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Are we ever going to get Aisling back? TOT'S SISTER ASKS DISTRAUGHT PARENTS:.


THE sister of missing tot Aisling Symes has been asking her distraught parents: "Are we ever going to get Aisling back?" Little five-year-old Caitlin started asking the heartbreaking question just days after her sister vanished.

And despite her tender years, Caitlin showed she understood the seriousness of the situation by asking: "If she doesn't eat, she's going to die, isn't she?" Aisling's mother Angela made the harrowing revelations last night in an appeal to her daughter's kidnappers.

"Aisling is a little human being, she needs to be with her family. She is not a doll. She's somebody who loves her parents, her family, her sister, her pets.

"She belongs with us. She needs to be back with us. We miss her terribly."

But hardest hit so far is little Caitlin.

Angela revealed: "She'll be playing, then all of a sudden she'll go quiet and burst into tears."

The two-year-old toddler was kidnapped outside her dead grandparent's home in Auckland, New Zealand on Monday evening.

Aisling's father Alan, from Waterford, emigrated to New Zealand 20 years ago this month.

Eyewitnesses said they saw an Asian woman walking with a girl fitting Aisling's description minutes after she vanished.

But now New Zealand police have admitted that the trail has gone cold after they waited THREE days before making a public appeal.

Speaking last night, Aisling's father Alan said: "We are bearing up the best we can under the strain. It has been really difficult for us in the last week. In the blink of an eye we have gone from our normal daily lives to the middle of this media spotlight. But it is good that we are getting this much support with people going out and looking for Aisling.

It has been really overwhelming.

"We are just hoping and praying for a positive outcome. I have been asked by the police not to say anything about the case which will jeopardise it.

"There have been hundreds of volunteers handing out flyers with Aisling's face on it.

"We just hope that the inspector of the case who has been really good has asked us to keep the message out there.

"He said that if someone is scared and does not want to go to a police station they could drop off Aisling at a hospital. We need to know that Aisling is safe and well."

"My wife was around at her late parents house that had been sold and both my daughters were with her.

"The girls were helping her a little. It is literally a case of turning around to collect something and Aisling wasn't there.

"She went outside and called her. A neighbour who we knew came out. It was a really cold and wet night.

"They ran out on the road looking for her. They rang the police straight away and they arrived immediately. A massive search began immediately. Locals gave up their time in nasty weather to try and find Aisling. We are really grateful.

"By the time it came to Tuesday evening it started to look like an abduction which was our worst fears."


A TV psychic has been accused of wasting police time in the search for missing tot Aisling Symes by claiming she knew where to find the two-year-old.

Deb Webber appeared on TV in New Zealand and said: "I was walking past the television and (Aisling) popped up, and I went - oh, she's in a ditch, hole, in West Auckland."

Detectives were forced to follow up on the lead, diverting vital resources from hunt to track down Aisling.

Former top New Zealand cop Dan Thompson blasted Webber and TVNZ for trying to make money out of the disappearance of a missing girl.

He said: "I'm totally aghast - it seems like a totally commercial play." He admitted that police were obliged to investigate all leads. "This isn't 600,000 people sitting at home watching a show. This is a little girl missing. Let's get serious."

But TVNZ spokesman Andi Brotherson denied his station were attempting to cash-in on the tragedy and said: "We're not trying to push a psychic message for money or ratings." Since the controversy broke, Webber has complained that her role as been "blown out of all proportion".

She said: "It hurts because I am interested in finding a little girl, not me. Every time I say something it seems to be twisted around."

Inspector Gary Davey who is leading the hunt said: "With psychics, if they have information we feel we can check out, then we will."


A SPECIAL Facebook webpage featuring pictures of missing tot Aisling Symes has been launched.

The Find Aisling Symes group on the popular social networking site already has almost 10,000 members from across the globe.

The site features a dozen photographs of Aisling, including pictures from last Christmas and another with her enjoying a large lollipop.

An official website has also been launched which provides wellwishers with the ability to donate to a special fund for the missing tot.

The website was created by Gareth Parker and Christina Bartle, who are both members of Aisling's extended family.

They said last night: "The family is still hopeful and prayerful that she will be found alive, the police are also saying she is likely to still be alive, they suspect she has been abducted and are doing all they can to find her.

"The police are appealing to the public for information and to keep their eyes out for her. If you think you may her seen her or know anything, even if it seems insignificant, it may not be, so please don't hesitate to call them."


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 11, 2009
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