supporters will receive an exclusive 25 per cent discount on their annual membership and for every membership purchased, the National Trust will bene.t with a contribution going towards the conservation work carried out by the organisation. International Commerce and Business Development Director Angela Wiseman said: "We are delighted to be collaborating with such a highly regarded charity and look forward to raising the awareness of UK heritage whilst encouraging people to discover their own personal stories within their family history."

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Date:Mar 25, 2010
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