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Are we willing to sacrifice Eucharist for the sake of a male celibate priesthood?

A Petition to the Roman Catholic Bishops of the World

We, the undersigned, faithful People of God in the Roman Catholic Tradition, urge the Roman Catholic bishops of the world to open discussion on the possibility of ordaining all to the priesthood who are called by God and gifted, women as well as men. We do this because we believe:

* That Sunday Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life" (Lumen Gentium, #11).

* That we, as Church, as the People of God, must claim our right "to receive in abundance the help of the spiritual goods of the Church, especially that of the word of God and the sacraments from the pastors" (Lumen Gentium, #37).

* That we, as people of faith, must continue to read "the signs of the times," in light of the Gospel (Gaudium et Spes, #4). As we do so, we continue to acknowledge that there is no "priest shortage," only an inability within the institution to affirm and ordain those who are called to the priesthood. Many of us know the stories of women and men, married and single, who have been called by God to ordination, who have responded to that call by preparing for ordained ministry, and who have been affirmed by communities they have served. Most of these already have appropriate education and formation, as well as years of experience in pastoral ministry.

* Therefore, now is the time to begin conversation, so that Eucharist remains central to our lives.
Carmela Abbruzzese, CSJ Braintree, MA
Grace Acheter Rochester, NY
LuAnn Acheter Rochester, NY
Diane Adler Philadelphia, PA
Leticia Amaro Syracuse, NY
Joseph Antonik Chicago, IL
Marilyn Antonik Chicago, IL
Anonymous Boston, MA
Anonymous Boston, MA
Anonymous Boston, MA
Anonymous Cambridge, MA
Anonymous Chestnut Hill, MA
Anonymous Fairport, NY
Anonymous Nashua, NH
Anonymous, RSM Rochester, NY
Anonymous Rush, NY
Anonymous Santa Clara, CA
Mary H. Arlidge Rochester, NY
Ani Arnott Ottawa, ON, Canada
Arnie Artessa Syracuse, NY
Lianna Artessa Syracuse, NY
Joseph P. Ascherl Syracuse, NY
Patricia F. Austin Utica, NY
Suzanne M. Bach Rochester, NY
Regina Bannan Philadelphia, PA
Cynthia Barnett Syracuse, NY
Stephanie J. Batterman Fairport, NY
Andrea Bauer Newburgh, NY
N. Pat Bauman Rochester, NY
Robert Bauman Rochester, NY
Timothy R. Bauman Rochester, NY
Rev. Michael Bausch Pittsford, NY
Barbara J. Beckman Rochester, NY
R. Gary Beckman Arlington, MA
Jeanne Bell Rochester, NY
Ernie Bennet Burlington, MA
Maureen Bennet Burlington, MA
Donna Bernardini-Carr Skeneateles, NY
Carol Berrigan Syracuse, NY
Jerome Berrigan Syracuse, NY
Patricia Bergan, OSF Syracuse, NY
Patricia Berman Syracuse, NY
Josephine Bianchi Boston, MA
Joe Bianco Naples, FL
Lyn Bianco Naples, FL
Marilyn M. Bittner Syracuse, NY
Marian Blonde Sarnia, ON, Canada
Charlene Bnu Eau Claire, WI
Mike Bold, CP London, England
Marie Evans Bouclin Sudbury, ON, Canada
Robert Scott Bourcy Macedon, NY
Carol Bowers Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
Ralph Boya Jr. Syracuse, NY
Nuala S. Boyle Randolph, MA
Brigid S. Bracy Rochester, NY
Bill Braun Rochester, NY
Edward B. Bradley New Hartford, NY
Mary Lyons Bradley New Hartford, NY
Judith A. Brawley Rochester, NY
Meghan Breen Syracuse, NY
Deborah Bridge Rochester, NY
Michael P. Bridgeman Rochester, NY
Mary Lou Brien, SSND Rochester, NY
Anne-Marie Brogan Rochester, NY
Tom Brongo Rochester, NY
Pat Brown Leeds, U.K.
Roberta Brunner Jenkintown, PA
Clark Brusoe Clinton, NY
John Brule Syracuse, NY
J.A. Buchanan MA
Rene Buchanan Boston, MA
Robert Buchanan Allston, MA
Nancy Buchwald Columbus, OH
Imelda Buddo Fairfield, OH
Jo Ann Buffo Naples, FL
Jennifer Bulman Munster, ON, Canada
Mary P. Burke Dorchester, MA
Anne P. W. Callanan Fairport, NY
Anita Callens Rochester, NY
Regina M. Camblin Palmyra, NY
Roberta Carey Owen Sound, ON, Canada
Deacon Kevin Carges Farmington, NY
Joan M. Carroll Clinton, NY
Patrick J. Casey Rochester, NY
Marilyn Catherine Rochester, NY
Catherine Cavanagh Brockville, ON, Canada
Kymberly Cennars Killingwater, CT
Marie Cerny Toronto, ON, Canada
Cathleen Cerosaletti Rochester, NY
Glenn Cerosaletti Rochester, NY
Dave Chisholm Fayetteville, NY
James Cloonan Penfield, NY
Beverly Coco Bellevue, WA
Catherine A. Collier. Oneida, NY
Betty Collins Hamilton, OH
Martin D. Collins West Chester, OH
Norman Comton Lowell, MA
Laura Conner Rochester, NY
Georgia Connors Milford, CT
Harold D. Connors Milford, CT
Heidi Connors West Haven, CT
Linda Corrado Ventnor, NJ
Roland Couture Lowell, MA
Don A. Cordero Los Gatos, CA
Richard J. Covney Syracuse, NY
Georgia Crissy Pittsford, NY
Carol Crowley Detroit, MI
Bill Cuddy Syracuse, NY
Brenda Daane Thousand Oaks, CA
Geraldine D'Agnes East Brunswick, NJ
Ginny Kiernan Dahlberg Racine, WI
Rev. Frederick Daley Utica, NY
Marilyn Daley Syracuse, NY
Sheila Daley Chicago, IL
Roger G. Dalgele Syracuse, NY
Linda D'Amico Rochester, NY
Thelma Davis Ventnor, NJ
Dorian R. Days Lakewood, OH
Kim DeBole Webster, NY
Simone Demers Edmonton, AB, Canada
Diane DeMonte Mount Prospect, IL
Sr. Ann de Porres Amesbury Fairport, NY
Nancy DeRycke Pen field, NY
Karen De Vore Cincinnati, OH
Pat Diamond Syracuse, NY
Lorena DiCorpo Toronto, ON, Canada
Ann Di Napoli Syracuse, NY
Earl A. DiStasio Scottsville, NY
Mary Ann Dobe Syracuse, NY
Jean Donnely Syracuse, NY
Daphnae Dorn Reading, MA
Jane M Doughty Deansboro, NY
Laurie P. Dow Brighton, MA
Deborah Doyle Pittsford, NY
Elaine Doyle Macedon, NY
Shirley Dragoone Fairport, NY
Michael 72 Dugan Syracuse, NY
Patricia M. Dugan Clinton, NY
Robert Dugan Liverpool NY
Rosaleen Dugan Liverpool NY
James Dukowski Lowell MA
Barbara J. Dyer Derry, NH
Michelle Dyer Derry, NH
Ronald L. Dyer Derry, NH
Mary Ann Dunlieu Allison Park, PA
Dorothy Eaton Mansfield, CT
Joseph Eaton Mansfield, CT
Anne Eggbroten Santa Monica, CA
Magda Elias Philadelphia, PA
Lois Ender Rochester, NY
Harvey Enos Burlington, MA
Helena Enos Burlington, MA
Oliva M. Espin San Diego, CA
Joe Euele Acton, MA
Francis J. Euele Haverhill, MA
Louise Euele Haverhill, MA
Joan Ewing Fairport, NY
Detta Fagnano Northfield, NJ
Laura Farmer Syracuse, NY
Lucy Farmer Fairport, NY
Frederick M. Farrar Manlius, NY
Jane D. Farrar Manlius, NY
Jacques Fasan Chicago, IL
John C. Fenbreys Eugene, OR
Samuel Ferguson Rochester, NY
Amelia (Millie) Filippone Penfield, NY
Diane Flood Adolphustown, ON, Canada
Kathy Fonte Williamsville, NY
Julie Forget Syracuse, NY
Patrick Forget Syracuse, NY
Mary Fox Sleepy Hollow, NY
Janet T. Tambascio Fraher Brighton, MA
T.F. Fraher Brighton, MA
Delal Frank Syracuse, NY
Kevin Frank Dewitt, NY
Samara Frank Syracuse, NY
E. Frieder Brighton, MA
Marjorie Frisbie Arlington Heights, IL
Jean Frocione Syracuse, NY & Indialantic, FL
Ray Gallardo Syracuse, NY
S.Y. Gallagher Macedon, NY
M. Gandolfi Ventnor, NJ
Josie Geer Syracuse, NY
Maria George Victoria, Australia
Carol A. Geyer Boston, MA
Paul Glynn Arnprior, ON, Canada
Saundra Glynn Arnprior, ON, Canada
Kathleen Goodridge Marion, NY
Sue Gorham Liverpool, NY
Theresa Graf Brooklyn, NY
Nancye Jo Graeser Fairfield, OH
Donna Graham E. Syracuse, NY
Jennifer Grant York, U.K.
Judith Grant Syracuse, NY
Marian Gray Henrietta, NY
Patricia Gray Henrietta, NY
Catherine Gregory Camillus, NY
Thomas Greiner Rochester, NY
Sally A. Greise Clinton, NY
Anna Greene Rochester, NY
Cathy Gross Aurora, ON, Canada
David B. Gross Rochester, NY
Brenda Grosswirth Rochester, NY
Raymond Grosswirth Rochester, NY
Char Guess Bardques Rochester, NY
Elaine Guillemin Toronto, ON, Canada
Tammy Gumble Webster, AT
Edward J. Hahn Rochester, NY
Estelle M. Hahn Syracuse, NY
Rosemary L Hahn Rochester, NY
Bonnie Halstead Rochester, NY
Eileen Hammond Rochester, NY
Marilyn Hammond Rochester, NY
Karen Hamond Newbury, MA
Teresa M. Haney, Rochester, NY
Kim Hare Rochester, NY
Mark Hare Rochester, NY
Don Harkin Clinton, NY
Frances Harmon N. Syracuse, NY
Robert L. Harmon, Sr. N. Syracuse, NY
Peggy R. Harper Syracuse, NY
Theresa Harpin San Luis Obispo, CA
Patricia Harris Hamburg, NY
Kenneth Harrison Rochester, NY
Sharon Harrison Rochester, NY
Emma Haves Rochester, NY
Mary Jo Hazard Naperville, IL
Steve Hazard Naperville, IL
Judith Heffernan, M.Div. Philadelphia, PA
Ann Heidkamp Park Ridge, IL
Donald Heidkamp Park Ridge, IL
Marsha Heidkamp Park Ridge, IL
Richard Heidkamp Park Ridge, IL
Katherine Agnes Heininger Penfield, NY
Christine Heisman Fairport, NY
Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler Scottsville, NY
Joseph Hetzler Scottsville, NY
Janice Hezel Dewitt, NY
Richard Hezel Dewitt, NY
Rose Marie Hill Oakville, ON, Canada
Terri Hoes Hamilton, OH
Rose Marie Hoffman Fairport, NY
Patricia Hoffmann Syracuse, NY
Teresa J. Hoffmann Syracuse, NY
Nancy Holowka Rochester, NY
William Holowka Rochester, NY
Kathleen Holvey Pittsford, NY
Jiocelyne Hudin Lui St. Ann, Canada
Alan Hurley Mendon, NY
Sharon A. Hurley Mendon, NY
Elizabeth A. Inglis Fairport, NY
Beverly Ingutti Palmyra, NY
Joann Insull Rochester, NY
Jane Irwin Brooklyn, NY
Danielle Isaacs Brooklyn, NY
Mary Ellen Ivers Big Flats, NY
Katherine Jackson Cleveland, OH
Laneye Jackson Cleveland, OH
Louise Jackson Cleveland, OH
Teisha La' Shay Jackson Middleburg Heights, OH
Tenika Jackson Middleburg Heights, OH
Carolyn Jaeger North Rose, NY
Thomas R. Jaeger North Rose, NY
John Janitz Syracuse, NY
Theodora A. Jankowski Buffalo, NY
Nadia M. Jarrett Brooklyn, NY
Zenobia Jells Rochester, NY
Andrea M Johnson Annapolis, MD
Bess Porter Johnson Rochester, NY
Bob Johnson Rochester, NY
Judith Johnson Virginia Beach, VA
Marsha Johnson Rochester, NY
W.S. Johnson Annapolis, MD
Margie Johnston Pallatine, IL
Mary Ann Johnston Mount Prospect, IL
Maureen Johnston Port Richey, FL
Lee Jones Fairport, NY
Phyllis Jones Fairport, NY
Toni Juliano Linwood, NJ
Mary Jane Kanyok Uniontown, PA
Mary Ann Kaper Pittsburgh, PA
Joan B. Keeffe Syracuse, NY
Jacqueline M Keenan Palm Beach Gardens, FL
John P. Keenan Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Marion E. Keenan Spring Hill, FL
Charles H. Keene Hamilton, OH
Lindsay Keep Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Susan Kehoe Ottawa, ON, Canada
Frank Kelly Fairport, NY
Joseph Kelly Dorchester, MA
Katie Kelly Dorchester, MA
Sara Y. Kelly Geneseo, NY
Sister Mary Austin Keohane W. Roxbury, MA
S. Eileen Kernan Syracuse, NY
Lynn Kershner Rochester, NY
Marguerite Kershner Rochester, NY
Polly Kidney Jenkintown, PA
Kristin Kirsch Rochester, NY
Richard L. Kirsch Rochester, NY
Mary Kisala Brighton, MA
Jed Kissane Syracuse, NY
Maureen Kissane Syracuse, NY
Jim Koch Reading, MA
Merilyn Koch Reading, MA
Bruno P. Kozel Pocasset, MA
Barbara F. Kozel Pocasset, MA
Sheri Kreher Geneseo, NY
Celline Krupp Camillus, NY
Kathleen Strack Kunster Emeryville, CA
Susan M. Kuntz Rochester, NY
Ronald Lacey Allston, MA
Benoit Lachance Fairport, NY
Monique Lachance East Rochester, NY
Raymond Lachance Fairport, NY
Margaret Lalonde Clinton, NY
Florence Lambov Bronx, NY
Dorothy Lancaster Rochester, NY
Jen Lapensee Sarnia, ON, Canada
Kelly Larirene Syracuse, NY
Marie B. La Valle Annapolis, MD
Bridget K. Leahy Boston, MA
Krista Ledwell Middleburg Heights, OH
Tony V. Lee Middleburg Heights, OH
Karen Lenz Philadelphia, PA
Andrea Linberg Mount Prospect, IL
Michelle Loisel Bridgeport, CT
Casey Lopata Rochester, NY
Mary Ellen Lopata Rochester, NY
Elizabeth LoPreste Burlington, MA
Jean Lovas Syracuse, NY
Prudy Luke Macedon, NY
Brian Mack Chapel Hill, NC
Denise Mack Rochester, NY
Patricia Mack Rochester, NY
Stephen Mack Rochester, NY
Sylvia MacKinnen Edmonton, AB, Canada
Mary Agnes Madden Boulder, Colorado
Thelma Magazzu Linwood, NJ
Madelaine Mageau Deep River, ON, Canada
Michelle W. Maggio Lenox, MA
Stephen P. Maggio Lenox, MA
Marjorie Reiley Maguire Milwaukee, WI
Angela Main Lowell, MA
Karen Mandych East Aurora, NY
Lynn Manfredi/ Petitt Decater, GA
Stephan Marlios Boston, MA
David Martin Little Britain, ON, Canada
Sheila Masefield Brooklyn, NY
Jane Masingale Syracuse, NY
Pat Mason Burlington, MA
Shawn Mason Burlington, MA
Gail M. Mastrella Rochester, NY
Rev. Jim Mathews Syracuse, NY
Eleanor Mathey Syracuse, NY
Dennis P. Mazur Rochester, NY
Joyce McAndrew Rochester, NY
Charles J. McCarthy Beverly, MA
Jane McCarthy Chardon, ON, Canada
Sharon McCarthy Mississauga, ON, Canada
Paula Stopha McClure Geneseo, NY
Don McCoy Marcellus, NY
Erin McCoy Marcellus, NY
Lucy McGovern Brighton, MA
Sarah J. McGrath Rochester, NY
Judith McKloskey Minneapolis, MN
Margaret McLaughlin Jenkintown, PA
Colleen McLeod Syracuse, NY
Karen McNamara Rochester, NY
Jack McNamara Clinton, NY
Karen Duggan McNamara Littleton, MA
Rosemary McNamara Clinton, NY
Dorothy McNeill Fairport, NY
William McNeill Fairport, NY
Noelle McWard Chicago, IL
Patrick McWard Chicago, IL
Bridget Mary Meehan Falls Church, VA
Mary Menotti N. Syracuse, NY
Robert Menotti N. Syracuse, NY
Alicia Meyers Snyder, NY
Kristine Mich Rochester, NY
Marvin Mich Rochester, NY
Nathaniel Mich Rochester, NY
Caroll Michaels Syracuse, NY
Arthur Miller Brighton, MA
Sally N. Miller Liverpool, NY
Virginia Miller Rochester, NY
John Mirabito E. Syracuse, NY
Maureen Mirabito Syracuse, NY
Vincent Mirabito Syracuse, NY
Mary G. Moloney Arizona
Carlene L. Mondor Arnold, MD
Ed Montano Ottawa, ON, Canada
Christine H. Montante Fairport, NY
Michael L. Montante Fairport, NY
Carol Moran Billerica, MA
James Moran Rochester, NY
Mary-Ellen Morgenstern Toronto, ON, Canada
Barbara Morrissey Burlington, MA
William Morrissey Burlington, MA
Rosemary Moscarenhas Poughkeepsie, NY
Karen Mosley Syracuse, NY
Donald Muench Pittsford, NY
Karen Muhs Fairport, NY
Suzanne Munro Strasbourg, France
Jim Mulder Syracuse, NY
Jean M. Murphy Fairport, NY
William K. Murphy Fairport, NY
Janice Nadeau, SSND Rochester, NY
Shirley Naterelli Rochester, NY
Bernadine Nevil Palmyra, NY
Jennifer J. Newman NY, NY
Michael J. Nicosia Rochester, NY
Rosemary A. Nicosia Rochester, NY
Cathy Niemet Mount Prospect, IL
Victoria Nolan Bridgeport, CT
Monica Nortz Fayetteville, NY
Clara J. Nowak Palmyra, NY
Alice Nowark Syracuse, NY
Karen Fain Nowlan Fairport, NY
Nancy Noxon Rochester, NY
Maureen Nupp Fairport, NY
Brighid O'Brien Clinton, NY
Gertrude O'Brien Ithaca, NY
Rev. Roger G. O'Brien Lynnwood, WA
William J. O'Brien Syracuse, NY
John M. O'Donnell Poughkeepsie, NY
Katherine O'Connell NY, NY
Marie B. Ogden Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Mary O'Regan Birmingham, England
James Orgren Williamsville, NY
Sally Orgren Williamsville, NY
Mary M. Ortolani Rochester, NY
Vincent Ortalani Rochester, NY
Diane Oster Acton, MA
Don Oster Natick, MA
Jeff Oster Brighton, MA
Jill Oster Natick, MA
Mike Oster Natick, MA
Eileen Osterhaut Seneca Falls, NY
John Osterhaut Seneca Falls, NY
Edward L. Palumbos Fairport, NY
Trudy Parsnow Syracuse, NY
Brenda Peddigrew Minden, ON, Canada
Miguel A. Perez Syracuse, NY
Rosemary Arroyo-Perez Syracuse, NY
Michele M. Pflum Linwood, NJ
Deirdre M. Phillips Avon, NY
Kathryn Piccard Charlestown, MA
Meghann Piwko Webster, NY
Veronica Poe Chicago, IL
Craig Polhamus Fayetteville, NY
J. Ponti Alton, MA
Myra Poole, SND London, England
Joanne Popeck Penfield, NY
Patricia Porillo Syracuse, NY
Jan Pressa Syracuse, NY
Madeline J. Preston Rochester, NY
Bernadette Pugh Glasgow, Scotland
Janet Ralph Brighton, South Australia
Paul Randazzese Rochester, NY
Rita Rapp Rochester, NY
Ann K. Reddington Rochester, NY
Michael Redington Chelsea, MA
Michele Reichlmayr Rochester, NY
Thomas Reichlmayr Rochester, NY
Janet Reis Jamaica Plain, MA
Melissa Rice Rochester, NY
Beth Rindler, SFP Detroit, MI
Leo A. Roberge Syracuse, NY
Nora Root Fairport, NY
Raymond T. Rosati Pen field, NY
Paula Rossi Hamilton, NJ
Ed Rothbaler Marcellus, NY
Marie O. Rothbaler Marcellus, NY
Genevieve Rnach Mississauga, ON, Canada
Dianne Rutigliano Geneseo, NY
John Saboth Burlington, MA
Katharine Salmon Yorkshire, England
Sam Samick Fairport, NY
Eileen Samson Palatine, IL
Joseph A. Sannino Pennsauken, NJ
Luz Deysi Sannino Pennsauken, NJ
Jeanne Ann Sattler Mount Prospect, IL
John Sattler Mount Prospect, IL
Jim Savage Syracuse, NY
Dorothy Scheer Palmyra, NY
Donald R. Scherer Amherst, NY
Melanie Scherer Amherst, NY
Suzanne M. Schubmehl Rochester, NY
Dr. A. Regina Schulte Burlington, WI
Betty J. Schultz Macedon, NY
Thomas Schultz Rochester, NY
Katy Scott Chicago, IL
Linda Searing Canandaigua, NY
Rita M. Semmens Syracuse, NY
Adele Shanley Rochester, NY
Patrick Shanley Rochester, NY
William Sheehan Lowell MA
Anthony Shombardo Syracuse, NY
Jeff Shriver
Joy Sipple Dewitt, NY
Derek Skinner Burlington, MA
Joan E. Smith Boston, MA
Katherine Smith Hamilton, OH
Rosemary M. Smith Burlington, MA
Sherry Smith Syracuse, NY
Tina Sorge Penfield, NY
Rita Soufleris Manlius, NY
D.A. Soufleris Manlius, NY
Bill Soulliere Sarnia, ON, Canada
Catherine Soulliere Sarnia, ON, Canada
Doug Soulliere Sarnia, ON, Canada
Lucille Spera Marlborough, MA
Jane Stavoe Mount Prospect, IL
E. St. Dennis Clinton, NY

Joseph Stellpflug Little Britain, ON, Canada
Judith Stellpflug Rush, NY
Leonard Stellpflug Rush, NY
Mary Stellpflug Rochester, NY
Jane M Stevenson Norwich, VT
Josiah Stevenson Norwich, VT
Emily Stewart Syracuse, NY
Andre Stock Toronto, ON, Canada
Kathi M. Stolte Fairport, NY
Ronald R. Stolte Fairport, NY
Mary Lou Stoltz Fairport, NY
Jane C. Straleo Syracuse, NY
Gillian Stuart-Lyon Toronto, ON, Canada
Darlene W. Stubbe Rochester, NY
Gay M. Stabblefield Brighton, MA
Mary Ellen Stuermer Morton Grove, IL
Doris Sucy Rochester, NY
Denis de la Sugevilin Oakham, MA
Lenore Sullivan Toronto, ON, Canada
Chris Targoss Cleveland, OH
Christine Taylor Ottawa, ON, Canada
Alyssa L. Temple Woburn, MA
Georgina Thornton Cleveland, OH
Robert Thornton Youngstown, OH
Carol Tirone Pittsford, NY
Roger Tirone Pittsford, NY
Cathy Tocci Fairport, NY
David G. Tomer Hilton, NY
Katherine Tomer Hilton, NY
Peter Torin Ottawa, ON, Canada
Andres Torres Brooklyn, NY
Danielle Ward-Torres Brooklyn, NY
Barbara Townsend Syracuse, NY
Lea Trahan Sudbury, ON, Canada
Joshua Trexler Webster, NY
Dianne Tucker Rochester, NY
Marion Tucker Victor, NY
Joseph Tufariello Williamsville, NY
Rev. Gary Tyman Rochester, NY
Eugene D. Ulterino Pittsford, NY
Gloria O'Toole Ulterino Pittsford, NY
Matthew J. Ulterino South Melbourne, Australia
Becky S. Urodman Byfield, MA
J. Patrick Urschel Englewood, FL
Marcia M. Urschel Englewood, FL
Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg Waukausha, WI
Roger Vanderbrook Livonia, NY
Sharlene Vanderbrook Livonia, NY
Joellen Vassallo Webster, NY
Nicole Vaughan Liverpool, NY
Jane Via San Diego, CA
Kim Vidal Ottawa, ON, Canada
Marlene Vigna Rochester, NY
Mary T. DeMatteo-Vitale Liverpool NY
Antonio Vitale Liverpool NY
Laura Voley Summit, NJ
Nancy J. Vosch Fairport, NY
Joyce Warboys Rochester, NY
Gabriella Ward Staten Island, NY
Mike Ward Weatherhead Surrey, U.K.
William J. Ward Fairport, NY
Rachel Warren Henrietta, NY
Robert J. Warth Fairport, NY
Lola Wells Pittsburgh, PA
Rev. Robert Thomas Werth Rochester, NY
Western New York CTA Buffalo, NY
Marie West Cleveland, OH
Danielle Whissell Sudbury, ON, Canada
Margaret Whitney Fairport, NY
Scan Whyte Boston, MA
Sue Williamson London, UK
Pamela D. Winfield Raleigh, NC
Austin Winkley London, England
Stanley Wolanin Bahre, MA
Frank Woolever Syracuse, NT
Meme Woolever Syracuse, NY
Jean Wright W. Yorkshire, England
Joanna Wrobleuski Arnold, MD
Thomas Wrobleuski Bowie, MD
John G. Young Rochester, NY
Patricia Young Rochester, NY
Patrick J. Young Buffalo, NY
Rebecca C Young Rochester, NY
Roseann M. Young Rochester, NY
Warren Young Syracuse, NY
Helen Yu Bowie, MD
Diane Zarzeciw Syracuse, NY
Theresa Zawadski Aurora, ON, Canada
Catherine Ziamboly Victor, NY

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