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Are you a visionary?

AS I BEGIN MY NEW ROLE AS PRESIDENT, I want to invite you to attend and participate in CareerTech VISION 2012! I have attended many conventions, conferences and summits during my teaching career the past 31 years. Many have been great, others not so enlightening. CareerTech VISION 2012 offers something we have never offered before change! What an awesome time to be a part of this change. In the past our convention schedule was like any other convention or conference you attend year alter year. I am excited to be serving as your president in this time of change. I want to share some of the exciting changes with yon. The sessions this year are driven by seven themes: Administrative/Operational Success; Advocacy/Partnerships; Assessment; Business and Industry Training; Program Models; Student Engagement and Success; and Teacher/Faculty Success. In the past we had one-hour sessions. Now we will have Idea Labs that will be one-hour sessions, and two-hour sessions called Deep Dives that will be based on the Idea Labs. A lot of planning has gone into these sessions to ensure we offer Idea Labs and Deep Dives that concur with the seven themes.


Atlanta is an exciting city to begin the new vision for ACTE! As a change agent, I invite you to be a part of this exciting change for our association! ACTE understands that in times of change, mistakes will be made. This is where our association will outshine the rest. We see differences as advantages, not excuses to give up. We understand that patience and perseverance are great virtues, the marks of wisdom and strength. So as my husband, an agriculture instructor, would say, "Plant the right seeds, respect the growing process and watch great things happen!"

For many of us the school year has begun! Each year I look forward to seeing the students as they begin the new school year. My students amaze me each year with their eagerness to learn and the ability they have to teach me new concepts. Career and technical education (CTE) is the best discipline to be in as far as I am concerned. CTE provides our students with so many practical skills and prepares them to be both college- and career-ready. I hope you have a great school year, and I look forward to serving you this year. I hope you will be a part of the beginning of something great in Atlanta!

Karen Mason

ACTE President

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Title Annotation:Leading Edge
Author:Mason, Karen
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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