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Are you ready for a boyfriend?

Last year, you and your adorkable lab partner spent the whole year flirting over Bunsen burners. The first week back, he finally (finally!) asks if you want to see a movie. Before you squee "YES!" at a decibel only dogs can hear, find out if you're really ready to couple up.

1. Just when you're about to head home to make curfew after a night of hanging with a few friends, your crush asks you to stay a bit longer. You ...

A. Plop down next to him and make yourself comfy. You've got all night if he's inviting you to stick around.

B. Stay an extra 10 to chat him up before you skedaddle. If you don't hit any red lights, you might still make it.

C. Say sorry and scurry home. Another late night and you're def grounded.

PRESS PAUSE Peer pressure just gets tougher when you're partnered up. Arm yourself with the confidence to do what's right-not what someone else wants.

2. You made plans to hang with your bestie one final time at the pool. But at the last minute, your cute neighbor asks if you want to come over for a BBQ. You ...

A. Ask him if he prefers you bring over your famous potato salad or macaroni salad. There's no way you're going to miss this turn of luck.

B. Call up your BFF to see what you should do. Maybe she'll let you off the hook or, better yet, come with you.

C. Tell him you would love to, but you've already made a date with your girl.

PRESS PAUSE Guys ... besties ... handling 'em is a juggling act. Best not to dive into the dating waters if you don't think you can deal with balancing both. Maturity will give you the know-how to make both kinds of relationships work.

3. You casually bring up dating with Mom and Dad. How do they respond?

A. Loudly. You can barely make out what Dad is saying over his huffs and puffs, but you're pretty sure it's an N-O.

B. You notice an exchange of wary glances before they say they'd have to meet the guy before giving you the OK.

C. Actually, better than you thought. They knew this was on the radar, and they say they trust your judgment.

PRESS PAUSE Winning over Mom and Dad is crucial to your dating life. And even the most overprotective parents may soften up if you're open about where you're going and what you're doing on dates.

4. Your cute classmate asks if you want to cram for the bio test. What's your reply?

A. You'd love to--if you had the time. Between basketball tryouts and voice lessons, you just can't make it work.

B. Next time. You have other plans with your regular study group.

C. Heck, yes! A chance to spend one-on-one time? You are so there.

PRESS PAUSE You have HW, piano practice and a babysitting gig on the daily. Will adding another log on the fire help or hurt? Think before you tack on another commitment to your mega-long list.

5. Your parents want to go apple picking on Saturday morning. Are you game?

A. Not at all. Saturday morning is when you get stuff done. You'll go if they change the plans to Sunday afternoon.

B. More or less, but you'd like to at least hit the gym first.

C. Why not? Fall comes but once a year. And farm boys are super cute.

PRESS PAUSE Not ready to sacrifice your Saturday morning mani/pedi/yoga ritual? It might be smarter to enjoy reveling in me, me, me time a little bit longer.

6. It's club day at school. What are you most excited about?

A. Yearbook, lit mag, mock trial.

B. Student council. You're gunning for the class secretary spot next year.

C. Eh, they all seem OK. You'll probably join the club your crush du jour is in.

PRESS PAUSE The single life allows you flexibility to pursue all your interests. Glee club? Sure. Debate team? Why not? Truth is, being in a relationship--even a great one--takes energy. Do you have it to spare?

7. You and some friends (crush included!) hit the state fair. Soon, you two are paired off in the freaky hall of mirrors. What do you do?

A. Rush to find your friends. You're too nervous to spend more than a minute with any guy, especially this one.

B. Crack a joke about his wacky reflection, then go find the rest of your crew. Hopefully, he'll stay close.

C. "Accidentally" grab his hand. You may be surrounded by nightmares, but this is your dream come true.

PRESS PAUSE Hanging out solo with guys makes you feel more nervous/bad than nervous/good? You might need a little more time hanging with guys in groups before doing the whole BF/GF thing.




The idea of dating may seem dreamy, but your personality and priorities at the moment are better suited for the single life. Doesn't mean you can't flirt and still have fun with boys ... but you don't have to take it past that point. You'll eventually go on plenty of dates, so why rush?



Whether you can't make up your mind about committing to a cutie or you'd just rather spend time with friends and fam, you're probs not ready to change that relationship status. And that's fine. After all, the longer you wait, the better you'll be able to handle the emotional roller coaster that comes with having a beau by your side.



You've got boys on the brain, and you're definitely ready to date. So go for it! Just make sure you don't rush into a relationship simply because you think that's what you're supposed to do. Dating requires plenty of patience and responsibility, so as long as your head's in the game along with your heart, you'll be just fine.
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