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Are you celeb obsessed?

Does your holiday wish list include a DVD collection of every movie Reese Witherspoon ever made? Have you petitioned your school to change the dress code to something a little more L.A.M.B.-friendly? You daydream about the perfect date with Daniel Radcliffe? Keeping up with your favorite stars can be fun, but how do you know when you've crossed over to borderline Compulsive Celebrity Obsession Disorder? Take this quiz to see if you're more likely to think of Paris as a person or a place. Then, find out how to be the star of your own fabulous life.

1. Jared Leto is dating ...

A. anyone who is 10 years younger than he is, silly!

B. Scarlett Johansson. You loved her in Lost in Translation.

C. Jared Le ... who?

2. When Kimberly dissed Mischa for dating her ex, you ...

A. read a short article about it in US, had a brief laugh and got back to your algebra homework.

B. wondered, "Kimberly who? Mischa's that girl from Summerland, right?"

C. posted, "You go, girl!" at mischa-web. Kim Stewart is D-list anyway, and Mischa sooo deserves the $100,000-plus per episode she wants for this season of The O.C.

3. Catfight at the Hollywood Roosevelt pool! Which posse would you side with?

A. Kirsten, Lindsay, Nicole and DJ AM.

B. Hils, Joel, Haylie and Michelle.

C. Huh?

4. Your TiVo malfunctions the night of the American Music Awards, and you have a huge test Wednesday. What to do?

A. Ask a friend to record it for you.

B. Watch your show. Venezuela's major exports are no match for red-carpet arrivals.

C. Another awards show? Come on! Mariah Carey isn't getting you into Harvard.

5. The most important news coverage of the past year has been about ...

A. Hurricane Katrina (and, yes, you checked Brit's website to make sure her family in Louisiana was OK).

B. Hmm ... tough choice. Either Katrina, the war in Iraq or Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

C. Brad and Jen's divorce. Too much coverage is never enough!

6. When LiLo went blonde, you ...

A. were puzzled--blonde makes her look scary washed-out.

B. wondered what her cousin J Lo thought.

C. colored your hair blonde, too. Lindsay knows best!

7. When your friends discuss how Jessica's hard partying has trashed her marriage to Nick, you ...

A. defend her. Their true love will shine in the end.

B. dish right along with them. Those tabloid pictures of her did look pretty bad.

C. change the subject to something more interesting, like last night's school football game.

8. For your next birthday party, your parents are letting you make all the arrangements. Your plans include...

A. something involving pizza, perhaps.

B. Mood, where anyone who's anyone hangs out. Your celebration will put My Super Sweet 16 to shame.

C. you and your BFF at an Ashlee Simpson concert.

9. Who's your favorite star-studded couple?

A. Wilmer and Ashlee. No, Wilmer and Lindsay. No, wait....

B. You're tossed between Brangelina and TomKat.

C. Beyonce and Jay-Z.

10. When Mary-Kate was snapped at a Jenni Kayne show during Fashion Week, you ...

A. thought she looked kinda cute in her aqua jacket.

B. went immediately to to view Jenni's Spring 2006 collection.

C. still couldn't tell the diff between her and Ashley.


1. a3, b2, c1; 2. a2, b1, c3; 3. a3, b3, c1; 4. a2, b3, c1; 5. a2, b1, c3; 6. a2, b1, c3; 7. a3, b2, c1; 8. a1, b4, c2; 9. a3, b3, c2; 10. a2, b3, c1


You probably know more about Paris, Jesse and Hils than you do about your own sister. But guess what, girl friend? They're total strangers. It's fine to follow (no, not literally) your favorite performers, but they're just people who happen to be famous (OK, and good-looking). Instead of sorting for celeb trivia, ask your parents how they met. Find out your crush's favorite pizza topping or Nintendo DS game. You might discover that people in your real life are a lot more interesting than you ever imagined. And, hey, aren't you a little behind on your homework?


You're so level-headed and cool, you should have your own show. Oh, wait ... scratch that! Your life is yours--no media required. You have a perfect sense of valuing real life with real people, yet you still enjoy the fun that celebrity culture serves up. Sure, you've had your Britney-trance moments. Even so, you always come right hack to the real world (and we don't mean the one on MTV!). You're able to make pop-culture convo, and you probably stay on top of fashion by noticing what the "it" girls are wearing, hut you're no slave to their trends. Celebs provide a fun diversion, but you avoid getting too sucked in.


Where've you been hiding? You not only don't care about celebs, you barely know they exist. While we admire your focus on the less shallow, you're missing out on some fun! Here are a few perks of a little low-key star-gazing: 1) You can dish endlessly about celebutantes, movie stars and reality TVsters without ever worrying about gossip-gone-bad. 2) Big-screen, "he's so dreamy" crushes are harmless, with no hurt feelings, 3) You'll know which knock-offs to snag off the clearance rack by being up on the latest hot couture. And if, after this quiz, you still think Paris is just a city in France, get up to speed!
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