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Are you High Street or high end? Economy butvalue is the dilemma still counts: STYLISH SHOPPERS: DISAGREE ON WHERE TO BAG FASHION BARGAINS.


NEXT time you're shopping for clothes, don't look at the price tag, think about how many times you'll wear the item.

Researchers have discovered the best value-for-money item in a woman's wardrobe is the perfect pair of jeans.

They'll be worn an average of 428 times - making the cost per wear for a typical pounds 40 pair just 9p a time.

Dresses or shoes bought for special occasions - which cost more but are worn far less - give the least value for money. The study also found women bought an average of five new items of clothing every month, with 55 per cent throwing out old clothes even if they still fitted.

The survey, of 3000 women, has reopened the designer versus high street debate.

Is it better in the long-term to buy something which costs 10 times as much as the high street version but which you'll keep for a decade rather than a season? Here, two fashionable women who love wearing the latest looks but shop at opposite ends of the high street give their verdict... HIGH STR E ET JOSIE SMITH, 27 Fashion model, from Dunbartonshire I DEFINITELY prefer the high street.

A big chunk of my wages goes on clothes but I prefer to buy cheaply and in bulk.

For any statement piece or something special, I shop in vintage places like Starry Night or We Love To Boogie, where you can get really good bargains.

But my favourite shop is Primark - I can't get enough of it.

I make sure I have flat shoes on and sharpen my elbows when I go there, and I spend as long as it takes to find the bargains.

I buy everything from basics to dresses there. The coats and jackets are particularly good.

I also like New Look and Quiz.

Primark and Quiz are what I tend to be wearing when I'm asked where I got something.

People are always surprised as they have preconceived notions about the high street. They think it's going to be flammable or cheap-looking but if you shop carefully, you can look great.

I'm just back from London Fashion Week. At the Mulberry show, I wore a Primark coat and dress, and somebody asked if the coat was Chanel.

I'm an impulse buyer and shop all the time - not just at the start of new seasons.

I don't clear out my clothes often and once had four wardrobes.

I prefer the high street because it's more affordable. But a lot of the shops also do a good job of copying the new trends.

My best tip is to do your research on websites of high street chains before you go into their stores.

Chann b inspired, tw i white Prima T-drere Black Pcollar The high street has some amazing versions of designer items. pattebuckk Black Blackk SetSet HIGHEND DONNA KERR, 37 Store manager for Cruise Jeans,Glasgow FOR me, it's about being unique. Designer clothes are more distinctive, using higher quality fabrics and finishes than high street alternatives, and are far more durable.

As soon as I put on designer fashion, it makes me feel amazing.

I normally buy clothes at the start of the season and top up with one piece every month. Key pieces include jeans and suit jackets, and tops to mix and match.

Come Christmas, I tend to buy a new LBD, shoes and bag.

My Christopher Kane printed Lycra dress is my favourite at the moment. I also love my Denham tailored jacket and, of course, my Louboutins.

They are so elegant, sexy and versatile. I can wear them with a cocktail dress or skinny jeans and know they'll look amazing.I have designer dresses and jeans up to nine years old.

But I can still pull them out today and accessorise them. The quality and design makes them timeless. Once you've worn designer jeans, you'll never go back. My most expensive buy is probably my Prada handbag at more than pounds 1000. When you can use something season after season to complement any outfit, it's worth the investment.

jacket, pounds 165 print detail pounds 260 Francois pounds 65 pounds 345 scarf, My fiveyear-old daughter Layla asks if she can wear my clothes when she's older. She'll be able to wear my lace D&G shoes or my python sandals as vintage That is beauty of it - it's disposable fashion.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 26, 2010
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