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Are there too many Homeland Security entities? (Security Beat).

Combating terrorism should not be split between the National Security Council and the Office of Homeland Security, according to a former assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity conflict.

"Combating terrorism is difficult enough without having to divide between the two high-level councils in the country," said James Locher.

Locher said that the administration is heading towards a period of "unnecessary duplication between the Department of Homeland Security and the [current] Office of Homeland Security."

"I would not mind if the Office of Homeland Security stayed for a while to help the new department get established, but eventually it does need to disappear," Locher said.

Locher also recommended adding the secretary of homeland security to the National Security Council, and then eliminate the Homeland Security Council and the Office of Homeland Security. Locher added that the National Security Council should add two other new members--the secretary of the treasury and attorney general.
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Author:Book, Elizabeth G.
Publication:National Defense
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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