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Are you dateable?

You've thought about it lots, but are you really ready for romance? How do you know when you're officially ready to go on a real date? GL has the answers right here.

Lots of girls are scratching their heads, wondering if they're ready to dive into the dating pool That's why we came up with this quiz. Maybe you'll discover you need to be bold and ask out your crush. Or that it's all about being with your girl friends and scouting for a date-worthy guy. The science of dateability might have you out with a guy sooner than you imagined. Roll up your sleeves, grab a pen, and put your boy skills under the microscope.

1. How many crushes have you had? A. Just my current crush. B. A few. C. Tons! My friends say I'm boy-crazy.

2. How many boyfriends have you had? A. None, that's why I'm taking this janky quiz. B. One or two. C. Three or four. D. Five or more.

3. Out of all your friends, how many have had boyfriends? A. All of them, except me. B. None of us. C. Just a couple.

4. When you imagine what it's like to be a girlfriend, you mentally picture:

A. soul-kissing my super-hot boyfriend. B. feeling safe and secure. C. that first time my boyfriend looks me in the eyes and says, "I love you." D. hanging out, kissing, holding hands, laughing. E. having someone I can really trust with my problems and secrets.

5. When you talk to a guy, you: A. pay attention to see if he's smart or shy or whatever. B. feel like he's staring at you like you're a Tastykake. C. secretly worry that your makeup or your hair looks totally retarded. D. feel like you can't think of anything clever to say

6. How do you know if you like a guy? A. "I can't stop thinking about him even for a second." B. "I'm sorta scared of him and can't breathe when he's around." C. "I think he's the best-looking boy' in the whole world." D. "I just admire everything about him, from his smile to his friends."

7. When you like a boy, he always: A. has a certain look. You definitely have a "type" that you find attractive. B. is the guy everyone else is digging on. You like popular boys. C. likes you first and then you warm up to him. D. is older than you. You think boys your own age are lame. E. is younger than you. Older guys are scary. F. starts out as a friend.

8. When a boy likes you, you always: A. ignore him. You feel like a dork magnet. B. try to be nice even if you're not into him. C. give him a shot. If he likes you, that's half the battle. D. feel suddenly shy around him. E. call him and see what's up.

9 How did you choose your current crush? A. "It was one of those things where I couldn't stop thinking about him and I didn't know why" B. "He's a cool person, and I knew he was GF-less." C. "My friends found out he liked me." D. "I just think he's the cutest guy in school." E. "He's been my friend for a while, and I realized I wanted more."

10. Your ultimate first date would be: A. getting to know each other better over cappuccino. B. dinner and convo at a casual spot. C. a movie so we could hold hands but there wouldn't be pressure to talk. D. whatever, so long as it ends with a kiss.


1. a1,b2,c3 2. a1,b2,c3,d4 3. a3,b1,c2 4. a3,b2,c2,d3,e1 5. a3,b1,c1,d2 6. a2,b1,c2,d3 7. a2,b2,c3,d1,e1,f3 8. a1,b3,c3,d2,e3 9. a2,b3,c2,d2,e3 10. a3,b3,c1,d2

11-17 points Dater On Deck

You are dateable, of course. Thing is you're mostly ready for the awesome parts of romance--hand-holding and late, night chats. Talking about everything and nothing with a boy who is as mature as he is cute. But dating has another side. There are so many awkward moments that it's just stupid: There are mixed (and missed) signals that have accounted for many a girl's crazy maneuvers to know what he's thinking. Sometimes ... it even hurts. Girls have cried buckets of tears over the boys of their dreams--whether they made it to the first date or not. If a recipe existed for a drink you could sip to get you armed for everything dating will hurl your way, we'd print that jive in gold letters. But ... now what? You like boys--maybe one in particular? Or, you're looking for that guy and told yourself this is the year you're finally going to date. You will. When you're ready, Read the next two dater's summaries to see if you get why you're not quite (but almost) there.

18-24 points It's Fate That You Date

Oh, you're ready. Definitely. But there are obstacles. You might not be terrified at the thought of a boy going in for a kiss, if only you could find a guy you could stand to touch lips with. Or perhaps you're crushing hard but you can't get the message to him that you like him. Or maybe your crush likes someone else? Fill in the romantic obstacle here.... You're ahead of the romance game in some ways but behind in others. That's totally OK. All girls have little things they can't roll with because it's too scary or just plain confusing. So try this: Next time you see your crush, pretend he likes you back and is very glad to see you. If you knew he liked you, how confident would you be? And when you act confident, you feel confident. If your deal is that you don't have a crush, don't sweat it. There are tons of boys out there you haven't even met yet, and that's the exciting part. The magic crush fairy will bless you with a boy when you least expect it. Promise.

25-31 points You're Ready, You're Set, Go Date!

You definitely have all the 'tude and moves of a pro. If you scored here, you know what it means to truly dig someone. You know it s so much more than how a boy looks. How he acts, how he sees you and what's important to him matter just as much as his mussy hair or outward charms. What's that you say? You aren't dating? Why not? Tons of girls have a single gripe: There are no good guys out there. If this is how you fee, you re in luck. You a ready have the daters mindset so to find a guy who rings your bell, you only need a simple adjustment in how You're looking for a crush Sometimes, it's a thunderclap and--poof!--there he is Mostly though it's warming up to someone you already know Pick a boy you don't have a crush on and be friendly. Imagine holding hands with him. If you feel butterflies, you're getting there. And, remember, there s no rush. It'll happen all in good time
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