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Are you a gossip-friendly gal pal? what would you do if your BFF became the target of gossip gone wild? Would you jump to your friend's defense or let loose lips fly? Find out! (Quiz).

Gossip about your BFF is spreading through the halls faster than chicken pox in a first-grade classroom? What's a friend to do? Are you the kind, of gal who's never met a juicy tidbit she didn't want to get her mitts on and toss around? Maybe you're an as-no-questions/defend-her-to-the-end friend--even if it means stretching the truth. Or is covering for a bud just not your style? Not sure what you'd do? Oh, dear. Take this quiz to find out if you're a sideliner, heavy hitter or team player when it comes to fielding gossip that's going around about your BFF.

1: In the locker room before b-ball practice, some girls are dissing your BFF Amy's fashionista efforts for last Friday's dance. She spent weeks painstakingly perfecting her wraparound-lace/pinstripe ensemble, but these girls can't stop talking about her "Salvation Amy clown suit." What do you do?

A. Go pit bull! Interrupt the jokesters with a nice, big locker slam. "Um, hello? Who are you--the fashion police? Here's a thought Instead of focusing on someone else's business, think you could focus on actually getting the ball in the basket today?"

B. Play it cool. Those girls are always on the inside loop. No need to ruin your link to Grand Gossip Central. Besides, "Salvation Amy clown suit" is pretty funny.

C. You're tempted to shout, "So what if Amy wasn't dressed in head-to-toe GAP like you clones!?" But why cause a scene? When practice lets out, you'll kindly tell Amy what they said.

2: Word is your BFF spent Saturday night snuggling with Suzy's guy. Your BFF denies it and is telling everyone she was with you--but she wasn't! What do you do?

A. Swear on your cat's life she was with you.

B. Go along with it this time...but only because it's a rush to be in the midst of the mayhem! No denying it--this is good gossip!

C. You have no clue what went on that night, but she can forget it if she thinks you're going down with her. When asked, you shrug your shoulders and say, "I don't know what's going on. I spent the weekend at my dad's," which you did.

3: Your BFF is booted from the debate team after getting busted smoking in the girls' bathroom. Only you know the deal, and she wants everyone to think she quit the team. The girls suspect something's up. What do you do?

A. Stick with her story--it's not debatable. If she trusts you with the truth, she trusts you to do whatever it takes to keep her rep squeaky-clean. You guys are on the debate team--you can convince people the sky is pink. You'll have no trouble clearing the air. So what if it isn't completely true?

B. Go along with her story, but drop subtle hints that there's more than meets the eye: "Yeah, well, I can't say what happened. She swore me to secrecy." Technically you haven't spilled--but you've put out the vibe that you're the one with the inside scoop.

C. Remind her of the cause-and-effect phenomenon. Like, the effect of her smoking caused the debate coach to drop her from the team like a bad habit. You're friends and teammates, but it's not up to you to create a smokescreen to cover up her poor decision-making! If the team lights a lire under you for the truth, you'll say "I don't feel comfortable talking about this. You should ask her."

4: Your two best friends Amanda and Ashley are on the outs because Amanda has been spilling Ashley's secrets. Amanda has made a buddy boo-boo but, if you get on her about it, your secrets could be next! What do you do?

A. You stick up for friends, no matter what, but Amanda's disloyalty upsets you and, worse, she hurt Ashley. You can't ignore that. You remind Amanda that keeping secrets is crucial to forever friendships and to not be so outspoken with people's private lives.

B. You'd be a fool to take sides. It totally stinks that Amanda got busted blabbing, but her loose lips have brought some for-real excitement to your social life/Anyway what are you--a referee?

C. Think Switerland and stay neutral. You back off and let the two of them work it out. Why take sides? It'd just complicate things.

5: A pal slipped that your BFF's fam might be having financial problems. Your BFF hasn't said a word to you, but she'd freak if she knew people were gossiping about her family's personal biz. What do you do?

A. Give the gossipmongers a piece of your mind. When it comes to family matters, it's totally uncool to blab! So you interrogate every single person who might have gotten wind of the info and then fill your bud in on what's going 'round. What are friends for?

B. Investigate. Hmmm, you must get as much dirt as possible. This is major! Once you get the scoop, you'll hint to your friend that you know something...and then offer to spring for her caf lunch.

C. Yikes, this is serious. Before getting involved, you ask your parents for their worldly advice since you wouldn't want to do or say the wrong thing. They always point you in the fight direction.

If you got mostly A's, you're


As far as friends go, you're at the top of the list. You've got your bud's back, no matter what! So what if you have to stretch the truth a tad? The way you see it, there's only one way--the loyal way. Your friends trust you, and that's a cool thing. It's great to be such a solid friend! But there's a downside. What happens if she expects you to cover for her, like, all the time? She could wind up treating you more like an alibi than an amigo! If she's involved in something that's truly a threat to her well-being, think twice before you staunchly defend her. Covering for her "crimes" could make you an unwitting accomplice. Even if you're clean as a whistle, you're guilty by association. Or, just as bad, a total doormat. Though people might respect your loyalty, they'll also see that you'd do anything to protect your friend--even lie to them. A BFF who expects you to put your reputation on the line is concerned with saving her own neck. Keep things in perspective and, in the end, you might decide that even loy alty has its limits!

If you got mostly B's, you're


You're sociable and charming. People like you, and that's probably why gossip has no trouble making its way to your ears. You've got a direct line to the latest, greatest dirt. And, well, you've never had a problem passing along the scoop. No doubt about it--Inside Edition could contact you for a top story! Being an insider on what's what can definitely be exciting stuff. Face it--knowledge is power, and you're in the know!

Your philosophy is this: If someone tells you something, it's fair game--even if it's not always a friendly game. You probably have plenty of pals who seek you out for details when major stuff goes down--but you might have trouble maintaining super-tight friendships. Has gossip ever gotten you into trouble? Has it ever destroyed a bud bond? If so, it's time to chili. Girls with the gift of gab are quick to be discovered and put on the diss list. People might like to share good, juicy gossip with you but, pretty soon, that's all you'll be--the goddess of gossip. It only takes a couple spills before girls will learn to think twice before telling you a darn thing. Plus, the more gossip you dole out, the more likely it is that you'll be passing along false or exaggerated info. The only thing people like less than a blabbermouth is an unreliable one! It's OK to dig into some friendly gossip with your pals--just keep their secrets, well, secret!

If you got mostly Cs, you're


You're all about keeping it real. You're a fab friend, but twisting the truth just isn't your thing. Why risk your own stellar rep to cover for someone else's gab-gone-bad? But is honesty always the best policy? Would you confirm one of your close pal's top secrets for the whole gang just because they asked? Sometimes, playing "dunno" or saying you're not at liberty to discuss something is way better than blurting out the dirt. Maybe you've sensed that you're occasionally banished from the circle of all things gossipy. So what? Since you don't want to sell out your friends anyway, perhaps being less in the know isn't such a bad thing after all. If you are hanging with a group of friends who are gabbing about staff that makes you uncomfy or sense that you're about to be put in a compromising position ("Is Brittany really crushing on Jason?"), your best bet could be to change the subject pronto or take a quick lap around the non-fiction section of the library. There truly are times when ignorance is bliss, Miss.
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