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Are you on his radar?


You know everything about your crush: his fave foods, shirt size, number of friends he has on FB. But could he rattle off the same stuff about you? Or, urn, does he even know you exist? Take this quiz to find out if the guy you're completely crushing on is all about you, too.

1. Squee! Ben made eye contact with you in the hall. Here's the play-by-play:

A. He smiled, said "hi" and kept the eye contact 'til you strolled by.

B. He waved at you, then continued walking to gym class.

C. After your eyes locked, he kept talking to his buds about his picks for the Super Bowl this year.

2. Makeover time! You just chopped six inches off your locks and got highlights, too. When you bump into Tyler after leaving the salon, he says ...

A. "Uh, you're in my bio class, right?"

B. "Wow, you look amazing!"

C. "Did you do something to your hair?"

3. You're working up the guts to ask Mike to the winter formal. Realistically, what are the chances he'll say yes?

A. 100 percent. He's been flirting with ya since the first day of school!

B. 50-50. Some days he seems super into you, others you're not so sure.

C. You have no clue. You've only had a couple of convos with him, but you never know until you try, right?

4. You're last-minute holiday shopping at the mall when you spot a solo Sam sipping a latte. What's your move?

A. Admire him from afar, but ultimately press on. You've got prezzies to score.

B. You stand in his view until he sees ya, then walk over for a quick chat

C. You go right up to him and ask if he'll help you brainstorm gifts for your bro.

5. Your bestie suggests a game of Spin the Bottle at her New Year's Eve party. When adorable Adam sits down, you ...

A. Panic a little, but take your chances. Maybe you'll luck out and the bottle will land on him.

B. Smile, say a silent thanks to your bud and snag a seat next to Adam. It's about time the two of you locked lips.

C. Fake a stomachache and go hang out on the couch instead. You're way too nervous to even sit next to your crush, let alone kiss him!

6. OK, be honest here: How would your BFF best describe the relationship you currently have with your crush?

A. Best mates. You're always chatting about movies, school and your mutual love of Foster the People. A couple kids already think you're dating.

B. Hall mates. You share some classes and exchange helios at least three times a day.

C. Soul mates. You're perfect for each other--he, urn, just doesn't know it yet.

7. You miss a week of school thanks to the flu. What's your crush's reaction to your absence?

A. He stops by your house with your homework and some chicken soup.

B. Nada. But you heard he's been really busy, so maybe that's why he hasn't reached out

C. He shoots you a "feel better" text.

8. It's lunchtime, and your stomach does a flip-flop when you spot Devin heading toward your table in the caf. What's he up to?

A. He's probably checking on that algebra homework you promised to help him with.

B. You don't wait to find out. You're so worried about him catching a whiff of your tuna breath that you quickly duck out the back door.

C. He's coming to sit with you and your crew, of course! He usually finds some excuse to come by every day.

9. You're stuck at home babysitting your sibs on a Saturday night and see that Ethan is online. You shoot him a message to ask what's up and commiserate over your clearly mutually lame weekend. His reply?

A. "Who's this?"

B. "Not much, gotta run."

C. "So bored! Do you want to play Words With Friends?"

10. You and Ryan both get off at the last stop on the school bus route. When it's just the two of you left, he ...

A. Slides across to the seat next to you and starts chatting you up.

B. Turns around from his spot up front and asks you what you think will be on next week's English exam.

C. Keeps his earbuds in and bobs his head to the music.


1. A.3, B.2, C.1

2. A.1, B.3, C.2

3. A.3, B.2, C.1

4. A.1, B.2, C.3

5. A.2, B.3, C.1

6. A.3, B.2, C.1

7. A.3, B.1, C.2

8. A.2, B.1, C.3

9. A.1, B.2, C.3

10. A.3, B.2, C.1


24-30 POINTS

Loud and Clear

This is so on! He's noticing you, all right, and if there was a "like" button he could press over your head, he'd have done it You're flirty friends at the cusp of coupledom--all it takes Is a solidifying step from one of you to turn this Into the real deal. Feeling bold? Go ahead and make the next move. Call him, ask him to the movies or see if he wants to grab a burger. He'll appreciate your efforts ... and you just may find yourself a BF by V-Day!


17-23 POINTS

Mixed Signals

This guys got you on his mind--some of the time. Sounds like he's at least a in interested, so don't give up just yet While you're doing a pretty good job of getting his attention, why not bump it up a bit? Take control by sending him some strong signals. Smile. Flirt Go beyond a quick hello in the hallway and strike up an actual conversation with him when you get a chance. Do whatever you can to land in his direct line of vision--and stay there.


10-16 POINTS

Off the Radar

You may be gaga about this guy, but he so doesn't know it. Whether you bug out whenever the boy gets near ya or he's just clueless, you have to step it up if you want to capture this cutie's attention. Shuck your shyness and try talking to him--or at least try not to run away the sec he gets less than 50 feet from you. And If he doesn't take the bait? Cast your line elsewhere. As Mom always said, there are plenty more fish in the sea!

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