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Are you the real you? Do you mold yourself to fit in--or do you so not give a hoo-ha about what people think of you?

Everybody wants to make a groovy impression on friends, crushes, teachers--heck, on the whole wide, wonderful world. But do you bend yourself like a pretzel to be who you think others want you to be? Stressing out about being accepted is no fun ... and rather pointless. Take this quiz to find out if you're striking the right balance between flexibility and faking it.

1 You score a wild new pair of red pumps at Wet Seal. When you show 'em to your BFF, though, she wrinkles up her nose and says, "Ick--way too Paris Hilton!" What's your comeback? A. "I should take them back. Good thing I saved the receipt." B. "OK, I guess they are kinda fierce. I'll save 'em to wear to the Fall Ball." C. "I love 'em! I'm gonna bust them out in homeroom first thing Monday morning."

2 Your crazy-cute crush promised to text you over the weekend, but you never heard from him. So what's your move? A. You freak out, totally sure no guy is ever gonna text, call or breathe within a 50-mile radius of for infinity. B. You IM him to find out what's going on. C. You just chill--maybe he got busy and forgot.

3 Your French teacher passes back your test, and you're surprised you got a C. You were sure you'd aced it! When your bud leans over and asks, "A or A-plus?" you ... A. Mumble, "Tell me what you got first." B. Grimace and say, "Neither! I guess I was having an off day." C. Toss her your test and moan, "Can you believe I bombed it?"

4 Misty invites you to chow with her chick clique, As you park your tray at her lunch table, one of her girls says sarcastically, "If we don't think you're cool enough today, you can't eat with us again tomorrow." How do you deal? A. You sheepishly say, "Thanks for giving me a shot." B. Jokingly shoot back, "How cool do I have to be, exactly?" C. You pick your tray back up, say, "Lemme save you the trouble--I can't sit here because I'm the one who only eats with cool people." Then, you vamoose.

5 You overhear your grandma chatting on the phone about you and your sibs. She calls your big sis "the pretty one," your little bro "the smart one" and you "the sweet one." Does this bother you even a little bit? A. Uh, how about a lot. Obviously, everyone thinks you're hopelessly ugly and dopey. B. Kinda. You think you look fine and sound pretty intelligent, but maybe you're all wrong about the way you come across to others. C. Nope, no biggie. Grandmas!

6 You and your crew are CD shopping at f.y.e. Each of your girls buys a copy of the Flicka soundtrack, but you so want to blow the rest of your allowance on Evanescence. The only thing to do is.... A. Take Flicka home, and exchange it later. B. Buy The Open Door and tell them it's for your goth cousin. C. Get what you want. Who cares what they think?

7 You get a funky, choppy bob you love. When you show it off to your BF, he yelps, "Aw! I liked your long hair!" Still diggin' the 'do? A. Not one bit--you're getting extensions, pronto. B, Yeah ... but maybe you shouldn't have gone so short. C. Of course! It's your hair. He'll get used to it.

8 Alicia, a mean gift in your grade, wrote in her blog that you're fat 'cause she saw you putting on size 10 jeans in the locker room. The first thought that pops into your head is ... A. "How can I lose five pounds quick?" B. "That stung. Size 10 jeans don't exactly make me obese, though." C. "Who cares what she blogs? I look great!"

9 Which celeb's style do you totally give two thumbs-up to? A. Kate Bosworth. She always looks so perfectly put together. B. Kelly Clarkson. Her duds are fab, but not out-there. C. Kelly Osbourne. She has individual, funky flair.

10 It was your mom's b-day yesterday ... and you blanked, not even remembering to get her a card. Today, when you apologized to her, she said, "Well, my feelings are pretty hurt, and I'm disappointed in you." You reply ... A. "You must think I'm the worst daughter in the entire world!" B. "Great, now I feel really guilty." C. "I hate to make you feel bad. Let's go out to lunch today, my treat."


Camo Chica

You're a chameleon. You rely on others to tell you who you are, rather than recognizing your own fabulousness. It's time for you to learn to value your ideas, likes and dislikes as valid. Don't worry if you have a different point o' view from your crew. True friends will like you because you're a great girl, not because you share their taste in shoes. Start outwardly expressing your true feelings about things--from important stuff (who you're backing for student council) to the little things (what you thought of the tacos served up in the caf). Your pals will dig knowing your take! You'll quickly see how good it feels to speak your mind for a change--and how cool your opinions really are.


Gutsy Girl

You have sharp instincts when it comes to knowing who you are inside. Sometimes, though, sticky sitches might get you a bit flustered and second-guessing yourself. Just relax, and turn down the noise comin' from other people. Listen to your gut--it's true-blue, 100-percent you. Nobody knows you better than ... you. So when you've got a hunch about something, trust yourself enough to go with it. If you flub up from time to time, don't be so hard on yourself. And, yes, it's perfectly fine to take other people's opinions into account when making tough decisions but, ultimately, you've got to do what feels right to you. You're way too awesome to waste even a second letting others steer you the wrong way.


Leadin' Lady

You truly don't care what other people think of you--you're oozing self-confidence, and you're never afraid to blaze your own trail. You're a true leader, with tons of groovy potential--congrats! Just be sure you don't get so set in your own superstrong way of thinking that you diss or dismiss the way other people feel. Different thoughts and perspectives make life exciting, so respect where your buds are comin' from even if it's totally opposite your way. The ability to please yourself first, while still caring about others' feelings, is a truly wonderful quality. Use your stellar self-image to inspire everyone you meet. A great girl like you deserves props for marching to the beat of your own bongos.
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