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Are you over 55? "It's all free for seniors". (Advertisement).

Washington DC (Special) Are you over 55 ... or have a loved one who is? Then you'd better take a close look at this!

Every year Uncle Sam gives away hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, goods, and services to people just like you.

Better yet, many of these goodies are available to you regardless of your income or assets!

All this free stuff is one of America's best kept secrets ... simply because the government doesn't advertise that it's available.

Now, an amazing new book reveals thousands of sources of fabulous freebies which are yours for the asking. Entitled "Free for Seniors", you'll learn all about such goodies as how you can:

* Get free prescription drugs. (This one alone could save you thousands of dollars!)

* Get free dental care ... for yourself AND for your grandkids.

* Get up to $800 for food.

* Free legal help.

* How to get some help in paying your rent, wherever you live.

* How to get up to $15,000 free money to spruce up your home!

* Here's where to get $1,800 to keep you warm this winter.

* Here's how to get help in paying your electric bill.

* Access the very best research on our planet on how you can live longer.

* Are you becoming more forgetful? Here's valuable free information you should get now.

* Stop high blood pressure and cholesterol worries from ruling your life.

* Free help if you have arthritis of any type.

* Incontinence is not inevitable. These free facts could help you.

* Free eye treatment.

* Osteoporosis: Learn about the causes, risk factors and new treatments.

* Depression: Being down in the dumps is common, but it doesn't have to be a normal part of growing old.

* Free medical care from some of the very best doctors in the world for Alzheimer's, cataracts, or heart disease.

* New Cancer Cure? Maybe! Here's how to find out what's known about it to this point.

* Promising new developments for prostate cancer.

* Get paid $100 a day plus expenses to travel overseas!

* How to get your own VIP tour of the White House without waiting in line with everyone else.

* Up to $5,000 free to help you pay your bills.

* Free and confidential help with your sex life.

* Impotence? Get confidential help ... Free therapies, treatments, implants, and much more.

* Hot Flashes? This new research could help you now!

* Find out if a medicine you are taking could be affecting your sex life.

* Enjoy visiting our National Parks? Here's how you can get paid to spend your summers there.

* How you could travel the world ... all at government expense.

* How to get $7 off your phone bill each month.

There's more! Much, much more, and "Free for Seniors" comes with a solid, no-nonsense guarantee. Send for your copy today and examine it at your leisure. Unless it makes or saves you AT LEAST ten times its cost, simply return it for a full refund within 90 days.

Where else can you get an investment which guarantees a ten-to-one return?

It's easy to get "Free for Seniors". All you have to do is send your name and address along with a check or money order for only $12.95 plus $3.98 postage and handling (total of $16.93) to: FREE FOR SENIORS, Dept. FS3412, 718-12th Street N.W., Box 24500, Canton, Ohio 44701.

You may charge to your VISA or MasterCard by including your card number, expiration date, and signature. For even faster service, have your credit card handy and call toll-free 1-800-772-7285, Ext. FS3412.

Perhaps you're asking, "If seniors can get this information free ... why is there a charge for the book?"

It's no secret that all the programs listed in "Free For Seniors" can be found for no charge through the hundreds of government agencies, libraries and local senior organizations if you know exactly what benefits are available, what office to contact, and exactly what information to ask for.

Unlike "Free for Seniors," few books or organizations compile ALL these listings into one easy-to-find reference guide, thus saving you an enormous amount of research time finding each individual program.

Research and printing is expensive, so "Free For Seniors" is simply a small price to pay for one complete listing of these hundreds of fabulous freebies!

Want to save more? Do a favor for a relative or friend and order 2 books for only $20 postpaid.

Have you been putting off a trip across the country to visit a loved one due to the high cost of flying? Or, maybe you'd like to vacation in some romantic foreign city? Now you can!

Call or send for "Free for Seniors" right away and you'll also get a Free Bonus which could save you thousands of dollars on airline tickets. It's a new special report entitled, "How You Can Fly Anywhere Free ... or Almost Free."

These free reports are limited in quantity and will be sent on a first come, first served basis. You must respond right now to be sure of getting your copy.

Why not do it right now while you're thinking of it?
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Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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