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Are you lonesome tonight? With Wakamaru the robot you need never be again. (AI in the news).

Commentary by Catherine Pepinster. The Independent. February 9, 2003 ( "Last week Mitsubishi said that it has produced a robot that will act as a security guard for the elderly. Three-feet-high Wakamaru will patrol a pensioner's home for 24 hours a day, and alert families and social services should its owner, say, have a fall, or fail to get out of the bath. Wakamaru will trundle about using cameras in its 'eyebrows' to check all is well, and will send images to picture-displaying mobile phones. It can alert security firms if there is an intruder in the house. ... Wakamaru is to be nurse and companion as well, reminding forgetful people to take their medicine, to eat and take a nap. And, as the first robot to hold a simple conversation, based on 10,000 words, Mitsubishi claims Wakamaru will banish loneliness."

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Author:Glick, Jon
Publication:AI Magazine
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Date:Jun 22, 2003
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